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Comment Re:Why are you surprised? (Score 1) 336

One place where I've found Windows better than Android is the ability to download YouTube videos. In Android, all the YouTube apps are disabled from downloading by Google's terms of service, whereas on my Winbook, I can use any YouTube downloader, like Hyper, to get it done. I've not tried iOS apps in this regard.

As far as games go, I'm waiting for PC-BSD to include SteamOS jails in the OS, so that I can play my civilization games there.

Comment Re: Intel's biggest competitor: Intel (Score 1) 284

Well, PC-BSD made itself a 64-bit only OS, so that no one has any illusions about being able to run it on older (read 32-bit) boxes. But to address the GP's point - a current Javascript heavy page may drag on an Atom or a Pentium, but it will still run reasonably well on even an i3. So Intel is on the right track in seeking to extend battery life, and leaving it to people who need the extra performance to migrate to i5 and i7.

Comment Re:It's fun to screw with them (Score 3, Interesting) 235

Of course you are having an effect. When you keep the asshole busy on the line the asshole that pays him gets nothing for his money. When you hangup you just free him to interrupt someone else's dinner.

At least say, 'hang on, there is someone at the door' and put the phone down. Hang it up 15 minutes later.

Comment Re:Thanks, Obama (Score 1) 129

Sure she's batshit, no dispute.

But she doesn't have control of the Senate or House. So her batshit is relatively harmless, this cycle.

Ted Cruz has the same problem. Only he has batshit weasel eyes (vs batshit harpy eyes). But he has partners, so he's a relative threat.

They all want to increase government, just in different places.

No way an evangelical is a good choice. Rs need to lose a few election cycles to cleanse themselves of the church ladies. I can accept a little harmless humoring them, but anybody who I see as truly thinking they are 'having a personal relationship' with a fictitious character is right out. Jeabus, sparkly vampires or 'Hello Kitty', it's all the same.

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