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Comment Re:Yes, you've increased the precision (Score 1) 89

The precision isnt even all that much greater either.

In a 3D model, 8x resolution is just 2x along each axis. The summary (and possibly the article) makes it seem like they used to be very block but now its ultra sharp when in reality if it used to be 1km resolution now its 0.46km resolution.

Comment Re:No such thing as a free education (Score 1) 274

You largely misinterpret my words and you know that.

Maybe if you would say what you mean, instead of trying to leverage the dishonest ambiguity that only others of your kind keep insisting is normal, then people wouldnt "misinterpret" (as you call it) what you say so much.

Words have meaning.

What are your motives for ignoring the meaning of words? Are you just a lazy undisciplined communicator, or are you intentions less honest than being a lazy fuck?

Comment Re:Colleges are not for education (Score 2) 274

An educated populace is a social good. It doesn't have infinite value but the value is much more than zero which is what you seem to be proposing.

The conservatives are insanely focused on the value of specific education (see this discussion, hell see ANY discussion.) It is the liberals that actively want to just cast the concerns of value aside, waving their hands insisting that somehow obviously the value is greater than whats already spent and not surprisingly no matter how large the increases in education spending by the State, it is still somehow obvious to them that they should continue to ignore costs completely.

You are doing it right now. You admit that the value of any education is not infinite, but thats so damaging to your method of argument that you accuse the other side that they believe the value of any education is zero as if your accusations are a logical argument, and yet you have continued to not actually discuss what the value of any specific education actually is.

Society cannot feel its way to prosperity.

If you have to generalize to make your argument because specifics always seem to hurt it, its because its full of feels rather than thinks.

Comment Re:BMI/BMI2 (Score 3, Interesting) 53

Sure looks like it

From the errata:

Executing CPUID with EAX = 7 and ECX = 0 may return EBX with bits [3] and [8] set, incorrectly indicating the presence of BMI1 and BMI2 instruction set extensions.

Attempting to use instructions from the BMI1 or BMI2 instruction set extensions will result in a #UD exception.

and in the errata summary, its currently labeled NO FIX so they dont even have a fix that will trap the exception and emulate the instructions (which would perform terribly anyways... but hey, working is better than not working.)

Comment Re:Ya, right (Score 1) 277

I'm pretty free market, but I'm not sure policing is an area I really wanted to see taken over by competing corporations.

I think that maybe people should learn the history of policing.

This is an institution that started out "privatized." It was over 200 years before public money began to be used for the purpose when King George the 2nd began paying watchmen with public money. This move to using public money led directly to The Macdaniel Affair.

Private policing works. Public policing works. In both cases, government influence can ruin it.

Comment Re:Lacking IQ (Score 1) 277

Many folks will think that you are making up this lack of IQ claim.

So here it a citation. Hiring discrimination as a matter of policy.

The police forces do not want people with "high" IQs (125 in he case cited) they only want people that are about average IQ. They claim that this is "to reduce turnover."

Comment Re:More stupid CONservative posts (Score 1) 231

I pointed the fact that I didn't use the fallacy you are accusing me of.

You did use the fallacy, and you did point out the "fact" that you didnt use it.

See the problem? You used a fallacy, and when that failed you then started lying. if you had some sort of valid argument anywhere you wouldnt need to do either of these things. But instead, you are just a fucking lying asshole that fails at logic.

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