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Comment Re:Budget builds are risky, not high-end (Score 1) 313

You've got issues - if somebody buys a card rated for 1.2 GHz and won't run there, they should return it and get a refund.

The person started with money, wanted the best cheap video card they could get so purchased one, and your advice is apparently to go back to the initial condition with no further recommendation as to how any other choice is or could possibly be any better.

In other words, you dont understand the point. When you buy cheap stuff, you get cheap stuff. The subtopic here is how to deal with the fact that you have cheap stuff.

I have assembled multiple computers for my father over the years, and each time he selects and orders the parts, and each time he ends up with a real stinker part somewhere because he literally selects the cheapest possible motherboard, the cheapest video card, and so on. You offer no improvement to his strategy because returning parts just costs more money.

The solution is to downclock where necessary, avoid using the bad usb ports, and so on. Thats it. Thats the solution. You havent offered one. You have your head in the sand.

Comment Re:Would be easier to check if potentially harmful (Score -1, Troll) 74

Methinks you don't understand how 'magic' works.

You think wrong.

Since it is inside the file, it is far harder to change than a simple rename operation.

...and is completely hidden to the user, who then executes dancingbunny.jpg because he thinks its an image.

Luckily it doesnt work the way *you* think it should. Wrong thinking seems to be a pattern with you, tho.

Comment Re:Would be easier to check if potentially harmful (Score -1) 74

UNIX systems have used "magic" for decades, and try to identify based on the actual file contents instead of its name.

That sounds terrible.

And then Microsoft came along, decided the extension was magic and reliable

Better to use the file extension than it is to load and execute dancingbunny.png.

Comment Re:Not a union, a professional organization (Score 1) 607

They'll just make sure the people with least seniority get fired first.

As a member of a union, I can attest to this. Unions exist to protect the most senior, and its not just during layoffs. Everything goes by seniority once you unionize.

People keep saying that unions were demonized by republicans or whatever... wrong. They are demonized by themselves.

Comment Re:I'm upset because it's divisive. (Score 1) 289

Both, because it's society as a whole.

In society, is it the men or the women? Dont avoid answering questions just because its uncomfortable. You claim both and we know its not true. Men don't give a shit about colors.

No man is an island

This is exactly what someone says when they are trying to take away someones liberty.

Wait...government is violence? And then you respond with such a violent tone?

Yes, and its not a violent tone. Its a promise. Let me repeat this one more time. You. Do. Not. Get. To. Fuck. Up. My. Kids.

You do NOT get to be a self absorbed asshole who fucks things up for everyone else.

I am fucking things up for you, not letting you fuck up my kids?

See right here is your agenda in full nakedness. You are so self-righteous that you think that you know best for everyone else.

Let me repeat my promise and this is not a fucking joke. If you try to fuck up my kids I will fucking kill you. Remember that when you are trying to push one of your feel-good initiatives via government. People like me are legion. There is no corner of this country where you wont find someone who will fucking kill you if you fuck with their kids.

Comment Re:I'm upset because it's divisive. (Score 1) 289

You know, like how boys are blue, girls are pink.

Is it men, or women, that are perpetuating this?

Or boys play with action figures of soldiers and astronauts and whatnot, while girls play with barbies and miniature houses.

This has of course been studied more than once on children before they could have been coerced by social stereotypes. You do know what the results of these studies were, right?

Girls ARE actively discouraged from pursuing careers in science and technology as they're more "masculine" occupations and steered towards more "feminine" occupations like teacher and nurse.

Who is doing the "active" discouraging?

I have an idea. You raise your kids, and I'll raise mine. If you fuck your kids up thats your business. If I fuck my kids up thats my business. If you ever try to tell me how to raise my kids I'll tell you to STFU, and if you ever try to force it through government coercion (violence) then I'll fucking kill you. If your kids try the same I'll kill them too. You do not get to fuck up my kids. Period.

Comment Re:Or. (Score 1) 358

I have been in the trenches for decades and for the most part professionals don't act like jerks.

Then there is no need for a code of conduct.

I think the real problem here is that people like you do not know what these social justice warriors are talking about.

They are talking about being able to take offense at whatever the hell they want. Statements such as "even my grandmother could use it" will be used against you, but only when they decide that you are next.

for light hearted technical information.

This is very offensive to people with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. Its a medical condition and out of their control. You should be banned from the internet you insensitive neanderthal.

Anyone got the DOCS on this guy? Lets get him fired.

Comment Re:so this is how.... (Score 1) 119

Greenland ice is not growing. In fact the decline in volume is accelerating

They said the same thing about Antarctic ice volume. Repeatedly. They were even saying it after those alarmists got themselves stuck in the growing ice in 2013 and needed an international rescue effort. They were saying it until this week.

Comment Re:Liberals (Score 2, Insightful) 585

Liberals are all about freedom, expression, tolerance, etc. until you do or say something that they don't like.

Democrats are Opposite People. Whatever they are saying is always the opposite of what they actually do in practice. Hell, look at what they were saying about health insurance and then look at what they did to health insurance. 100% opposite. Then look at who they blame for what they did to health insurance and how the House and Senate votes actually went. 100% opposite.

Its true for every single topic. These are the least generous of the two parties complaining about how selfish the other party is. They are the party that focuses on skin color while calling the other party racists. They are the party of womanizers complaining that the other party is sexist. They are the party of tax cheats complaining that the other party dodges taxes. They are the party that continually insisted that there wasn't a housing bubble and then blamed the other party for the housing bubble when it burst. They are the anti-vaxxers complaining that the other party is anti-science.

They are completely despicable.

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