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Godzilla vs. Mecha-Quickies 180

Moo-ha-ha. CmdrTaco is on vacation (and sending his e-mail to /dev/null, so please don't even try), so I'm doing Quickies this week. On to the good stuff. DigitalDaedalus wrote in to tell us about the SGI 404 pages. Cute. For those with that not-so-fresh feeling, dodobh wrote in to tell us about the Slashdot Purity Test. No, I won't tell you my score. In the 'ear candy' bin, casret told us that they posted the results of the XMMS plugin contest. Time for some stuff from the 'exploding stuff' bin. Aardappel wrote in about Fisheye Quake, and Kintanon caught my eye with Fun With Grapes. Charles Helfenstein told us about the anti-cubicle. Very cool. Fanmail used the force and wrote in about George Lucas In Love. With all the X-Men hype going on, Link wrote in about Mutant Watch. Smurfy cared to share AIEEE, the Acronym Interaction, Expansion and Extrapolation Engine. fwfr told us about the Sim-William Shatner. You'll need Flash. Last but certainly not least, The Welcome Rain wrote in to tell us about your friend and mine, Robot Frank.
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Godzilla vs. Mecha-Quickies

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  • I want the aura. I wonder if i hold the exchange mail server hostage if my boss will get me one... Oh wait, you can't hold it hostage, it never works anyway! Oh well. I guess I'll just have to hold the jetdirect box on our printer hostage. "Gimme that or the printer goes local!" (ppl quivering in their boots) -der saeufer (ich bin besoffen)
  • The aura looks like a pretty neat setup. Too bad I couldn't find anything about a nagging co-worker ejection button...
  • by Christopher Thomas ( 11717 ) on Monday March 06, 2000 @01:53PM (#1221641)
    I'd heard about the grape trick a few years ago, but the screenshots here are nice.

    What happens is that the sliced, somewhat-conducting grape is just about the right size to act as a microwave antenna. Large currents are set up in the grape, which cause the (very thin) junction between the halves to go *poof*.

    You could probably enhance this effect by sprinkling the open surfaces with salt to make them more conducting.
  • Yeah, the SGI 404 pages are real amusing..... until you've gotten about 10 of them trying to find something in that disaster of a site.

    Of course, I'm trying to get a 8 year old IRIS 4D/310 VGX going, so I am used to disappointment. ;-)

  • What I wanna know is, does this also work with red grapes? Do seeded grapes produce a different effect? and What kind of wine would result from the fermentation of said grapes? Charred-donnay?
  • Have a listen to some of the stuff at Fun Sounds [], especially this [] news story about two men and their gerbil...

  • Point a RealPlayer at /etc geek TV archives [] and check out Episode 5: Fun with High Voltage Electrical Discharges, demonstrates how to produce ball lightening in your microwave with a flaming toothpick.
  • The Aura is a return visitor to Slashdot. Rob posted about it a year to a year and a half ago. I remember the photos, although the name "Aura" doesn't sound familiar. Perhaps this is a new model of the same system?

  • The "Lucas in Love" link reminded me.... I'd heard of it a while back on some show (one of those like 'entertainment tonight' which I was watching for some unfathomable reason) and it popped into my head again when I saw TPM and its resultant game.

    The show had a brief interview with the person who made "lucas in love", and the person said that he had created the movie as kind of an 'homage' to Lucas and the whole Star Wars franchise.

    The question that then occurred to me: Could I extend this idea to games?

    The whole Star Wars mythology is full of characters, settings, and an entire ethos - great building blocks for, say, an RPG. None has been made as yet, and - if recent movies are any indication - we're likely to be disappointed if one is. So what if someone created a Star-Wars like game in homage?

    Obviously, it can't be called "Star Wars". But how much of the SW franchise is trademarked? Suppose we make something set in a Star Wars universe, that refers to the "force" (A generic enough term, right?) and possibly "Jedi", and then build a story and game around it?

    Granted, it might not be an original idea, but many of us are star wars fans, and I know that I, for one, would love to see a well-done game out of it.

  • Anyone know how much the Aura costs? I GOTTA get one!

