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TIE-Tanic Movie 134

invenustus writes "I just watched the 10-minute movie TIE-tanic. In case the title doesn't tip you off, it's "Star Wars Meets Titanic." Hilarious, and fairly impressive video and audio editing. I wonder what kind of software they used." I liked this even more than the 'King Kong vs. The Empire' short I saw at an SF convention several years back. Update: 01/18 06:21 by E : It's in QuickTime 4 format, by the way.
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TIE-Tanic Movie

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  • Has anybody tried to run Quicktime through WINE?
    Maybe it would play the movies and our troubles are (partially) solved.

  • Same here.

    All of this proprietary crap that only has one really bad player that only works on some versions of some operating systems is just driving me nuts.

    I think there need to be some open standards for audio and video and people should follow them. I think this is the area that free software philosophy really needs to invade next.

  • Get [] & install the Radius Cinepak Codec, and you can play QuickTime movies.
  • When I tried to play TIETanic, I got:

    Unknown or unsupported animation type:

    And when I tried to play Troops, I got:

    Video Codec: Sorenson Video not yet supported.(E18)
    Audio Codec: QDesign Music Codec (QDMC) not yet supported.

    So if you could please tell me how you did it.
  • by fatboy ( 6851 )
    Was this not posted 6 months ago???
  • I don't understand why people use these formats, when good ol' MPEG and AVI work just fine, and have players for virtually everything.

    As much as I detest Apple's decision to keep Quicktime technology on the Windows and Macintosh platforms for the time being, I have to hail them for what they've done. Quicktime v3 and v4 hail the best video compression and video streaming technology available. Nothing else comes close.

    Now that Mac OS X is based on BSD Unix, we'll probably get a lot closer to Quicktime for /.*n[iu]x/.

  • Ok. there *is* a Qt player for Linux...I think I covered that base anyway. Simply letting them know that a lot of people out there are into "open" file-types...

    Don't complain to the content producers... they're just using the best technology available to them (which happens to be Quicktime right now). Instead, complain to Apple and the producers of the codecs included in Quicktime.

    I work for one of the companies responsible for one of the Quicktime codecs and while the company would love to explore the possibility of opening the codec to the world or releasing binaries or libraries to people like the xanim folks, Apple's licensing just won't allow it.


  • This is the mentality that keeps us from getting better multimedia players for linux. Apple, M$, et al. aren't going to release their codecs as open source. If they think all Linux users are rabid open-source zealots, we are never going to get decent video players. You don't see the quicktime source being released on other platforms, do you? Why should Linux get it if nobody else does?

    The whole open-source text is better than proprietary video mentality has got to go.

  • Hi.

    Bored @ work.

    Might someone provideth an address from whence one couldst obtain a copy of thy aforementioned "Troops"...?
  • I see tons of posts put up right after this story was released that are surprised at how the slashdot effect didn't destroy it, and responses that the slashdot effect isn't that powerful. Well, it's almost 24 hours after the story was posted, and the site isn't working for me. Does anyone who has been slashdotted have a graph of when or how long peak slashdot effect times are?
  • I was thoroughly impressed with their video & audio editing as well. Great dubbing! Great bandwith too, i got well over 200k/sec on the download (on cable modem, I rarely get even close to 200).
  • i've put a mirror up for the australian folks (or -medium or -large) -jason
  • This is really old news. A heard about it at least half year ago in a german radio show (bayern 3)
  • The whole thing screams "copyright infringment," which is too bad because the it is so funny. If it gets too popular, the site operator is gonna get a "pull this pirated crap down NOW" email from some friendly studio lawyers...
    With that in mind, try to keep the thing semi-quiet :)

    (First relavent POST!)
  • Heck, they even mistyped "phenomena" as "phenomenons".

  • Well, the DVD people couldn't just use anything they wanted. If quicktime really is better they still would have had to pay apple shitloads of money for every DVD player sold. MPEG was free.

    "Suble Mind control? why do html buttons say submit?",
  • Quicktime IS the basis for MPEG 4.

    See this link [] for more.
  • I got in!!! But only 30 KB/s

    Interestingly enough, the 150kbit/s stream (which actually seems to be 80kbit/s though ;-) works just fine with me. Looks like that site has quite a good amount of bandwidth.
  • Unfortunately, I am trying to _reduce_ my dependency on proprietary software. So I will not install anything new unless it is free software.

    Note that I mean free as in speech, not beer.
  • It's a parody, which is a valid defense against copyright. Lucas and Cameron have no real chance unless they just wanna scare the person into folding.
  • And you are full of it. Can you explain to me, then, why the server is down completely now, and why earlier the 48mB movie wasn't available at all??

