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Comment: Minix underpinnings (Score 1) 93

by unixisc (#47943409) Attached to: New Release of MINIX 3 For x86 and ARM Is NetBSD Compatible

How so? As opposed to making it compatible w/ FreeBSD, which is a lot more popular?

I welcome the addition of Beaglebone support, but would like to see support spread to Arduino and Raspberry Pi platforms. Minix won't be a first choice for any laptops, but it sure can be the first choice of these cards, where the small footprint actually helps.

Comment: Re:Admirable, but why stop there? (Score 1) 249

by unixisc (#47899493) Attached to: City of Turin To Switch From Windows To Linux and Save 6M Euros
As opposed to data on corporate servers. Yeah, a company doesn't have to sink millions into new equipment, but the least they can do is buy storage servers that contain all their data. As opposed to putting it on hardware that they don't own, and which could be accessed by the cloud owner - AWS, Google, whoever...

Comment: Re:Go video go... (Score 1) 210

by unixisc (#47899329) Attached to: SanDisk Releases 512GB SD Card

This would be useful only if phones (Windows Phone 8, I'm looking at you!!!) allowed application data, if not the applications themselves, to be installed on the removable media. That way, not only can one make good use of the flash, but also, in case one wants to switch to a new phone, all the apps that one bought w/ the last phone can be smoothly migrated to the new one. Also, one wouldn't have to buy top end models just to get a jump in the capacity just b'cos the good enough phone came w/ just 8GiB of memory

Also, by SD card, do they nowadays mean the original SD or the MicroSD form factor? The 2 are different enough for one to easily accommodate 4 times the capacity of the other.

Comment: Breaking Russia down... (Score 1) 254

by unixisc (#47803461) Attached to: Ukraine Asks Zuckerberg to Discipline Kremlin Facebook Bots

The United States will start to do to Russian Federation what it did to the Soviets. We will squeeze and wait. And after 30 years of being squeezed... Russia will probably fracture again. Probably in the far east... and then humbled again... we will offer Russia peace, friendship, and a place at the table. We'll see how small Russia needs to get before it is willing to behave itself.

Only problem w/ this theory. To split up Russia, there would need to be a large population which can be broken away from Russia on ethnic, religious or other lines. For the Soviet Union, there were those 14 other 'republics' that automatically gained independence once Boris Yeltsin pulled Russia out of the Soviet Union, making the latter a caricature of itself before it was dissolved.

But today's Russia is more or less a homogenous nation. What you're wishing for would have been possible had the Siberians, say, been a different ethnic people from the Russians. They're not. Granted, there are Mongoloid Shaman people in Krasnoyarsk going Eastwards, but not in the numbers that would constitute a viable nation. Fact remains that Russians are a homogenous majority from the Baltic to the Bering Straits.

Yeah, there are renegade groups like the Chechens & Tatars who would like independence. Guess what - unlike Ukraine, which has borders w/ several other countries, both a Chechnya & a Tatarstan would be landlocked countries within Russia - much like Lesotho - and would be at the mercy of Russia for all of their needs. Also, since Russians from other ex-Soviet republics, be it Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, et al are returning to Russia, it just bolsters Russian numbers even more.

I do think the Russians would do well to populate Siberia (not gulag style) so that they stop leaning heavily on Ukraine or Georgia or other such countries.

Comment: Re:Wait.... what? (Score 1) 254

by unixisc (#47803047) Attached to: Ukraine Asks Zuckerberg to Discipline Kremlin Facebook Bots

...Facebook's Ukrainian office is located in Russia...

Whose brilliant idea was that?

Precisely!!! FaceBook may not want offices in every country in the world, but for something like this, they ought to have offices somewhere like Kyiv, Lyov or somewhere where you don't have renegades trying to secede that portion of real estate from Ukraine.

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