  • The Aura looks like it dropped out of a Star Trek episode. Mmmm...I could definitely handle putting in overtime with one of those.
  • What I wanna know is, does this also work with red grapes? Do seeded grapes produce a different effect? and What kind of wine would result from the fermentation of said grapes? Charred-donnay?

    It should work with red grapes too, or anything else conducting and about the right size and sliced so that it has a thin membrane in the middle of the "antenna".

    Disclaimer: I haven't tried this.

    Seeds shouldn't make much difference, though if one heats up enough to go *poof!*, that could be mildly interesting.

    "Charred-donnay" is a good guess for the wine result. Mmm. Carbon.
  • the rude name that the poll called me. I've read way too much /. and Linux source code to be called a Jon Katz wannabe!
  • The press release says the base model costs $5500 US. []

  • I fed that page Perl about a hundred times hoping to get "Pathologically eclectic rubish lister.." ... I didn't come anywhere close... :)

    -Ryan Dietrich
  • OK, so hands up who else is less "slashdot pure" than "real purity test pure"!!!
    Goddamn I suck.

    To hell with you, I never liked you, you are no friend of mine...

  • Rob, please come back quick! The anti-cubicle? How many times have I seen that here? I can't take any more of these repeated stories! Tell Rob to hurry back from vacation so that we don't have to see old stories reposted here! Er, wait a second...
  • Doesn't yesterday's Dihydrogen Monoxide story deserve to be a quickie?

    You pulled it pretty quickly!

  • by Platinum Dragon ( 34829 ) on Monday March 06, 2000 @02:12PM (#1221660) Journal

    That purity test...called me a Microserf.


    Just for that, I'm going to whore the article [] I submitted last week [], but didn't get posted []. It's at my website []; now to find out [] if I can see [] the Slashdot effect [] in action [].

    I hope JonKatz comments on it, or I'm going to kill him. And pour hot grits down his pants.

    Of course, this article is going to get moderated down, because the moderators always moderate down dissenting viewpoints, right? Especially if they're Microserfs like I supposedly am.:)

    ...must go customize Slashboxes now...wonder what Slashdot looks like...

  • I had classes with Dr. Michaud, and worked for him at the Conrad Blucher Institute []. He's a great guy to know, and work for!

    If you want another real kick, check out his wife's web site [] and look at her Coups de Gueule pages. Yes, she really is that brutally honest.

    Hey if any of you nutcases from Blucher read this, check in once in a while...haven't heard from you guys in a while!

    - Brad Hartin

  • Numbers 8 and 9 certainly are different photographs. As to being the same baby, that's anyone's guess.
  • by pb ( 1020 )
    > Here is the result of your Slashdot Purity Test.

    Okay, it was a pretty cool test.

    > You answered "yes" to 105 of 200 questions, making you 47.5% slashdot pure
    > (52.5% slashdot corrupt).

    Woah, what do you have to do to get a good score on this thing?!?! I should have lied more...

    > According to the scoring guide, your slashdot experience level is: JonKatz Wannabe

    Okay. Forget this test. I can't *imagine* a worse insult to a slashdot poster. :)

    (Oh, and I used "No Score +1 Bonus" and "Preview" to post this.
    "Gee, I bet I'll get moderated down for this..." ;)
    pb Reply or e-mail; don't vaguely moderate [].
  • So cool. Nice idea too. It makes me want to make mine randomize with different themes [grin].

  • I was going to write about how surprisingly slashdot-pure I was (79.5%)...

    ...but I think by doing so, I just lost a couple of percentage points of purity. ;-)

  • What a bizarre concept. It's pretty incredible, but bizarre nonetheless. I've heard that Quake and it's predecessor Doom have been at times used to train marines for combat missions (of course, this never came up in the wake of all the Columbine anti-gaming reaction), so I wonder if it would be possible to outfit actual soldiers with some sort of similar technology. If it is possible to adapt to a larger field of view, a headset of some sort could be invaluable not only in the military, but in law enforcement and any other activity where needing to see behind oneself is advantageous. All in all, an interesting idea, if perhaps beyond my own modest gaming ability to master.

