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Comment Never sure what it all means (Score 1) 129

Every time I read an article about a so and so optimization it seems to me like marketing FUD.

Take for example that Windows was optimized for start up and that it's faster than ever before. This was all the rage a while back but I always found that even though you arrive at the desktop faster you are unable to start any applications for some time which could be as long as minutes. Linux or Mac may seem to take a little longer to load but are often functional a lot quicker on the same hardware.

Is this more smoke and mirrors? Given all the variables involved how do you come to the conclusion that this will be faster for ALL games, not the select few that are run for these tests.

I believe you can get better performance from conscientious game developers than a magic flag that may or not improve performance for a given game.

If I need to tweek my OS for every use then I'll be spending more time tweeking than using.

Comment Good (Score 3, Interesting) 94

Now if they just change the terms of service that the license that the user grants to GoPro is just for their site and that any content uploaded by the user will not be used anywhere else without the express written permission from the user, would give them a perpetual low cost advertising medium.

Most people producing video have the occasional lucky shot that attracts attention but the people who take the time to edit and tell a story are not likely to post it on a site where the terms of service allows them to monetize the video any way and anywhere they choose.

Comment Re:Yes. It will never happen. (Score 2) 260

"The only reason that you can't open 25 year old documents is because you saved them in a proprietary format."
When I wrote that, I knew someone would try to dispute that. Sure, *.txt, woo.

Documents are about more than just text. I can't think of a common documentary format from 30 years ago that will support:
- embedded graphics
- tables
- complicated formatting - footnotes, etc. ...and still be commonly readable today.

For a piece of paper, it's not even a question.


Yes TIFF and JPEG are image formats and marking them up has the same effect as writing with a pen on a document totay.

We didn't have much choice since we are dealing in times where the technology was not fully developed they did/do a better job of representing the printed word better than most new formats of today (saving a print file for an Epson printer will not print on a Brother unless you use a supported format which is what I'm saying). Saving a PS will print on any PS capable printer. My other comment was down moderated which to me is stupid since I have files that are from the 80's and 90's and they can still be printed today as they were back then. The printer at the time had the font and once set it would print in that font.

Today we have those plus ODT, ODS, and many others that are completely published and open. If you care to keep the work you do and don't wish to rely on one specific organization for your documents inform yourself.

I am not saying that it's better than paper. I'm just saying that if you wanted you could and you can.

As for paper if it is not taken care of then it too disappears. I can no longer find my kids pictures with Santa from 10 years ago. Documents become brittle if not kept in a proper place. They discolor if they are not protected from the light. If the paper is not intended for archiving it may just fall apart.

Moderators can mod me down all they want it won't change the fact that I do have old digital and paper documents which I can still read today.

Comment Re:Yes. It will never happen. (Score 1) 260


Since I need to add more to satisfy the /. posting god, my point is that
1) paper is portable and readable in all circumstances. I don't need to fire up a reader, connect to wifi, turn on laptop, whatever: here's your piece of paper, read it.
2) paper is durable and fixed-format: if I put a paper in a file and come back 10 or even 100 years later, barring catastrophe, it'll still be there. The vagaries of non-cloud storage, and (for the cloud) the evolution of estorage and edoc formats means that even if I HAVE the file, i might not be able to read/open it. Shit, I have enough trouble opening now 25 year old docs from my college days plunking on a MacSE.
3) it's harder to edit paper: simply put, edocs are easier to fake, generally.

There are a host of things that paper isn't: searchable, stored effortlessly taking no space, easily (instantly) sent to someone else not present, backed up in case of loss, there are probably a ton of others. But the fact is that for what paper does, and what's important in a business/legal context, it's pretty irreplaceable.

1) I can carry over 10 years of corporate digital documents. Can't do that with paper.
2) The only reason that you can't open 25 year old documents is because you saved them in a proprietary format. I have documents older than that that I can still open. The formatting may be a bit off but I can still read them.
3) GPG or PGP if authenticity is important to you.

I'm not against paper but it's the decisions you make that create your limitations. Using undocumented or proprietary file formats is like printing on one ply TP. It's not made to last. It's a one time use.

People who are interested in keeping their digital collection for a long time make decisions that are not based on shiny but on needs. This will entail backups, conversions, storage and such, just like on paper, copies, fireproof safes, dry environments etc...

Digital may/will last longer if you use documented open standards and avoid DRM. It can and is being done today.

Comment Re:Vendor security better than mom security (Score 1) 194

Microsoft has no interest in protecting your mother. This can be attested by their license agreement. They assume absolutely no responsibility as to anything in regards to the software's intents and purposes. They only care that it's secure enough that people buy it. Your mother would be better off, if shown a little bit of safe practices than trusting that Microsoft cares for her well being.

