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Comment Re:A lot of roads like that around here (Score 1) 219

At least where I am you would be at fault if there were an accident. You are not allowed to cross the line unless it is safe to d so. That means you must stop and wait for oncoming traffic to pass if you cannot proceed on your own side of the line.

At this particular road I have seen cars pull in as far as they can and stop, and still get swiped by a car coming the other way.

Comment Re:who would buy a self driving car from google? (Score 1) 43

That's just what I want... not only do I want google to monitor every site people visit on the net, to record everyone's email (even if you don't use gmail, everyone ELSE does), to know every site people sign up for via google captcha, everyone's location and who they associate with in real life, know their social network, and what they buy, and almost everything they've ever done online... but google should ALSO know where everyone drives and have the ultimate control over their cars.

Big Brother is here. But he wasn't forced on us. We invited him in.

At least when they determine you've done something wrong they will be able to lock the doors and drive you straight to the jail house

Comment Re:A lot of roads like that around here (Score 1) 219

Though most are so narrow that they are effectively only 1.5 lanes wide. Where you'd put the lines is a bit of a puzzle there .... both cars slow down, drive on the gravel strip either side until passed, and yes, certainly 'slows the traffic down'.

Even on a motorcycle they take steady nerves and good reflexes ;)

The most dangerous thing I have ever come across is a road which has a central white line but narrows to the point that in one direction you have to straddle the line. People coming in the other direction dn't slow down enough because they assume that the line will somehow protect their side

Comment Re:Just have medicare for all and get rid of the o (Score 3, Insightful) 285

But you're in the UK and have never used the US system. How long does it take to get a appointment at the local surgery.

If I phone in the morning and it sounds important usually a couple of hours. If I say something like "can I review my hayfever tablets, I hear that there are some newer and better drugs", then its days, sometimes into next week.

Now add the weeks or months it takes to see the specialist you're referred to. Now add many more months to find a slot to be treated.

The NHS being great is a myth. It takes forever to get seen, scanned and treated.i

Again, it depends. My wife had a clicking and achy knee and waited two weeks to be seen and another 10 to be treated. My brother had a small stroke and, wha given an MRI and a treatment within hours.

And as to your "private" option bullshit. Guess what? When they're over booked for operation type or birth, you get told to fuck off back to the NHS, but you get a small refund on your BUPA premium. Been there, done that, seen it with friends and colleagues.

That concurs with what my dad says, that the best use of a company healthcare plan is to get a nicer room in an NHS hospital.

Comment Re:Liability... (Score 1) 293

Ride sharing shifts the insurance to the owner of the ride sharing car, instead of each individual rider. The number of miles driven won't go down (significantly), but the number of people being marketed to will.

If ride sharing takes a of in a big way then the total number of miles driven will go down significantly. Two or three people in one car will drive a shorter distance than the total of two or three drivers doing the trip in their separate cars. That's the whole reason that environmentalists encourage ride sharing.

Comment Not necessarily (Score 1) 250

At one time a list would have included IBM and DEC . IBM totally dominated the computer market, and DEC had a solid share of the minicomputer and technical market. The fact that they are not in the list now illustrates that any of the above 5 could become an "also ran", or even be bought out.

Comment Re:Argumentum ad lapidem (Score 1) 311

Also called "Proof by assertion", or as Steven Colbert defined it colloquially, "Truthiness". You see this absolutely everywhere. It's where people don't even bother to try to make an argument, much less one that is correct and founded in fact. They just declare whatever they're feeling at the moment to be "true", because they want it to be.

This is absolutely correct.

Comment Disagree (Score 3, Insightful) 133

Certainly some of the claims of unfair treatment of women is dubious, especially the "I'm not included socially" or "they act too friendly and familiar" sort. However this is genuinely shocking:

NASA policy at the time was to not acknowledge the female contributors to scientific papers, though "She literally wrote the textbook on rocket science,"

We should acknowledge it as such and not put it down to some SWJ agenda

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