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Comment: Re:Attractive females even more likely to get fund (Score 1) 97

Have you ever noticed how a hot chick will get frustrated and momentarily stand up on her toes then lets her heals drop to the ground. Making her boobs giggle.

I like that and don't want them to stop!

But do you think they are aware of what they are doing? (In general, I don't) Do you think mothers teach their daughters this trick? (No) Yet, many, many big boobed women display this body language.

Why? Because it has gotten them what they want in the past! Human interaction is subtle and hot chickness can be inferred one or two degrees of separation away, just by how horny men/bitchy women act when discussing the woman.

Comment: Re:Social Opportunity (Score 1) 257

by HornWumpus (#47704557) Attached to: Of the following, I'd rather play ...

There is a level of blatant where the house knows it but players in general wouldn't.

In my experience, when the stakes are so low nobody really cares everybody just calls unless they have garbage. After a short while nobody bothers trying to bluff.

It can change when people play for pride, but again in my experience penny ante is just a 'drinking excuse'.

Comment: Re:I have a better idea (Score 1) 147

Not anti-nuke, but realistic. Experienced system modeling/power trading consultant in electric energy.

I built the tool used by many market players to examine market scenarios. (Including 'market power' plays). Just a model shell, a real time system state API (hate to promote it, it queried data and wrote some model input files) and some analysis tools.

Shutting down all fossil fuel plants, world wide. Would result in economic shock. The system isn't all that 'well buffered' by design, JIT (just in time) and all.

Famine, war, pestilence etc are the foreseeable outcome. Complex chaotic non-linear systems (like economies and electric grids) really don't like large step functions. Makes them do crazy things.

Nukes aren't even a threat to fossil fuels. Huge fixed costs.

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by HornWumpus (#47699031) Attached to: Of the following, I'd rather play ...

Online poker? No, I don't play. No psych. No way of knowing they aren't blatantly cheating. etc etc.

Why anybody would trust an online casino when every city has a local illegal game available is beyond me. Comparisons between state lotteries and numbers rackets are apt. (the illegal numbers rackets games are much much better bets).

Comment: Re:What could possibly go wrong? (Score 3, Interesting) 147

Rainforests are CO2 neutral.

It is often quoted that rain forests absorb buttloads of CO2, but they give off equal amounts. Unless a swamp/jungle is laying down geological CO2 (there are a very few left, Okefenokee is the example that springs to mind) it is just absorbing it, short term. While the rot at the base of the tree is giving off an equal amount.

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