  • I've never seen it available for download, but for $9.95 (plus shipping & handling) you can order the special edition at:

    Excelent short flick.... definately worth it.

  • Ah, haven't seen it on the net, but I remember it quite well. I loved the battle on the death star (which was a waffle iron) where they were using power drills as blasters.

    Absolutly hillarious.
  • zipped up to 14.1MB
    Don't crash me now!!! :)
    log in as anonymous

    "There are no shortcuts to any place worth going."


    Don't forget Thumb Wars!

  • Your right I saw troops a couple of years ago and just laughed my ass off. I heard that Kevin Rubio go a major motion picture deal. I'd like to see more of his stuff......
  • What about SIM WARS [] , a Star-Wars-meets-Titanic short created by Meni Tsirbas, Rusty Ippolito, and Andy Lesniak, the digital artists behind the "sinking simulation" for the real Titanic movie...
  • I don't know if this has been mentioned, but another nice parody involving Star Wars and the Titanic can be found at
  • I've set up a mirror on my own box at []. Both large and small QT versions are there.

    BTW, it seems to play fine on QT3.

  • So suppose that instead of publishing an , slashdot posted their URL as plain text. Most of us slashdot readers would have no problem copying and pasting the URL to go to their page anyway, still creating the slashdot effect without ever using an actual link.
  • [Buggy software ate my encodings...]

    So suppose that instead of publishing an <a href...>, slashdot posted their URL as plain text. Most of us slashdot readers would have no problem copying and pasting the URL to go to their page anyway, still creating the slashdot effect without ever using an actual link.</wiseguy>
  • On their "comments" page, we have -- "How did you find us?"

    No entry for /. ....yet. =)

    Pablo Nevares, "the freshmaker".
  • No problems with Quicktime 4 plugin.



  • bumma now you're /.ed too :( su-2.03$ ftp ftp: connect: Connection refused ftp> quit
  • Troops is hilarious. I think it's one of the best made parodies of Star Wars.

    Here's the URL: []

    I'm rather curious to see what parodies result from the movie Ender's Game.


  • could somebody mirror the big 48MB file? the site is so busy that I can't access it - and it's 1:30am!
  • Just posted a little below this, but you can find Troops here. []

  • Was, I think, called "Hardware Wars", and was absolutely hilarious...the hardware was small kitchen appliance, Princess Leigh had dansishes for hair "buns".....I beleive it was done by some film students in LA, anyone seen it on the net?

    Going on means going far
  • Could someone *please* mirror the 48 meg version?


  • Clarification:
    MP3 audio==MPEG Layer 3
    MP2 audio==MPEG 1, Layer 3
    MPEG2 (DVD)==MPEG 2, layer 1

  • Thank you for realizing that this is merely the opening chapter of a story that we already know the ending too, and, as such, exists merely to set up the last three films. I personally think that episodes 2 & 3 will end up being better than the final ones; I mean, we're going to have the destruction of the Old Republic, the extermination of the Jedi, and the next to last battle between Obi-Wan and Anakin (sure to blow away Darth Maul's scenes). any thoughts?
  • And that would make Kevin Kline Anakin, Darth Vader, Amidala, and several of the Jedi, right?
  • Personally found Tie-tanic rather dull, especially when compared to the likes of Troops or even the ascii version of episode iv. Now there was some classy and innovative spoofing!admittedly the editing et. al. in this film was done rather nicely, however i still found it lacking, especially in content. look, i hated Titanic just as much as the next guy/girl/objectionable entity, but the irreverant desecration of the mythos of star wars should not need to involve the utter crap that was Titanic. Star Wars stands in a league by itself and even though i can think of myriad uses that the Death Star may be put to, from the instantaneous vaporisation of Barney to a Brittany Spears zap-a-thon, there is absoloutely no need to keep reminding people how horrible Titanic actually was!! it is a traumatic memory that has passed me by and i hope to grow older, and perhaps not too badly brain damaged!!
  • Looks like Howard Stern was there...
  • Yeah, I get where you're coming from, but at least they only showed the good part of Titanic. You have to admit that they really did a good job on that whole sinking thing. Now if only it had a plot, who knows what they could have accomplished...
  • This has been around since July 19, 1999 on's The Funny Pages ( It's a great page with tons of hilarious stuff like this, such as "Park Wars" and outtakes of Star Trek and Thundercats.
  • Does anyone remember Troups? The parady based on Cops (the US TV series) with the stormtroupers from Star Wars? George Lucas let them make that as long as they made no profit from it.
  • A strict parody wouldn't be a problem, but this contains copyrighted movie footage.
  • I have converted the AVI file into a RealPlayer 5.0 version for us Linux users to download. It is not streaming however. It was encoded for a LAN, so it has better quality. Grab it at