If she was smart enough to raise you she can understand how to use it safely. Don't sell her short!

Comment the experiance varies (Score 1) 535

Please don't take this as apple bashing. I am glad you have a flawless experience but sometimes things don't always work that way. I have an iMac which no longer puts the screen to sleep. Right from a fresh reboot and simple login without opening any programs the screen never goes to sleep. All the Apple help and forums answers are just a waste of time. I spent days trying to fix it. I reinstalled from scratch and after a few months it comes back. The screen won't sleep. This is happening on two different systems and it's most likely something that I installed.

Now on LInux or FreeBSD I have never had a system that worked that stopped working just because. I've installed many drivers that broke things but there was always a way to fix the problem. At least in Linux or FreeBSD changes are always in the same location not hidden in undocumented locations.

There are other examples of annoying issues associated with Apple products but to say that they are easy to maintain just depends on your experience.

In the meantime I'll just put it to sleep manually...

Comment Capitalism? (Score 5, Insightful) 310

It seems that every time we have a good example of capitalism the entrenched players come in and justify why it doesn't work. There is no way that capitalism will ever exist in it's true form because the established payers have no incentive to allow it. That's one reason but this article mentions another, subsidized housing (socialist solution that encourages lower wages).

There is no right or wrong here if the playing field would just remain constant but as soon as there is a way that the little guy can make a profit the rules change. I may be over simplifying the problem but the way I see it if rules were not written to favor one citizen over another then maybe we would see the wealth evenly distributed.

Comment Re:I have my Nexus 5 about 2 years (Score 1) 116

When I owned a iPhone, which was a long time ago. I went on a trip and the phone crashed. The only way to restore it was to connect it to my Mac which was over 3000 miles away. Not an option. No Apple store nearby. While I had a computer nearby it wasn't the one my phone was synced to. It didn't even have iTunes. Short story I had no options.

Don't know if it's any better now but I have no intention to spend $800 to find out. My next option will most likely be a real phone. Like a flip phone if they still exist.

Comment I have my Nexus 5 about 2 years (Score 5, Insightful) 116

While I understand that the initial release makes the Nexus 5 closer to 3 years, the fact is that my first Nexus 5 was damaged and the second I purchased just before the 5x was out. What I find frustrating about this is that most people think it's just OK that we just scrap 2 year old phones if we want the latest features. It's not as if the hardware can't support most if not all the features.

Nexus was the Google line and today it's Pixel. In two years there will be another. It just boggles my mind how we accept that that it's OK just to scrap this technology. Don't tell me that they are recycled. That has been shown to be a lie. Most of the parts just go to a scrap heap in some third world country and we feel just great about doing our part.

Apple is doing the same and now it's doing it with the Macs. It's not that older hardware can't support it since they are selling slower systems today than some that they will no longer support. The fact is there is no reason for this, other than to push new product.

Not that most people care anyways it's not going into their back yards.

Comment Re:Not Cloud Flare's Problem (Score 1) 83

How do you know he's a thief? Is there a judgement against him? I will ask one more simple question, How do you know that CD, DVD or Video that you downloaded was distributed legally. Did you read the license? Sony was selling compilations that it had not acquired a license to sell. Why did we not prosecute all the individuals who purchased these unlicensed work? How many times have we seen DMCA take down notices for work that is coming from an unauthorized source?

I as a landlord would not call the police because you told me that my tenant stole something. If you have an accusation to make call the police yourself or just shut up. Copyright fines are high enough to pay your legal fees.

Comment Re:In a country far far away (Score 1) 535

I've been using different OS's for over 30 years and don't understand what this hubub is about. The last time I had compatibility issues was Excel to Excel, and it had to do with Macros. Which I have no need for. I don't worry about what app I'm running, I just worry does it support standards. When the answer is yes there are few issues. When the answer is no then it is relegated to the "only if I have to" pile. I have accounting apps, word processing apps, I have never felt the need that I must have Windows, Mac or what ever. From million dollar transactions to the first pictures I digitized 20 years ago. The computer with the OS is a tool. I stick with standards and I have no issues experiencing the real world.

If you are tied to Quickbooks good for you but it's too limiting for me. Office 365? once again too proprietary for me but I have not yet once needed it. My current solution works perfectly for me.

It's like the QIF files from a bank. It works great when you are on top of things and becomes a pita when things don't work out. If you are on top of things then you don't need the QIF file because the bank rec is balanced before the bank can issue the official statement with the QIF file. My accounting app can process QIF files but it's more of a waste of my time.Try dealing with 1000 or so daily deposits from various POS systems with a QIF and you will understand what I mean.

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