    And 'mid this tumult Kubla heard from far
    Ancestral voices prophesying war!
  • I am amazed at myself. I am probably addicted to /.... but to be a trollish for a moment, I often get upset when i hit reload every 5 minutes and dont see a new article. I miss those Sunday night quickies...

    I tried out one of those Aura setups at a friends work once. He works for a state run company, and each employee gets a yearly budget. He didnt replace his workstation for a few years, and bought that thing. Its enormous and he practically lives at work now.

    I'd like one for my home office.

    On another note, what plugins do you people use for xmms? I haven't been using anything fancy for it.

    There is one plugin I would love (and all you Pink Floyd fans should want it too) is a no gap plugin. When one plays The Wall there are not supposed to be any gaps between tracks. It's a common problem for MP3 players to put a gap between tracks... the popular WinAmp for that other OS has a plugin to remove those gaps.

    Any plugin coders know how to do this? I dont know the first thing about sound programming... although I dont think it involves sound at all... just some sort of output plugin to prebuffer the next song or something.
  • I don't really know but I'd guess that George Lucas holds tight rein over the trademarks from Star Wars, and to produce anything using them you'd have to come up with a hefty license fee, which is probably why there haven't been any projects of the kind you describe (although there was a Star Wars RPG by Mayfair Games IIRC).

    Also pardoy is allowed by the US Constitution as part of free speech whereas the situation here is very different - you are not using your right to comment on the Star Wars genre, you are using it as the basis for your own work. At least, I'm sure that's how his lawyers would see it.

  • I answered yes to 35/200 questions and got an 81.5% slashdot purity rating. My suggestion would be to lie less . Don't tell me you answered yes to the part about following through on Jon Katz.

  • instead of Godzilla vs Mecha shouldn't it be Mozilla vs Geeko?

    sorry, move along now.
  • ;-P
  • Heh. Moderators, mark this one as funny. But you forgot to petrify Natalie, Platinum! Tsk, tsk. I guess you *are* just a Microserf. (G)

    Not only is my number under 10k, it's under 5k! Whoa! I feel like feeding my ego some more now.

    Anyways, this is Gaussian Local Y-value Terminal Channel Hardware, ./ #4881, signing off. Cheers.
  • Ohhh yeah i screwed up the #9 link ... kinda easy when you're doing that many links in such a tiny box ;-)
  • Would it be too much to put the 300 links in at least 2 different "stories" so that some sort of organized discussion can follow... also now I know nothing about a whole lot of things, and am reading random comments about gibberish... thanks
  • It's made by West End Games []. Their website is kinda crummy (ok, very crummy), but I found some actual merchandise at [].
  • by root ( 1428 ) on Monday March 06, 2000 @02:26PM (#1221681) Homepage
    Purity test. Bah! Being a /. geezer means I'm always right. I can blather on with the pointless stories about how I remember when there were no 'users' and everyone was anonymous, and when there was no Jon Katz, and no moderation, and when there was, I was in the 1st batch. With age comes wisdom and extreme cynicism, jadedness (is that a word) and outright paranoia (I think SETI@Home is actually Echelon@Home and people are actually scanning a chunk of net traffic for key words.) and discovering that you always make tpyos (and say the more important things inside the parens) rather than outside. Ooo! New article! Gotta go slamdunk some trolls!
  • Here is the result of your Slashdot Purity Test.

    You answered "yes" to 53 of 200 questions, making you 73.5% slashdot pure (26.5% slashdot corrupt).
    According to the scoring guide, your slashdot experience level is:

    Hehe. :)

  • > According to the scoring guide, your slashdot experience level is: JonKatz Wannabe

    Is that better or worse than a "First Post"? &nbsp Heeheehee.

    Okay. Forget this test. I can't *imagine* a worse insult to a slashdot poster. :)

    Nah...&nbsp you're right.

    By the way, linophiles can get Flash here [] to see that SIM-WILLIAM SHATNER. &nbsp It's kinda lame and the voice is lamer but at least the animation's close to on target...

