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Comment Re:What do you suggest people USE, as opposed to.. (Score 1) 329 329

But it doesn't get around what RMS has been campaigning for - getting people to stop using Apple products. My question was - let's say people do like he suggests. What are the alternatives that his organizations provide that would enable them to continue to work seamlessly as before? Fine, they can't produce a better phone or tablet. But they can produce a phone using, say, Replicant. So why don't they do it, starting in small volumes, and encouraging people to buy that, using 'libre' as their selling pitch? Somewhat like the Librem laptops in the other Purism story here?

Comment Re:What do you suggest people USE, as opposed to.. (Score 1) 329 329

His problem w/ Apple - which was why he celebrated Jobs' death - was that Apple had come out w/ several locked down features that limited the ability of their users to customize Apple products to their needs - that was his reference to golden chains which was there in one of his past interviews w/ /.. That was a part of what I was referring to in my question - why doesn't his FSF come up w/ a tablet or a phone that is as good as Apple or Android, but 'respects freedom' to the levels that he requires.

Comment Re:Not competition for steam machines. (Score 1) 164 164

I'm planning to at some point get an AIO or laptop, install SteamOS on it and run my Steam games. Running Steam games on Windows - sometimes, in the middle of a move, it randomly leaves the application and goes to the Windows desktop. Don't like doing that

Comment Re:Windows 10 Sucks (Score 1) 314 314

People don't have to buy a lot of applications, but applications bought could have different interfaces and behavior when used on laptops vs tablets/phones. Using Skype? The laptop version could include the IM section, but that could be excluded from the tablet/phone interface. Just as an example.

On the phone side, one thing Microsoft has gotten right is the Universal app store. That way, I can run Yelp! - currently available only on the phone OSs - on a tablet or even laptop, w/o opening a browser. Hope it also solves one issue Windows Phone 8.x had - most apps being 'web containers'

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