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Comment Re:Origin of BSD (Score 1) 103

Also, the Minix that Linus originally used, and the Minix of today are completely different - as different as Windows 3.1 and Windows 10. The original Minix 1 was not a microkernel, but today's OS is. You are right that Linux is not a Minix clone, but not for the reason you mention. Also, for the OS-X is BSD crowd, there is an equivalent Android is Linux crowd as well.

Comment Re:Painless upgrade (Score 1) 103

Somehow, I have no idea what version I have successfully upgraded to, given what I get: [lintel@cisc] ~% uname -a
FreeBSD cisc 10.0-RELEASE-p19 FreeBSD 10.0-RELEASE-p19 #0: Thu Nov 6 21:53:58 UTC 2014 /GENERIC amd64
[lintel@cisc] ~%
I'll just wait for PC-BSD 10.2 to become final so that the upgrade can finally go through. I've tried doing it the CLI way too, but hasn't been any different.

Comment SteamOS jails (Score 1) 103

One thing that I do wish FreeBSD does is add a jail for SteamOS. I currently use a PC-BSD laptop, and to run Steam, it's recommended going into Wine. I'd prefer a solution where I can open a SteamOS jail and play my Steam games. It shouldn't be difficult, since support for Debian jails already exists.

Comment Re:Really like FreeBSD (Score 1) 103

It's a real pity that FreeBSD and the BSDs in general don't get more love from Slashdot. Linux seems to have stolen the thunder from the BSD camp, but in all honesty, FreeBSD rocks. It makes a far better server than Linux for the vast majority of cases. I used to run BSD servers, both FreeBSD and BSD/OS back in the day. Never, ever had an issue save for HW failures. Cannot say the same for Linux on identical HW. FreeBSD handles load that bring Linux to its knees. I've always agreed with the statement that "Linux is hacked together, while FreeBSD is engineered". In general, I think the BSDs are better written pieces of software.

Well, since the systemd saga began, FreeBSD has been getting a lot more respect from a good section of the Linux crowd that hates systemd. OpenBSD gets it as well particularly from people w/ old RISC based Unixstations, since they are the only ones still maintaining those old platforms.

Comment Re:Origin of BSD (Score 1) 103

Ok, it's not Free-as-in-beer, but is it Free-as-in-speech? In other words, is it licensed under any of the BSD licenses out there?

I agree w/ the GP - we might as well talk about FreeBSD. Most of the BSD 'distros' out there - DragonFly, Midnight, Ghost, pFsense, et al are based on FreeBSD. Only thing based on NetBSD that I know of is OpenBSD, which has diverged quite a bit since it split. And OpenBSD just has one distro based on itself - I forget the name - the one that was made in order to be made from LLVM/Clang

Comment Re:Uber is "ride sharing" ? (Score 0) 168

The penalty for not following local laws in most countries would be a petty fine. In Saudi Arabia . . . it would be a couple hundred lashes with the whip.

If the offense was considered to be an insult to Islam . . . say bye-bye to your head.

Oh, and being left-handed is considered to be an insult to Islam. You don't need to try very hard to insult Islam.

That is why Über folks decided to abide by Saudi Arabian laws.

They didn't have the option of not operating in Saudi Arabia in the first place? Since when was Saudi Arabia such a huge market? It's population is a measly 30M

Comment Re:The west should rid itself of its dependence (Score 1) 147

Whatever it is these countries make that we need, we should end our reliance on their exports and let these misguided ideologies implode. Sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better.

There is nothing in Bangladesh that the West is dependent on. Yeah, you do sometimes see clothing that's 'Made in Bangladesh', but that's available from all sorts of countries - Honduras, Vietnam, Costa Rica, et al. So avoid buying anything made in Bangladesh, and buy something made in one of the other countries. Bangladesh ain't China, which you can't avoid buying from

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