  • Oh yeah, why does Microserf sound like Microsoft? hehe.

    What are all the rank titles? Anyone got the list?

  • Well...uhhhh...I'm under 50k! That's gotta stand for something!

    Let's see...replying to my own post...there's another point for me on the Purity Test. I'll be half-impure in no time.

    Karma whorin' for Natalie Portman...
  • So, every once and a while, whats wrong with a old reposted story (Ok, its more then every once and a while)? But, you've got to relize, these guys are hurt for time probably, do you really expect them to go and search for it to see if its been posted? You might, and even if there is a search engine for posted stories..(which im sure there is) give 'em a brake once and and a while.
  • they tried to build the techno-solder of the future, recently. (HUDs on rifle and eye, GPS tracking, multiple specialty machines, etc.) They ended up sucking because the packs were 50+lbs and stuck up (no hidden crawling) and the battery life ended up being about 12 hrs, plus no way to get in new batteries. Oh, and the soldiers would still get blowed up.

  • Hahah, that's funny! I wonder if that really happen to the real George Lucas? ;)

  • You too, eh?

    I answered 69 out of 200 questions. (Judging by some of those questions, I'm pretty sure I'm one of the more well-behaved members of Slashdot.)

    61. [ ] Have you ever continued a flame war over private email?

    Jeez! heh

    -- Give him Head? Be a Beacon?

  • by Stiletto ( 12066 ) on Monday March 06, 2000 @02:40PM (#1221692)
    OK, so I'm responsible for the test... you can all boo me!

    I'm working to expand the Slashdot Purity test into a 500-question test, but I need suggestions for questions, and some other ratings (yes, I agree, JonKatz wannabe and Microserf are both lame but I couldnt think of anything funnier)

    If you have any suggestions email em to me! [mailto]
  • by hariya ( 88607 ) on Monday March 06, 2000 @02:41PM (#1221693)

    The flaming toothpick in a microwave actually results in a plasma at the burning tip. There was an article here some time ago. (Too lazy/busy to search)

    For another interesting effect, take a power cord, strip the insulation at the end, stick the two ends into a pickled dill and turn on the power. If done properly, you will end up with a nice glowing pickle. Dont do it for too long since it starts burning and stinking up the place.

    Do the above at your own risk
  • This is the way the test works:

    You answered "yes" to 0 of 200 questions, making you 100.0% slashdot pure (0.0% slashdot corrupt).

    You answered "yes" to 200 of 200 questions, making you 0.0% slashdot pure (100.0% slashdot corrupt).


    I love O'Flecky's Books. Always straight to the point.

  • I've just modified the test slightly to give better ratings to people. The way it previously was, was a little insulting. "Average Geek" now covers a wider range :)
  • Tell me about it!

    I answered, like, 93 questions... and I'm still a... "Microserf".


    (on a side note, though, Q.198 was interesting. "Did you cheat on this test?" Well... no, but then if I click this box, then yes, thereby cheating in the process. That means that I have, so I'd be right. But... wait. That would mean that I hadn't cheated... so... so... so... ummmmmm.


    Must get back to "Gödel, Escher, Bach".

    It's a fine line between trolling and karma-whoring... and I think you just crossed it.
    - Sean
  • by pb ( 1020 )
    That means you're 4/5 pure, 1/5 corrupt. As a long-time slashdotter, I should be *really* corrupt, not just halfway there. :)

    No, Jon Katz is a moron. Although his last rant was actually intelligible, even if he was preaching to the choir...
    pb Reply or e-mail; don't vaguely moderate [].
  • {Robot Frank is yet another example of an alarming trend wherein self-loathing robots play clowns to the fears of organic sentients. Robot Frank, Bender, and their ilk should invest some cycles in highlighting the positive influence robots effect every day.}

    My responses:
    Your Name: Rick Casals
    Your E-Mail:
    I am over 13 years of age
    Suspected Mutant's Name: HugeSchlong-X
    Suspected Mutant's E-Mail:
    The individual in question has a tendency to: spew toxic gasses from multiple orifices
    The individual will often: shoot looks that kill
    The individual has frequently demonstrated: an affinity for spandex
    The following phenomena have occurred in the presence of the individual: increased hormonal response
    The individual appears to possess: razor-sharp tongue
    When in close proximity to the suspected individual, you sometimes: feel hot and tingly

    in a perfect world: the moderator(s) think this is "2: Funny" ;)
  • Regarding fisheye Quake, do any of you out there think we could build our own homebrew flostations [] using this code...?
  • I explained this yesterday; It was meant to exist on the internal server only, just as a joke between the Slashdot Authors. It was never meant for the front page.


