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Comment: Re:Intractable issue (Score 2) 34

You're making the (perhaps flawed) assumption that the purpose of such a mesh network is to access the greater Internet.

The summary kind of implies that people want to use a mesh to connect to the greater Internet.
After reading your post, I'm not really sure what other use you have for a mesh network, other than to connect to it.

Comment: Intractable issue (Score 3, Insightful) 34

The most intractable issue, even once the routing problem is solved, is that huge amounts of traffic are all going to a few places, and those places require a lot of bandwidth. For example, it would really suck to live next to Google's data centers, or even Slashdot's data centers, because a lot of traffic would be going through your wifi to get to Google.

IF traffic were spread evenly across the network, there wouldn't be a problem, but it's not. So you kind of need a backbone of some sort. (maybe someone solved this? Solution is unknown to me, though)

Comment: A sneak peak at the results (Score 4, Funny) 44

by SuperKendall (#49626235) Attached to: SpaceX Testing Passenger Escape System Tomorrow

Don't tell anyone, but I'm from the future and wanted to give you a heads up how it goes:

Test 1: Make sure all thrusters installed pointing out.

Test 2: Humans can only withstand how much thrust?

Test 3: Make sure to thrust away from, not underneath, falling debris.

Test 4: Emergency homing signal for safe landing should be changed to not match Arbys drive through wireless mics. "Smoked with real smoke from real wood that's on real fire" ended up being a grimly accurate tagline.

Test 5: Turns out Ed was right and we really do need to add a laser canon for those damn pelicans.

Test 6: Success!

Comment: More than you know (Score 2) 109

wyoming has radiation?

Hell yes! Have you measured background radiation in the rockies?

communication delays?

Ever tried to maintain cell signal on the way to Yellowstone?

nothing to see, or to do?

Once you've seen Frontier Days once...

No medical equipment?

I go up there all the time with no medical equipment.

I don't know what that gravity would do to your digestive systems.

That's why every astronaut has died immediately after return from space with even less gravity...

I have to break character here and say - you are SUCH a retard. That's enough fun for me. You may carry on if you wish.

Comment: Re:I know a better headline I'd like to see ... (Score 1) 208

Do you consider giving schools enough money to do their jobs properly a "weird experiment"? I think of it more as an eminently sensible policy...

You want know what I'm saying? I'm saying you're an argumentative git who can come up with something deeper and more relevant to say than that, but you didn't. What exactly do you think 'weird experiment' refers to here?

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