    It's about 750k
  • I mirrored the smaller MOV QT file as well (17 MB)
    Get it at
  • ***WARNING - SLIGHTLY O.T. ARGUMENT ABOUT THE NEW STAR WARS*** That's so clever. I would like to believe that the so-called 'backlash' against the newest Star Wars movie has begun to stabilize and even reverse. We are no longer being subjected to the critics' indictments of Jar-Jar, the fan-boys have stopped their wailing that the movie failed to satisfy every fantasy of what the world's best movie should be, and now I think we can actually talk about the movie for what it actually was... Aside from me, who will come out and admit that sitting there in the theatre and before they went home and got online to read everyone else's comments actually really dug the Phantom Menace? Yes, there wasn't much to it, yes Jar Jar was kind of annoying (although I rather enjoyed him) but - Most of us were rather young when we first enjoyed the Star Wars trilogy - these are movies that are made to be accessible to kids, I think this new film is no different from the others and nobody should be condemning it because they expected it to be the equal in complexity to the Dune cycle - if nothing seemed to happen in this film, keep in mind that Lucas didn't have to re-explain an existing universe to billions of fans in 1977, he just had to throw out a bunch of characters and had no call to worry about people's pre-existing feelings about them or the worlds they inhabited. Also - this new cycle is going to stretch from Darth Vader's childhood all the way through the Clone Wars through the end of Return of the Jedi, so Lucas has a lot to do and he is to be forgiven for throwing a lot of exposition out front in the first film. Thank you for your time.
  • And nowwwwww i'm frightened...
    I declare myself the first Smargle Hunter!
    I will hunt down and destroy all smargles! Yeah! With my Kustom-built Mega Blaster I can vaporize legions in a single shot! DIE FOOLS!

    -Elendale (*wave* bye karma)

  • How do you guys play this on linux? Xanim 2.80.1 doesn't work for me
  • I haven't played it yet (slashdotted), but I dl'ed a G2 alpha for linux earlier today. Maybe it will do the streaming version, which I hadn't seen earlier. I guess we're out of luck on the Quicktime one though.
  • Anyone seen this []? Star wars done with Lego. Or mirrors here []
  • Ah... yet another really kick ass cool and spiffy sweet awesome Star Wars Spoof. Reminds me of instant classics such as 'Troops' and 'George Lucas in Love' (I've actually met the guy who came up with that idea, plus I know someone who KNOWS him, and no I'm not kidding). But you have to commend these people who put in the time and effort to make these great spoofs. I haven't seen this particular one yet, but as with the many others out there it has to be hilarious. ^_^

    The Gray Wolf
  • funny you mention this, 95% of the slashdot posts I dont even bother to read the comments anymore because the filth and trash that clutters up, piles up, then saturates my bandwidth isn't worth reading... usually seeing the headline is enough. Id like to post more often, but why?
  • I havent watched it yet but this reminds me of the Star Wars spoof of Cops called Troopers. Hilariously funny and extremely well done, if anyone knows of a site that has this awesome movie I would appreciate a URL
  • by Anonymous Coward

    ...given the problems us "non-Windows/Mac" users have in playing the multitude of new video formats around these days (given that, for example, there's no QuickTime/Sorensen player for Linux, no G2 player, etc.), could anyone who has managed to successfully play any of these things PLEASE state what software/format they used so that others can go straight to the good stuff rather than spending ages downloading an unusable file?? :-(

  • by Anonymous Coward
    Quicktime IS the basis for MPEG 4.

    "MPEG 4" (MPEG I Layer 4) is for Internet streaming video products with low bitrates, not for stored video files (larger, but if you play them back from your hard disk the bitrate/quality is much higher), nor for DVDs or Digital TV (the last two using "MPEG 2" - that is, "MPEG I Layer 2").

    Since in 99.9% of these cases we're not streaming video but downloading a complete file to play essentially "offline", why can't we just use MPEG 2 (a la DVDs/DTV)? If a better codec is needed, why can't that be incorporated into MPEG 2 rather than QuickTime? Since QuickTime the file format is distinct from the compression codecs that determine the actual data within the file, just what the !@#$%^&* is so good about QuickTime anyway?!