  • yea, it is bezarre... made me dizy. i only wish that FQ would use ql, then i could "play" it with desent fps...

    #include "standard_disclaimer.h"
  • by Anonymous Coward
    but I need suggestions for questions, and some other ratings


    How about charts, and graphs for those who scored. Just like back in the college days to see where I fell under (or outside) the bell curve. Speaking of getting graded in college, remember looking up exam results by social security number? Well, how about a similar invasion of privacy [] by listing our IP addresses so we can look up our scores as well as others we know.

    The meak John Katz wannabee posts anonymously
  • Yah, this purity test is a little poorly-engineered...

    For instance, it GIVES you a point for having to go to your user page to look up your karma score. REAL Karma Whores check up on that all day every day, and wouldn't have to make a special trip to their page to find out.

    There's a bunch of examples of that, adding a point for the more newbie-esque behavior. Ah, well. All in fun, I suppose.

  • I am a microserf!
    And I scored JonKatz wannabe. This test is broken. Clearly the JonKatz wannabe and microserf categories should be switched.
    I'm now motivated to protest. In public. Maybe that will raise me out of JonKatz territory.
  • What I wanna know is, does this also work with red grapes? Do seeded grapes produce a different effect? and What kind of wine would result from the fermentation of said grapes? Charred-donnay?

    It should work with red grapes too, or anything else conducting and about the right size and sliced so that it has a thin membrane in the middle of the "antenna".

    Fun with Grapes - A case study: II

    Last updated March 6, 2000




    Per the previous Fun with Grapes - A case study, this study was performed to validate it, as a good little scientist should.


    No need to do that and become redundant. &nbsp Read the one here []

    Materials Required

    • One seedless red grape (genus - ??? does it matter?)
    • Microwave-safe plate (I guess it is, I'll know when it explodes)
    • Knife (sharp!)
    • Microwave oven (umm.. OH! &nbsp it's a GE 600W with turntable)
    • No parental whuh???

    Well... &nbsp same as here []

    Observed results (the cool part)

    Upon setting said microwave to "HI" for 40 seconds, the first sparks began at exactly 32 seconds in the countdown. &nbsp Sproadic on and off sparks were observed until approximately 8 seconds left on the clock when a magnificent FLARE occurred and lasted approximately 2 seconds, followed be a few intermittant sparks until said microwave cycle ended.

    Discussion and Conclusions

    Cool! &nbsp One whole half of the grape was neatly burnt up. &nbsp The plate didn't break (at least yet) and the two halves separated approximately 1.5 cm from each other. &nbsp Sorry no pictures, my digital camera's battery is dead.

  • Another funny site is an Ebay auction on the Pikamac []. This particular piece of equipment is very very disturbing, and I wonder what kind of sick mind could think of such a wretched thing. But damn, I gotta get me one of those!
  • YEAH BABY!!! I got a 74.5%!! Now I'm gonna be one 1337 slashdot foo!
  • Cool!

    I penguin shit you cocksmoking ass spelunker.

    Can we take this to e-mail now? Does this count as a flamewar?:)

    Noticed you also left out stuff on Beowulf clusters, LinuxOne, and new moderation/article categories. Also "Have you ever accused Slashdot of selling out..." and "...before Andover was bought by VA Linux?" "...before Andover, period?"

    just a few helpful suggestions, of which I'm sure you're receiving many, some in not-so-nice e-mails, by now:)

    Seriously, enjoyable stuff. When's the IPO?:)
  • Does anyone else think that George Lucas looks like Papa Smurf?
  • One of the power ups for the Marathon series by Bungie was a fish-eye distortion. it made trucking through those small corridors *reall* cool. Even better was the Night-Vision power up: you could see in the dark, but everything was done in false colour, purple, yellow, etc. Very cool.
    Grr... still waiting for the Marathon -> Unreal conversion.

