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Comment Re: Makes sense (Score 1) 127

Yep, that has been my experience. When I was in high school, in an accelerated/advanced science/math program, most of the kids were cheating on their lab reports. I had one teacher, in biochemistry, who really taught me the value of personal integrity. Most kids that was lost on, unfortunately. Surprisingly enough that lesson is what taught me to rely and adhere to principles, rather than doing whatever it takes to get ahead - I may not be rich, but I'm happy with who I am as a person.

Perhaps not coincidentally, the kids who went on to mostly cheat became ardent socialists, and I wound up an ancap.

Comment Re: Why is this a story? (Score 1) 70

New stories with back and forward references would make more sense. If you pull up a Slashdot story from Google and read it you'll never know there's a Slashback with an update or correction. A filter could be applied for exclusion or presentation changes based on tag from that point forward.

Put a feature request into the Soylent github - hopefully /. will finally go open-source under @whipslash's leadership.

[I'm expecting these tags will magically start working one day.]

Comment Re: Wow what a surprise... (Score 1) 64

The trouble with merely modding down comments like these down is we don't have a "long winded, no idea what he's talking about" mod.

This is simple crypto optimization, like happens every year. It's necessary and expected, and :shudder: anticipated by the designers of bitcoin (aside: stop looking for one man, stupid magazines).

Personally, I'm intrigued as I have a very old wallet I've forgotten the password to, and commission-based cracking services have been unable to touch it. Sadly, it's not worth much more than the EC2 time but it's a bur in my saddle to have it outstanding.

Comment Re:Excess (Score 1) 253

If the pipeline provided benefits, they were overshadowed by other factors.

Just remember that all I said was that the pipeline was 'often' used as shelter or movement. You talk about the MRC overstating things - Some environmentalists predicted that the pipeline would drive the caribou to extinction(back when the pipeline was built). Hyperbole much?(not referring to you).

A thing about solar panels is that they cover far more area - the pipeline is basically about as wide as a two-lane highway. It's long, but very narrow. A solar plant would have panels all over providing shade. This might allow more like in the areas.

Comment Re:Work on writing comprehension, will ya? (Score 1) 592

You could have, you know, asked for citations?

Speed Variance and Its Influence on Accidents. - Citation that variations in speed kill more than speed itself, that highway speeds tend to have more to do with design of the highway and not posted limit, and that as you move the speed limit signs away from the design speed, variance in driving speed and accident rates go up.

Montana: No Speed Limit Safety Paradox Montana highways at safest without speed limits

Is Every Speed Limit Too Low? - again notes that changing the speed limits doesn't actually change the median speed people drive on the road.

Comment Re:Excess (Score 1) 253

I thought that about carabou but info on it seems to be mixed on an ideological basis.

Except I was talking specifically about the effects of the pipeline. As your links state - there's many more factors than just that.

The pipeline didn't really affect them much at all. Certainly not negatively, on average.

You can't cite herd declines more than 40 years after the installation as the fault of the pipeline. Statistically speaking, pipelines are the least spill inclined of the common transport methods.

Comment Re:Hammerheads in Vermont (Score 1) 427

They are socialists. They are trying to break free enterprise, because the only way to destroy it, is to help it destroy itself.

ObamaCare isn't socialism, it is designed to break the best healthcare system and replace it one that is "fair".If they wanted to fix the healthcare system, they could have done it by creating health savings accounts and market reforms like One Price for everyone, rather than "hey, you're uninsured your bill is 100,000 for your stay, while the insurance companies pay only 10,000"

Comment Re:Hammerheads in Vermont (Score 4, Informative) 427

I have one question for you. How has voting 90% helped blacks get out of places like Chicago and Detroit?

My point, if it is too subtle for you is that voting DNC in lockstep hasn't helped the very people the DNC claims as its untouchables. Though they keep trying to blame Republicans for everything done in the name of socialism and social justice.

MY view is doing "nothing" as you say, would have been better than keeping them enslaved to the DNC party has. And having a Black President hasn't helped them in the slightest either.

Comment Re:Open source SCO (Score 2) 177

Why? Just to make the people responsible for the fiasco the lawyers and executives of the company SCO weep.

Why? They all got their paycheck and moved on. The investors lost some money. Darl McBride is now the CEO of ShoutTV. I'm never going to work there.

I do remember when SCO was a respectable member of the Linux community, and Caldera was seen as a reasonable distro alternative. Suse was in there, too.

Comment Re:What else would you have them do? (Score 1) 550

You're citing a truther page? As I said, not interested in discussing your crazy.

I don't really give a damn what you call it. I cited a website which has been signed off by over 2400 professional architects and engineers as being factually accurate.

That *IS* the expert scientific consensus on the matter. You have now confirmed your hypocrisy, and demonstrated that you don't care what the evidence is: if you don't like it you just put a pejorative label on it and deny it.

I knew that before, because I've seen you do it many times. But it's nice to have such crystal clear confirmation.

And why do you feel it necessary to lie? You still haven't answered that question.

Strange, isn't it? 4 years ago someone else accused you of lying by "quote-mining" out of context. It is very clear that is exactly what you did. And there is no doubt it was you, because it's the same Blogger account and others referred to your account here on Slashdot by name.

Isn't it interesting that I pointed out exactly the same behavior here, long before I knew that page existed? I wonder. Is it just some bizarre coincidence? Or a pattern? Maybe we should ask others to vote on it.

Comment Re:What else would you have them do? (Score 1) 550

I hope that it's clear that I have no interest in carrying on a 'conversation' with a birther and truther. That way leads to madness.

Since I have made it abundantly clear, more than once, that I am not even remotely a "birther", and those you call "truthers" are on the side of overwhelming evidence and the professional consensus, I am curious to know what your real reason is. After all, I thought you supported expert consensus views.

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