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Comment: Re:Weakest Russia ever (Score 3, Interesting) 468

by HornWumpus (#47545469) Attached to: Satellite Images Show Russians Shelling Ukraine

Russian domestic politics are a bitch.

They're all drunk and angry. Putin has to continue pretending to be a world power, or the anger will land on him.

Considering they die so young (pickled on Vodka), the last living memory of their world power days should be dying soon.

They should settle down to being a 3rd world resource exporter soon.

Comment: Re:Keep It Ready (Score 1) 199

Ether they are right or they are wrong (cloud services saving them money).

For some companies the cloud will save them money and increase availability. Don't work for those companies as IT (janitor), work for them as IT (software developer).

Outsourcing development is something else again. But until they succeed in outsourcing backups etc you can safely assume that development is a non-starter.

In general outsourcers won't save you money if your IT department is competently run (outsourcers need to make a profit), but for the 90% of other cases your job is in danger.

Then there are the cases where the outsourcers are incompetent (cough EDS, Oracle cough) at IT but competent at sales. The only thing I can say is never work for anybody stupid enough to sign a contract with those companies. Run away, don't walk.

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