  • But you also must have killed Jon Katz to get a perfect score :p Tough for a lawyer.
  • Your HTML is broken. The href for baby 9 points to 8.jpg
  • That depends on how paranoid you are. For years people believed "Armistead Maupin" was a pseudonym, merely because it's an anagram of the phrase "is a man I dreamt up".
  • I'm offended...

    average geek my ass!!

    *removes +1 bonus*

    Gonzo Granzeau

  • I put mine in there (geoff) and got:

    Global Enhanced Optical Font File

    I never knew my name could sound so professional!

  • Lessee here...last time I looked, Solaris & HP/UX at work, and Linux x86 and (mostly) axp at home.
    I don't think so....

    Was it Tim that said 63000 bugs should be found in a rain forest?
  • I'm 0ne L33T a$$ mu+ha!! W00P!!!!!


    PS: I'm just trying to up my 76.5% Slashdot Purity into the 90th percentile!

  • Wow, it says I'm a JonKatz wannabe. How'd they know? I mean...

    *insert 10k of redundant drivel here*


  • AIEEE is *SO* cool! It finally reveals the most hidden secret which CmdrTaco and Hemos have, that Slashdot stands for:

    Small Linear Asymmetric Systems Hardware Direct Output Technology

  • you have to read his next one...

    The Mind's I

    not as techie as GEB, but makes you think that you are starting to get it, then you (on a hight level) think that you dont, mean while you realize that you dont like reply's that never get to the point and that dont know what a sentence is...

    #include "standard_disclaimer.h"
  • I didn't authorize a vaction who the hell signed off on this did any of you? I want names heads will roll. He better be back in bright and early tomorrow, Damit I have deadlines. Now if you need to get a hold of me I'll be on the back nine taking care of my iron defiency.
  • Well, I scored 70%, and it called me a, erh, ummh, "Jon Katz Wannabe".

    Not that I've got anything against J.K. (I may be in a minority here), but it gave me pause...

    In fact, I tried to shoot for "Microserf" but just didn't make it. Then again, knowing my karma points without going to my info page should have scored me a plus instead of a minus - right?

    And I DID preview this at least 4 times! Yes!! So what?

    BTW I had to post my score because I promised to do so on the test...

  • determines whether I've meta-moderated. If I haven't it asks me if I have. Taco obviously smokes crack.

    I don't think it's meant to be interpreted that way. For example, think back to your days as a small child. When your mother said "Shoeboy, have you eaten your vegetables?" you knew damn well that she knew damn well that you hadn't eaten your vegetables. The question, therefore, is simply a more polite and indirect way to suggest that maybe, just maybe, you ought to eat your vegetables .. or in this case, maybe you ought to meta-moderate. (After all, it's infinitely more diplomatic than "Shoeboy! Eat yer fuckin' veggies!")

    On the other hand, I am morally certain that CmdrTaco smokes crack, albeit for reasons completely unrelated to meta-moderation.
  • Oooh, I miss West End Games. They made great RPG's (the real kind, with books and rules and GM's and total freedom of concept). Star Wars was a good one too, not like some franchise crap out there. Still, West End's best stuff was Paranoia and Torg (no relation to the Sluggy character, I think). To bad they're gone now. They did some really cool stuff.
  • Exuse me while while I do a few things to raise my slashdot purity scores:
    1) FIRST POST!!!!! -- +1 or 2
    OOPS, looks like i missed it by by a few :-( -- +1

    2)JonKatz is a FAG!!! -- +1 or 2
    I'm going to burn down his house +1

    3)Now I'm going to use the VERY (hehe italics are +1) acurate slashdot poles to right a sientific paper, and solve world hunger with their valuable data. -- +4

    5)Okay, next I'm going to make an atempt at creating a table in this post. -- +1
    And trust me, I'll be VERY suprised when it doesnt work -- +1

    6)Hmmm, what else can I do... well I guess I could run around my neighborhood naked yelling "Slashdot is a gift from Allah!" Thats not on the test, but it should give me at least +3 random effort points.

