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Comment It is only using the GPU for xor'ing strings (Score 2) 67

Please correct me if I am wrong.

I looked through the code, it is not doing any form of hooking of system calls into the GPU to be directly called without it being known. What it does do is call out to the GPU to xor specific strings into a buffer stores on the GPU to hide it's log file. As far as I can tell, the syscall[x].syscall_func is simply a pointer to a GPU function to call which only has access to GPU memory. this is why in each of the "hooked" functions it has to transfer the data to be handled into the GPU. I don't see anything where direct memory access of the CPU is occurring by the GPU without there being a transfer from CPU to GPU.

Comment Delorean Similarities (Score 1) 520

Gullwing doors are great. I own a delorean and here are a few things I've noticed.
One, I don't have to worry about how close someone parks, I only need 11 inches to open the door.
Two, if it is raining, the door tends to keep my seat more dry and myself as there is less movement out of the way of the door to get around and in as you would do with a normal door.

With the engine being mounted in the mid to rear end, you have a firewall that would get pushed into the flat of your back if you are against it assuming hit from behind. Having a head on collision the delorean's front will crumple as it is just empty storage space. Current cars the engine get's shoved into the firewall which then has a chance to crumple the footwell area that your feet are in.

It is sad that two cars, both with designs to benefit people, have either been destroyed or had their reputation destroyed so no-one would contemplate building anything that even looks like it or has safety features.

I'm sure others can point out even more similarities and benefits.


Submission + - Australia bans small breasts (somebodythinkofthechildren.com) 6

mariushm writes: The Australian Sex Party (ASP) said Wednesday that the Australian Classification Board (ACB) is now banning depictions of small-breasted women in adult publications and films. It comes just a week after it was found that material with depictions of females ejaculating during orgasm are now Refused Classification and Australian Customs directed to confiscate it.

The National Classification Code dictates that anything that describes or depicts a person who is, or appears to be, a child under 18 (whether the person is engaged in sexual activity or not) in a way that is likely to cause offense to a reasonable adult is Refused Classification.

Comment I call foul (Score 2, Interesting) 106

Someone correct my numbers if I'm wrong but Wii Fit has roughly 13.9m sales total at a cost of about $90 per game plus balance board so $1.2b. I'll ignore Wii Sports as it comes with every Wii. If Guitar Hero is being measured to include the hardware addons, I'm only seeing roughly 4.2m across the Wii, 360, and PS3 total. That means $238 per sale of Guitar Hero. These numbers are based off of vgchartz's website for total sales (seen on the expanded weekly chart).

If they want to include hardware with a game then maybe all Wii purchases were actually to purchase Wii Sports to a tune of 40.9m sales at $250 a sale so $10.2b.

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