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Comment Re:Cash versus Credit (Score 2) 106

charge only for data leaving their network, instead of charging for data traversing their wireless networks.

This is exactly how the backbone is organized and settled. When people mention "settlement free" peering agreements, these are normally just when the data going both ways is about balanced. Every once in awhile one of these agreements gets stressed due to a growing imbalance, several times now due specifically to netflix's at-the-time provider (first when they were with Cogent, second when they were with Level 3, and interestingly that first time the dispute was between Cogent and Level 3) discovering that one of their settlement-free agreements isnt going to be settlement-free in the future.

In any event, ultimately its the sender of the packets that must secure its delivery. In some cases this requires paying someone else to complete the task.

Comment Re:Authoritarians will always rule. (Score 1) 459

1) It's not a baby. Not by a long shot yet. Science trumps belief.

Do tell us the scientific definition of "baby."

Let me explain the science for you. The fetus is human. Its a growing homo sapien. Humans have rights. That last part is not science but instead its ethics. Human rights.

Under the law, only People and certain domesticated animals have rights, and this is where you should be arguing from. The fetus is not a Person under the law. Thats where you take your stand. Dont take a position that isnt based on sound factual reasoning when you have a clear, sound, reasoned and wholly factual position that does as well.

This idea that you can so trivially dehumanize the fetus is telling. Its easier to do great harm to someone when they arent a real person. We have dehumanized and done great harm to groups of people before.

This is an ethics problem, not a science problem, but I can tell that you arent all that comfortable with this part of your ethics being on display, so you have tried to redefine it as a science problem. Trouble is, science says that a fetus has its own unique human DNA. The issue at hand is should we let a person kill another human being under these specific circumstances: Its the mother that wants it done, and its not yet a person.

If you want to argue that the fetus is not a Person under the law, you would easily win vs me. But dont call that science either.

Comment Re:Totally Revolutionize is a remarkable overstate (Score 4, Interesting) 459

and dispersed throughout the state.

The thing is, they havent "dispersed" throughout the State .. the ones that have moved there already are mainly centered around Keene. Several dozen of them have already been elected to the State legislature. They took 12 State House seats in 2010 alone.

You guys think whats going on there is just something that might happen in the future and probably wont work if it does, but its already happening and it is already demonstrably working.

The plan was so sound that even a partial execution of it has already gotten results.

Comment Re:"Systemd developers have rejected ..." (Score 3, Insightful) 699

While that may be true, it could be considered an attack vector.

Major parts of all modern operating systems are dedicated to reducing attack vectors. Even main memory has an OS gatekeeper.

While I sit here wondering why the fucking bios variables dont have an OS gatekeeper, I find it a bit alarming that instead of access restrictions there is in fact a red carpet.

Comment Re: What a load of BS (Score 1) 572

There is already so much public crap on Trump he should be buried 15' deep, but apparently his Republican base just doesn't care.

Weak interpretation.

Trump only matters because the media gives him more coverage than all the other candidates from both parties combined. The media is literally funding his election campaign. Trump will be elected for certain unless he pulls out of the race.

Comment Re: Faith in the System at risk? (Score 1) 138

HFT will just get your order filled faster.

The HFT will also get you the money saving advantages of a smaller spread.

The anti-algorithms crowd like to gloss over the fact that its always the best offers at both ends of the spread that get the trade. These HFT's only get trades when they offer a better prices than anyone else. That should be the end of the discussion. The fact that there is such vicious competition over the margin is a good thing.

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