    7)I guess that is it... wait if I just select yes to all the fields anyways, then I could also get +1 for the "did you cheat on this test" field!

    DONE!after previewing this about 12 times and still leaving in a bunch of mistakes (+3) I think I should do okay next time I take the slashdot purity test. :-)

  • "Shoeboy! Eat yer fuckin' veggies!"
    Oddly enough this is what I used to say to my ex-girlfriend when I wanted to get her in the mood. (s/shoeboy/sarah/i) Didn't work. Can't imagine why not.
  • I'm not sure if my favourite combination was Scotty-Fondle-Enterprise or Scotty-Fondle-Clingons, both work for me.
  • Patrick Michaud [mailto], the Researcher responsible for the grape experiment, has also performed ground-breaking Pop-Tart research. Check it out at:

    Strawberry Pop-Tart Blow-Torches []

  • I remember seeing a TV bit on this.

    Someone showed the film to Lucas -- he laughed himself silly and I believe he offered the guys jobs at ILM.

    Even if it had made direct references to Star Wars, I seriously doubt it would be pursued.
  • nothing against you personally, but all the purity tests I've seen suck - they just ask a bunch of questions and give back the percentage you said "no" to. I think you should weight them and make a more complicated scoring system. Make it so you can be 0% pure without saying yes to every question, since nobody will ever do that unless that is their objective. And make it shorter, not longer. Taking a long boring purity test is boring. Weed out all the questions that are redundant or not very funny.

  • 'K so about 20 seconds ago I was clicking through those pictures looking at each one and a kid walks by my room, stops, comes in and says "are you looking at kiddie porn?"

    I had to explain it all to him, starting by telling him what a 404 message is.

  • Couldn't fit all of a given name in one submission, so I borke them up:

    Cmdr Taco: Common Modular Disk Router Turbo Array Client Object
    Hemos: Hierarchical Equipment Multi-Overlay Software
    Emmett: Electronic Media Multi-Enhanced Text Terminal
    JonKatz: Joint Overlay Node Known Asymmetric Technology Zone
    Rob Malda: Recording Option Bus Multi-Architecture Logical Desktop Array
    Jeff Bates: Journalling Engine Floppy Format Bidirectional Asynchronous Technology Equipment Software

    Any others? It kicks back a new one every time...

  • Try an AOL CD in the nuker for about 5 seconds. It's like freezing lightning.
  • Excuse me? Advocating Perl, the language this site is written in, does not count for a point?

    Gee whiz, perhaps honestly answering questions like that is why I am an "Average Geek"...

    1. referred to slashdot as /.?
    2. posted a slashdot specific mozilla bug on bugzilla?
    3. ...had that bug fixed?
    4. yourself?
    5. used an ordered list on a /. reply?
    6. ...with a nonstandard starting value?
    7. complained that an ol tag with start=201 is not supported?
    8. and neither is an li tag with value=201?
    9. looked up html syntax on for a /. reply?
    10. suggested other /. purity questions?
    11. a reply to a post?
    12. ...for the sole purpose of trying to get karma points?
    13. ...and succeeded?
  • You know, even though the page is cute, you have to feel bad for the SGI Site's Webmaster. One of my jobs everymorning is to scan the logs of my company's web server looking for unusual amounts of errors. They have to be getting a record number of 404 hits right now.
  • I have a friend who likes to do stuff like that. The pickle lit up like an incandescent bulb.

    He also likes to make fireballs with his stove. Here's how to do it:

    1. Place bowl (preferably glass) upside down over burner so no air can escape.
    2. Turn on burner and leave it on until the flame goes out. Leave it on a bit longer and then turn it off.
    3. Grab the top of the bowl so you can pull it off quickly.
    4. In one deft motion, remove the bowl and turn the burner back on. FWOOMPH!

