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Comment Raspberry Pi (Score 1) 158

How about a Raspberry Pi?


- a Pi. (http://www.raspberrypi.org/)
- Plastic Pi case (https://www.modmypi.com/shop/)
- 32gb SD card
- HDMI touchscreen (http://www.chinavasion.com/china/wholesale/Home_Audio_Video/LCD_Monitors_TV/8_Inch_LCD_Touchscreen_Monitor_AV_VGA_HDMI_Car_Kit)

Install Xbian, a XMBC media player based Linux os (http://xbian.org/) and you've got everything you need.

Cheap too!

Comment Pi's great (Score 5, Insightful) 74

I got mine yesterday (after my co-workers tricked me into thinking I'd not get it)..

It's slow like the Engadget guy said.. not up to HD media playback in a fast manner, though that should change once the software's optimised.

However, it's crazy low power, size and features mean I can make my own mini-nas/access point/controller for my caravan which runs on solar.

So many different ways to apply the Pi, as long as your aren't expecting it to be a fast desktop PC!


Submission + - 22 Dead In Virginia Tech Shooting

nexuspal writes: 22 confirmed dead at Virginia Tech. Shooter killed some at residence hall then two hours later killed others in classrooms. Worst school shooting in US history. CNN Link

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