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Comment Re:In a country far far away (Score 1) 520

I've been using different OS's for over 30 years and don't understand what this hubub is about. The last time I had compatibility issues was Excel to Excel, and it had to do with Macros. Which I have no need for. I don't worry about what app I'm running, I just worry does it support standards. When the answer is yes there are few issues. When the answer is no then it is relegated to the "only if I have to" pile. I have accounting apps, word processing apps, I have never felt the need that I must have Windows, Mac or what ever. From million dollar transactions to the first pictures I digitized 20 years ago. The computer with the OS is a tool. I stick with standards and I have no issues experiencing the real world.

If you are tied to Quickbooks good for you but it's too limiting for me. Office 365? once again too proprietary for me but I have not yet once needed it. My current solution works perfectly for me.

It's like the QIF files from a bank. It works great when you are on top of things and becomes a pita when things don't work out. If you are on top of things then you don't need the QIF file because the bank rec is balanced before the bank can issue the official statement with the QIF file. My accounting app can process QIF files but it's more of a waste of my time.Try dealing with 1000 or so daily deposits from various POS systems with a QIF and you will understand what I mean.

Comment iCloud to sync files between Macs? (Score 1) 249

Not sure why this is a feature. The slowest connection is my internet connection. The biggest issues I have is getting media files to be viewed by other devices and other users without having to run an app for every type of file. You need iTunes to be running to share music. You need photos t/b running to share pictures. The easiest solution is provided by third party software.

Now in order for sharing to happen between devices it will be synced with iCloud? iCloud would free space on my system? How much would it cost to store 10TB on iCloud to free space on my system? Now instead of using my 1gbps network card I would be using my 10mbps internet connection to share 4K UHD video between my Macs?

iCloud should be an option to share documents which require remote access. Let me use my network to sync my files. Using iCloud to sync between two Macs sounds pointless when you are on the same network. As media files increase in size we should be looking at ways to manage the data. Media files need to be indexed over several volumes and duplicated with backups. Sharing needs to be simplified so that my sound system can play my music and playlists. That my TV can play the UHD videos from my system. It should be immaterial on what system it resides. Going through iCloud for any of this is just ass backwards.

Comment Nice to know it only works one way (Score 3, Interesting) 260

A long, long time ago I had to install Windows 95 for a friend so I purchased a copy on floppies because at the time he had no CD reader. To keep the story short when installing the 15thof 25 disks the install would fail. I went back to the store and they replaced it. Again at the 15th disk it failed. I returned to the store and they tested another one of their sets on a system in the store. It failed at the 15th disk. Since it was software it was not refundable and I would have to wait until a new batch came in.

Another time at a different store I purchased Myst on a CD or DVD. The game failed after a couple of day at a specific place. The disc was in perfect condition and in was within the first week. I tried to get a replacement at the store and was told that since it was opened that there is nothing they could do.

On another occasion I bought a game for a console. The packaging was in English with one little note in fine print on the back of the bock that this was the French version. The store would not accept an exchange since the package was opened. I was standing behind a French client who bought an English version which he assumed contained the French language as well. I tried to explain that it was not clearly indicated on the packaging nor in the in-store advertising. I exchanged my copy with the other client and left.

I have other examples where it was my tough luck.

Now we have an "error" on the clients side and we are told that the license will be revoked? The clients paid the advertised price for their license it should be their license to keep. Was the free Windows 10 upgrade a mistake too? Will this be revoked?

Comment Re:Just another CEO mouthing off... (Score 4, Interesting) 921

Restaurant operating cost typically are 1/3 Labor, 1/3 Food Cost. You can lower one by increasing the other. You can lower your food cost by purchasing more raw ingredients but you need the staff to prepare it. You can lower your labor cost by buying prepared and just heating it.

The remaining 1/3 goes to Sales and Marketing, Admin, Heat Light and Power, and other overhead. Hopefully after that it's profit.

He should ask himself the question that if everyone replaces their employees who will have the funds to eat his food?

Comment Re:Not counting training costs... (Score 1) 284

Try to open an excel document in photoshop. What's your point. If you use proprietary software you will always be required to use it. That's not a reason why you would use a standards based system. The best example I can show you is that standardized html pages written back in 1995 open correctly in modern browsers. Pages written with proprietary tags/plugins don't. If you want to avoid this problem then get off proprietary software.

As far as I can see is you make the OP's point. I've never had an issue with standards based documents. De facto is not a standard.

Comment One question that is never addressed (Score 1) 1116

Where is this money coming from? Do we just print money and give it to everyone? That would devalue the money and we would be back where we started from.

In most articles that I have seen, seam to assume that the money would come from the existing tax base. It never adds up. The total tax base today pays for interest, military, border control, administration and so many other government functions. The savings from the elimination of the people maintaining the current welfare system is just a very small fraction of the money required.

If we are to continue having this discussion we need to show where the total money required for this is to come from. So far I have not seen a sustainable budget that would make this system feasible.

Comment My interpretation (Score 2) 554

she would never intentionally do anything to endanger the country.

she would never do anything to endanger those in power.

If there was an interest to protect the country all he would have to do is respect the US constitution. Now the US has kangaroo courts, secret lists of accused, police asset seizure without court sanctioned warrant, and so on....

The US is just like Russia and China. Whatever is needed to keep those in power in power.

Comment Re:Why would anyone want this? (Score 1) 219

I seriously do not understand your post. I've ran (and still run) FreeBSD on 1000's of systems for over 10 years. On supported hardware I have yet to have a crash without hardware failure. Rock solid. Now on the latest and greatest newest hardware which was not yet supported I had the same success as Windows, Linux and Mac (which means luck was involved). I have one system on 6.3 which the client is too cheap to upgrade which is still running. Gets rebooted when there is a power failure. I have old systems, New systems. Used systems.

In most cases it's simpler to fix problems on FreeBSD than any other.

Linux has a great deal of noise in the forums.

On windows it sometimes requires a reinstall but this has mainly been resolved. There is very little pertinent documentation to fix problems. When equipment ages support just drops. Very hard to find drivers for older equipment.

Mac works well until Apple decides to change something then the support dies. If you invest time doing it Apples way you may need to invest time finding a new solution when Apple changes it's mind.

For me Linux and the BSD's are interchangeable some solutions work better with Linux others with FreeBSD. But one thing I can definitely say is the FreeBSD is rock solid.

My intention is not to start a flame war with this comment. I just find less politics/special agenda with FreeBSD than any other OS. It's like Debian you can always find a solution that works for you.

Comment Re:What do you propose that they do? (Score 3, Interesting) 675

The ad providers don't trust the content producers not to fleece them. How are they going to know? And how are they going go back to the widget seller and prove the ad was seen and worked?

Those are all technically, unsolved problems still.

The same way traditional media does it with audited reviews from respectable firms. How it was always done.

Or just simply did your revenue increase? Ask your clients did they see the add? There are many other ways.

Submission + - Fitbit 10 second hack

MeNeXT writes: According to the Register , A vulnerability in FitBit fitness trackers first reported to the vendor in March could still be exploited by the person you sit next to on a park bench while catching your breath.

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