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Comment Re:What's on the label should be what it is (Score 1) 462

As far as food goes, people ought to recognize that when it's made in another country, the originals WILL undergo changes that alters the taste and ambiance about those foods. Like a sweet corn chicken soup tastes very different in Delhi than it does in Guangzhou, a Mongolian blend will taste very different here than in Karakorum, a Sbarro calzone will taste very different in Israel than out here...

And people who are from these countries usually do one of 2 things. If they like the adaptations done here, it becomes pretty popular. If they don't, they just have that ethnic food at home, and have other things when they are out. I myself have Indian friends who NEVER have Indian food outdoors, but instead go for anything else. Nobody protests at 'cultural appropriation', and if students at Oberlin didn't like the Chinese food for being inauthentic, they could have just avoided it altogether and gone for something else, or else, gone to a Chinese restaurant that does it better. Or make them exchange students to China, send them there, and after a year, let them come back and tell us how superior authentic Chinese food is, and how to make sure that every Chinese eatery here becomes authentic as well

Comment Re:Why are you surprised? (Score 1) 555

One place where I've found Windows better than Android is the ability to download YouTube videos. In Android, all the YouTube apps are disabled from downloading by Google's terms of service, whereas on my Winbook, I can use any YouTube downloader, like Hyper, to get it done. I've not tried iOS apps in this regard.

As far as games go, I'm waiting for PC-BSD to include SteamOS jails in the OS, so that I can play my civilization games there.

Comment Re: Intel's biggest competitor: Intel (Score 1) 310

Well, PC-BSD made itself a 64-bit only OS, so that no one has any illusions about being able to run it on older (read 32-bit) boxes. But to address the GP's point - a current Javascript heavy page may drag on an Atom or a Pentium, but it will still run reasonably well on even an i3. So Intel is on the right track in seeking to extend battery life, and leaving it to people who need the extra performance to migrate to i5 and i7.

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