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Comment Fines for Beta tapes collusion were not enough (Score 2, Informative) 125

If found guilty, I hope the fines go well beyond damages and are punitive enough to give CEOs pause before repeating.

Sony in particular--it was only 2+ years since their fines part for collusion for price fixing for Beta-type tapes.

Sony got an extra dose of fines in that one for obstructing justice with employees shredding documents. However, fines still weren't enough there since Oops they did it again. Most large corporations are amoral, they respond only to the shareholders. If guilty this time, need a heavy enough fine to be a real deterrent when the CEO is facing angry shareholders looking at the reason why there was such a loss that year.

Comment A view from inside China (Score 5, Interesting) 235

I am actually currently in China. Sites which are carte-blance blocked include: Facebook, youtube, wikipedia, (as a side note: Wikipedia really is useful--reminded of that now that it is not available).

The reason for blocking Facebook and company is because they are starting to work for serious political change: see today's 'No Prorouge' rallies occurring today in Canada [and at worldwide Canadian embassies] after the Canadian prime minister leader cancelled the democratically-elected parliament for weeks--these rallies are a result of over 200,000 strong grassroots Facebook group support. Concurrent to that is an evaporation of that prime ministers lead in the polls versus the opposition party.

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