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Submission + - Walmart to Rip Your Disks to the Vudu Cloud (

irishdaze writes: "Does anyone in Hollywood stop to think, "Would anyone actually USE this?" when they "innovate"? Five studios (minus Disney, natch) have agreed to allow Walmart to rip YOUR DVD/Bluray disks, store them in Vudu's cloud for download, and let you keep your disks for $2/disk. Hitches? No Android, and you can only access your files through Vudu (which Walmart owns). I can't understand how they can promote this without LOLing after they tried to turn off their DRM servers once before but backtracked after their users lost their minds — What happens to your files when Vudu shutters? Don't get me started on why this is even legal when ripping my own movies myself, in my own home, with my own storage, is illegal."

Comment Re:No cable. Just Roku and my laptop (Score 1) 697

I keep wanting to go Roku, but for the life of me, I can't find a channel lineup that tells me what type of content (i.e. what shows) are on the Roku channels. In fact, this is the FIRST REFERENCE I've seen to ether Democracy Now or Al Jazeera being available via Roku. Pls, can anyone link a resource that gives some kind of detail on what is available via the Roku? The Roku site itself (as far as I can see) is useless for this. It just gives the names of its channels, not what's ON them. :-( [irishdaze(AT)]

Comment Re:Dear Playboy, it happened to me (Score 1) 495

It's a small world, and you may well end up working for them again in a more senior role later.

Working in IT in the fourth largest city in America has given me the opportunity time and time again to see that this is true. I can't stress strongly enough how your reputation and attitude follow/preceed you.

I'm not in management, but I have been a team lead. I've had opportunities to yay/nay resumes before interviews because, Hey, you worked at Such-And-Such, and so did this guy. Do you know him? I regret that I've had to answer with a hearty Don't hire him!" every single time.

Remember that, as long as you work in IT, every single person (regardless of their function) you work with/near/for/around is a possible future yay/nay for you.

Whatever you do when you find yourself in the OP's situation, remember to maintain the highest level of professionalism and the best attitude you can. I promise, it will pay off, even if you have no way of seeing the payoff when it arrives.

Comment Re:This won't end well (Score 1) 206

"[R]esearching" Arab vs Western World cross-cultural problems by "getting to know an Arab" (in person) would be more effective than talking to one online? How?

As far as I can see, either method of dissecting cross-cultural issues is like looking at a random black or white person on the bus and asking, "Why don't blacks and whites get along in the US?"

Valuable research data is not apocryphal.

Submission + - Kill (Virtual?) Terrorists from comfort of home! (

wisebabo writes: Summarized from the article: Defense and homeland security contractor TransLumen is "targeting" iPhone users worldwide with a "game" that allows iPhone users to remotely control UAVs and blow up terrorists. "UAV Fighter allows the user to pilot a UAV in uncannily realistic conditions and attack suspected terrorists with a variety of ammunition."

So is this really just a game or is the military using this to get some additional recruits for its UAV pilot force (a la "Ender's game)?

Gives new meaning to the expression slogan: reach out and (iPod) "touch" someone.

Internet Explorer

Submission + - USDA bans browsers other than IE 3

Dave writes: 'An Agriculture Department agency has begun enforcing a policy banning the use of Web browsers other than Microsoft's Internet Explorer, to the surprise of employees who rely on other browsers, such as Mozilla's Firefox, to help in developing Web sites for public use.'

It seems the core issue is one of central management. Are there solutions to assist sysops with management of "alternate browser" settings for large networks? If not, it would appear such a solution would be timely.

Comment Re:Four simple steps (Score 1) 1354

Second step: Have you purchased new clothing in the last year? If not, buy new clothes... preferably with the help of a woman... one of your friend's girlfriends will do. Just buy what she tells you to buy. No arguments.

Do NOT do this, grasshopper. Too many women have no idea how to dress a man.

A much better option: Go to Dillard's (or any other department store with dressed mannequins), find a mannequin wearing clothes that appeal to you, hand the sales girl a slip of paper with your measurements, and say to her, "I'll take that outfit," while pointing at the mannequin you like.

This was the secret weapon used by a man I used to know. He was a serious babe-magnet, but could NOT dress himself. He decided that since department stores ACTUALLY PAY PEOPLE to put outfits together for mannequins, that he should take advantage of that skill.

That man was by-far the sexiest and best-dressed straight man I've ever known, and he was NEVER without female companionship if he wanted it.

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