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Journal Introducing the new Slashdot Mobile experience: clean, modern, and fast 39

A message from Gaurav Kuchhal (Head of Product, Slashdot)

Today, on the 15th Anniversary of Slashdot, we are thrilled to announce a brand new mobile experience. The new mobile interface is an indication of what to expect from Slashdot as it embraces the personal and mobile Web.

Without further ado, we present the new Slashdot Mobile Web App (Beta) for iPhones and Android phones. Just direct your mobile browser to

As we built this new mobile experience, we followed three guiding principles:

  1. Let the community shape it.
  2. Embrace open HTML5 web architecture.
  3. Provide a clean, modern, fast experience.

This Slashdot mobile experience has been shaped by the feedback received from hundreds of alpha users over past few weeks. We want to thank all the alpha users for your enthusiasm and critical input, as we couldn't have done it without you!

What can you do with new Slashdot Mobile?

  • Read comments and stories in a mobile-friendly view
  • Find "Most Discussed" stories at the top
  • Share stories and comments
  • See rich user profiles of your friends and foes
  • See beautiful achievement badges
  • Quickly participate in polls
  • Show off your latest Gravatar
  • Access previous and next stories with a swipe

From Alpha to Beta

Because we've adopted a rapid and iterative method to develop this new mobile experience, we've been able to quickly make changes based on your feedback.

Here are a few features that testers asked for during Alpha, delivered today in Beta:

  • Show preview of story on the home page
  • Ability to expand -1 comments
  • Load more comments initially
  • Remember which stories or comments you were reading
  • First select and then vote on a poll, eliminating unintentional voting
  • Improved comment filtering interface

What's Next?

We're not done yet. This mobile web app is optimized for iPhones and popular Android smartphones (version 2.2 and up). We will continue to support more devices.

We're also adding many of your most-requested features, including the ability to view notifications, as well as submit stories, moderate others' submissions and comments, and set your own mobile preferences — just to name a few.

A tablet app is also in the works. If you own an iPad or Android tablet and can't wait to get your hands on a Slashdot app for it, you can participate in the Tablet Alpha.

We hope that you continue to shape this mobile experience by providing us feedback.

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Introducing the new Slashdot Mobile experience: clean, modern, and fast

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