    For example, you can't download the all-in-one file version of "TROOPS" because it's a QuickTime 3 file using the (you guessed it!) Sorenson video code and some other unknown (to xanim) audio codec. You can download and play the separate "TROOPS" QuickTime files, but alas there's no freely distributable tools for taking those files and combining them into a single file, be it QuickTime, MPEG, AVI or other. :-(


  • You didn't have to be a prophet to know those mirrors were history the moment they got on slashdot. By the way, the color sucks on the enlarged version. I saw it 6 months ago. You can have the most hyped compressor in the world. You can say Linux should never be used for video like all these suits in North Carolina. Your end quality still depends on the human factor.
  • A parody can contain copyrighted footage, even if it is for-profit.

    The sticking point here is exactly how much material are you allowed to use. IANAL, but I think the standard is something similar to "fair-use", or maybe around 10% or so. However, if they are not attempting to profit from it, I think the standard is completely different, and they might be allowed to use more.

    As usual, your milage may vary. Consult a IP lawyer before attempting, et al.

  • LOL!
    the folks put in all that effort and spelled "millennium" wrong in the opening text crawl!

    It still doesn't beat my 2 favourite Blair Witch parodies: Sergio Aragones' latest comic "Blair Which?" and the *brilliant* Family Circus [] version.

  • Here are some other funny parodies / short films I have found on the net:


    I wonder if slashdot got "permission" to link to them? Perhaps the slashdot effect is the very thing they are afriad off.

    Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate. Hate leads to... lawyers. ;)
  • I saw this a while back during the episode one hype (in fact, this hype is referenced in the film.) the editor was a genius...

    My favorite points:

    • Vader, continuing to mutter under his breath.
    • The stormtroopers standing in the shop, with the Titanic behind them out the window.
    • The AT-AT standing on the iceberg
    • Flaming Ewoks! 'Nuff said.
    • a direct strike from the death star on the Titanic!

    Now, the only thing that would have been better is a freezing, drowning Jar-Jar "Meesa Freezin!" holding on to Celine Dion as he slips beneath the ocean's surface... but alas, that horror had yet to be inflicted upon us, or I am sure the editor would have done something along those lines...

    In a related next-movie RUMOR (heard over at Gillian Anderson may be weilding a light saber as a member of the Jedi Council in the next prequel.

    I don't buy it, but you never can tell. It's not like Lucas needs to draw in more fanboys, or anything... heh

  • That means no display for non-Windows, non-Mac users. BTW, I got a pretty fast download of the 48-mb-file. In case it is still needed and someone offers space, I can upload it.

    Is there any free MOV->MPG converter that works on top of an installed QuickTime library (similar to those AVI-to-MPG tools for Windows)?

    For all future video goodies, someone could convert files (AVI, MOV, ASF) under Windows to MPG so that everyone can see it...
  • I remember this little movie a long time ago. It's a good one to watch. =)

    Anyone watch Thumb Wars? There are other movies too on ...

  • Actually, though TIE-Tanic was quite good, TROOPS [] is a hell of a lot better :)

  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday January 17, 2000 @09:34PM (#1363473)
    The 27mb version is in radius cinepak, and can be played back by xanim. I don't know about the 48mb version - couldn't connect to that site.
    The streaming versions can be played back with RealPlayer G2, which you can find hidden away at tml
  • by Joe Rumsey ( 2194 ) on Monday January 17, 2000 @09:34PM (#1363474)
    The G2 version works with the G2 Alpha player for Linux. You can get it from /player/linuxplayer.html [].
  • by Joe Rumsey ( 2194 ) on Monday January 17, 2000 @09:42PM (#1363475)
    I posted this in a reply to another post, but I see more people asking/complaining, so here it is again. You can get a G2 Alpha player for Linux from /player/linuxplayer.html [].

    This is an alpha version, don't expect perfection. But it did work on the G2 version of this video for me.

  • by Rilke ( 12096 ) on Monday January 17, 2000 @10:34PM (#1363476)
    xanim/aktion plays these fine. Just remember to get the necessary codecs from the xanim site. The radius cinepack codec seems to be what you're looking for.

    Because the codecs aren't open sourced, they often aren't included in stock distributions. (for redhat, untar the codec into /usr/lib/xanim).
  • by vectro ( 54263 ) <> on Monday January 17, 2000 @09:23PM (#1363477)
    You can't play this if you're using Linux. :(

    Both formats they posted it in are proprietary, with no decent (let alone Free Software) players for anything but Windows/Mac. I don't understand why people use these formats, when good ol' MPEG and AVI work just fine, and have players for virtually everything.
  • by slashdot-me ( 40891 ) on Tuesday January 18, 2000 @02:08AM (#1363478)
    Well, it's fast now. We'll se what happens when the /. effect kicks in. I have the 18, 28, and 48 meg quicktime versions. Only the 28 meg one seems to work with xanim. []

    Ryan Salsbury

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