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Comment Re:Lumina (Score 1) 422

See section 5 of the handbook where it is clearly mentioned:

An installation of FreeBSD using bsdinstall does not automatically install a graphical user interface. This chapter describes how to install and configure Xorg, which provides the open source X Window System used to provide a graphical environment. It then describes how to find and install a desktop environment or window manager.
Note: Users who prefer an installation method that automatically configures the Xorg and offers a choice of window managers during installation should refer to the website.

Comment Re:ReactOS (Score 1) 315

I dunno. But on the Reactos website, they stated that the reason they can't support NTFS is that Microsoft had patent rights over that. It was a while since I last saw that, but if that is no longer protected, ReactOS can implement that. If however it is, I was suggesting that they implement a superset of the file system, such as making it a 64-bit file system, or some such thing

Comment Lumina (Score 1) 422

I use & like Lumina, but they recently made some changes to their user interface. The pull down menu for exiting was at the top right, and they suddenly shifted it to the top left. They need to realize that a consistent look & feel across versions is important. It's not that I can't go to the top left - it's just that after a habit is formed, to have to change it in a new version is disruptive.

I would like PC-BSD to own the Wayland implementation of FreeBSD, since the latter seems to be more focussed on the OS services - from things like portsng to Capsicum. Right now, when you install the OS, if you want to install any DEs, FreeBSD prompts you to install PC-BSD. So make the Wayland implementation in FreeBSD a part of the PC-BSD project, just like PBI and usability issues. I'd also like to see what, if anything, is FreeBSD doing as a succession for system init.

Comment GOP preferences (Score 1) 146

I liked the Newt group in 1994, but today, I just can't recognize them. Kasich of today is nothing like the Kasich who balanced the budget in Congress. I have no problems w/ him making OH a part of Obamacare if he thought that that was what they need, but for him to attack Trump on the issue of deporting illegals or automatic birthright citizenship for anchor babies, and then talk about picking winners and losers in the bank bailouts did it for me. Mitch McConnell today is nothing like the guy who opposed McCain-Feingold, and it's tough to see why he decided to be even more of a compromiser than McCain recently. I actually have nothing against Jeb, but I hated both the George Bush policies, and fear that Jeb would be surrounded by the same coteries.

In 2008, I supported Obama just b'cos I hated both Hilary and McCain. There was no way I was gonna support McCain given how he was throwing Conservatives under the bus. Romney I was somewhat okay w/, even if he lost. This year, I support most of the candidates, except Graham, who is at the bottom, and to a lesser extent, Kaisich, Bush, Christie and Fiorina, whose chances are dim as well. I can't really decide b/w the Donald, Carson and Cruz, but would happily support any of the top 4 if they got the nomination.

Comment Re:Reagan's mic test (Score 1) 146

I loved Reagan, but one thing I didn't like was his conflating 'Soviet' w/ 'Russian'. Since the latter meant the Russian people, whereas Soviet could more accurately capture not just the entire USSR, but the Warsaw pact as well. Countries like Bulgaria and East Germany were about as much controlled by the CPSU as was Ukraine or Uzbekistan.

Comment Soviet Russian names (Score 1) 146

That city was St Petersburg, then Petrograd, then Leningrad, now again St Petersburg... I wonder why they didn't pick the more Russian sounding name of Petrograd?

Speaking of which, while St Petersburg is the name of the city, the oblast name remains Leningrad. Also surprising is that while Gorky was named back to Novgorod and Sverdlovsk was named back to Ekateringrad, Ulyanovsk - named after Lenin - remains that, and didn't revert to the previous name of Simbirsk.

Would love to see a Russian leader who embraces the Tsarist heritage but rejects the Soviet legacy. Unlike Putin

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