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Comment: Love the description (Score 1) 449

by EmagGeek (#49240815) Attached to: Cody Wilson Wants To Help You Make a Gun

"a relatively small and affordable CNC milling machine that could easily manufacture the lower receiver of an AR-15"

How about:

"a relatively small and affordable CNC milling machine" STOP.

I love how media likes to paint something as evil if it can be remotely associated with the subject of their agenda.

It's a milling machine. Just like a hammer is a hammer.

Comment: Good riddaance (Score 4, Interesting) 183

by EmagGeek (#49215127) Attached to: Major Museums Start Banning Selfie Sticks

I was at the Museum of Natural History in DC a few weeks ago and got hit in the face more than once with those stupid things. I complained to the curator's office before I left, and I'm glad I'm apparently not alone in doing so.

Nobody's going to run off with your camera. Just ask someone nearby to take a photo of you.

Comment: Re:How often are the batteries supposed to be chan (Score 2) 178

by EmagGeek (#49213745) Attached to: MH370 Beacon Battery May Have Been Expired

The batteries must be replaced or recharged:

1) When the transmitter has been in use for more than 1 cumulative hour; or

2) When 50 percent of their useful life (or for rechargeable batteries, 50 percent of their useful life or charge) has expired, as established by the transmitter manufacturer under its approval.

Comment: Re:Authority (Score 1) 234

by EmagGeek (#49156741) Attached to: As Big As Net Neutrality? FCC Kills State-Imposed Internet Monopolies

The legal theory is the delegation of powers. Congress delegated the power to write legislation within a certain scope, breadth, and depth, to the executive branch of government, authorizing it to set up an agency to manage same.

Congress has the right to delegate its power to legislate to other branches of government. It is unfortunate, but we are learning now that it has delegated pretty much all of its power.

It is masked but always present. I don't know who built to it. It came before the first kernel.