    Zardoz has spoken!
  • by cabbey ( 8697 )
    ohh.... I want one... no, make that three... one for work, one for my home office and one for the living room 'cuz it would just be cool for the friends to see when they came over and not have it covered with crap like my real desks. Just one problem:

    Poetic Technologies is currently taking orders and will begin shipping AURA modules in February, 1999. Sold at a price of $5500 ($8500 cad.) for the base product[...]
    This on a web page not updated since November 1998 is NOT an encouraging sign.
  • Go to the hardware store. Purchase a 3 1/2 foot length of white 6 inch PVC pipe, a matching pipe cap, a bottle of acetone, a can of flat military green spray paint. Should cost you about $13.. Wipe all of the blue marking off of the pipe with the acetone and a cloth. (Not a paper towel!) Glue the pipe cap on with whatever adhesive you have on hand. Paint the thing green. For added effect, put a momentary switch through the pipe cap, rigged to a 9V battery and a model rocket ignitor.

    Your coworkers don't know you don't really have a LAW under your desk. First time you ned to eject one, pull it and start waving like a lunatic.

    On a side note, I do have a man-portable rocket launcher around here made of much the same stuff. Uses four 'C' cells for propulsion, and wire whiskers on the nose of the rocket to keep it from veering into the side of the tube in case of a partial misfire. The PVC will even take a double motor explosion gracefully enough to keep you alive! Granted, I ended up jacketing the proximal end with steel HVAC piping after the second in-tube explosion, but hey!
  • Take a mylar 'anti-static' bag from one of your old peripherials. Walk out to your car. Take a pair of jumper cables and connect one of the closed corners to your engine block. Pull the plug end of a spark plug wire, and slide the insulative cover back so you can see the metal clip. Here's where a buddy comes in handy! ;) While holding the spark plug wire the hell away from you or the car (neoprene gloves are nice of you're a wuss and don't like 15KV pokes from a Honda) have the buddy start it.. Bring the plug wire near to the bag.

    It's like a huge AOL CD!!!
  • And I've submitted him to Mutant-Watch. I'd hate to see him hook up with Prof-X and those other mutants and ruin society as we know it. I recommend that we all take Hemos' stories with a grain of salt now that we know that he is a dirty mutant.

    Actually, looking at the comments posted on /. you all look to be mutants or at least sympathizers. I'm going to be up all night reporting every one of you.
  • by ghazban ( 28784 )
    Ok. Here goes. Right click on xmms. Options. Preferences, Options. [x] Pause between songs . Done
  • I'm sorry, but how cool is that? It's one of those things which is just so bad that it's good. *pika* *pika* :)

  • I have a friend who likes to do stuff like that. The pickle lit up like an incandescent bulb.

    Don't stop with the pickle. They are cool as a dill, but might I suggest underwater lightning complete with sinister sound effects?

    Get a neon tube transformer, or something with at least 4,000 volts. And one coffee cup filled less than half full of water. Stick the in the probes and watch underwater lightning. Ever heard water hum loudly in a menecing way? Note that this method is the fastest way to heat a cup of coffee.
  • The Slashdot Purity Test suffers from some of the same minor flaws as the Hacker Purity Test [] from which it appears to draw its inspiration. Some of the questions that garner points should be turned around, such as:

    123. Did you check your user info page to answer the above question?

    I would have worded that, "Did you know your Karma without checking because you've looked at your User page in the past hour?"

    Some of the other questions contradict each other. For example:

    64. Do you ever forget to use the Preview button?
    65. ...and later wish you remembered?
    66. Have you ever previewed your post several times to get it ``just right''?
    67. Do you think previewing is for weenies?

    While it is a bit rough around the edges and should be labeled Version 0.1, it has potential, and it shows some understanding of the dynamics of Slashdot.

    Oh, and it looks like it is being "used to gather demographic information".
  • That effect is better with a high-voltage tranformer. Instead of the burning, red glow, you get actual explosions.

You know, Callahan's is a peaceable bar, but if you ask that dog what his favorite formatter is, and he says "roff! roff!", well, I'll just have to...