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Comment: Re:Dump the progressives!!! (Score 1) 464

by unitron (#48775925) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are Progressive Glasses a Mistake For Computer Users?


No one ever bothered to tell me that it wasn't going to be a band across that had a non-linear top to bottom gradient, but that instead it would be more like a dart board or bulls eye, which means you have to stare absolutely straight ahead, and turn your entire head to see anything not directly in front of you, and that you would have pretty much no peripheral vision whatsoever.

Even if computers didn't exist, my advice would still be


My other rant is about how the only thing available anymore are those ugly skinny frames where the lens height is no more than the width of 2 fingers, and for someone as nearsighted as I am, who needs something that gathers in lots of light, that would still be totally inadequate even if they weren't hideous looking.

But, hey, they save 37 cents worth of plastic and get to jack up the retail price by $20 or more because ironic hipsters or something.

Comment: Re:Optometrist? (Score 1) 464

by unitron (#48775829) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are Progressive Glasses a Mistake For Computer Users?

One friend of mine was an electrical engineer, and trying to describe to an electrician how he wanted his house wired (quite non-standard) was ... an experience.


In that particular instance, the electrician may have been trying to figure out how to give the guy what he wanted while remaining in compliance with however much of the NEC carries the weight of law in that particular jurisdiction and how he was going to get the local inspector to agree that he wasn't in violation.

Was he trying for all home runs and isolated grounds?

Comment: Re:Dupe (Score 1) 840

Explain to me how the Christ you would "fix by repairing" a RAM chip.

When burne referred to swapping sub-assemblies as not being 'repairing', and PRMan countered with the contention that "Replacing bad RAM on your motherboard absolutely IS fixing your computer.", I assumed we were talking swapping in a new SIMM or DIMM.

Trying to do electron-microscopy level microsurgery inside an individual integrated circuit package may well be nigh on impossible, but with the right tools, equipment, and materials, and some SMD soldering experience, one could replace an IC on a RAM stick, which would be repairing fixing, whereas just snapping a new RAM module into the socket would be replacing fixing.

Of course this pre-supposes that one could lay hands upon the correct replacement IC to repair the RAM module (after figuring out which of the several on there needs replacing), and it's not impossible that a little cannibalization might be required, but you might be able to turn two bad sticks into one good one.

Comment: Re: Dupe (Score 1) 840

You mean replacing the windings?

Yes, pretty much, although to be honest it's been a number of years since I rewound a motor or undercut a commutator, and the car window motor referred to may not even have a commutator and brushes, but be some sort of PWM'ed stationary windings direct drive type, and the repair wouldn't be on a burnt out winding but on a fried switching transistor. I haven't disassembled any cars in a long time, either.

Comment: Re:"Lack of understanding"? (Score 1) 48

by unitron (#48773825) Attached to: $freaks++

a) I don't moderate and never have. Hence, I haven't moderated you down. So I can't help you with that.

I don't believe I accused you to moderating me down. I'm not sure where that notion comes from.

b) How is that post displaying a "lack of understanding of communism"? I'm genuinely curious.

I may have managed to not notice the quotes around communist. A lot of people here inaccurately describe China and post-Lenin USSR as communist which is not accurate. If you are claiming the Chinese system to be Communist, then you don't understand communism very well. I initially took just a quick look at your most recent comments after seeing the notice that you foe'd me, trying to figure out what may have brought it about.

P.S. I use "foe" as a (too all purpose) marker for people, given that Slashdot doesn't have any other way of tagging people.

Well, there is also "friend".

FWIW I generally take pride in how many people foe me here. The vast overwhelming majority of them - at least when there is any apparent rationale - are hard-core conservatives who disagree with me for daring to use facts against their emotions. You do indeed have a very ... interesting ... foes list, that even includes people who have foe'd me.

I'm pretty sure these are your words:
"I'm not sure why he moderated me down but it might relate to his lack of understanding of communism."
Perhaps you meant to write:
"I'm not sure why he foe'd me, but it might relate to his lack of understanding of communism."

I'm not sure exactly what y'all mean by "tagging" people--is it more sophisticated or useful than just remembering their user names?

Comment: Re:Dupe (Score 2) 840

Replacing bad RAM on your motherboard absolutely IS fixing your computer. Just like when I replaced the window motor on my car, I bought a $25 sub-assembly and plugged in two wiring harnesses and put in 2 screws. Just because I never used a soldering iron doesn't make it invalid.

And therein lies the difference between fixing by repairing and fixing by replacing.

You're ahead of those who aren't even aware of the concept of a wiring harness, but way behind the person who would have fixed by repairing by rewinding the motor.

Comment: Re:cis and mi regulation is not "bad" code (Score 1) 14

by unitron (#48642405) Attached to: Machine Learning Reveals Genetic Controls

If anyone had taken assembler and machine coding back in the old days of computing, they'd get it. You only have so much to code with, so you make it do multiple things.

A better analogy would be a huge bloated computer program that evolved over many decades - where changing (or removing) one little thing in one place can break things in dozens of other unexpected places - but where if you were to rewrite the entire thing from scratch you could reduce the size of the code base by a factor of a hundred while still preserving all the functionality (and also eliminating lots of bugs).

Very few biologists would imagine that you could go through the human genome and excise all the "junk" regions and still end up with a healthy human. But many would agree that some hyper-intelligent entity could almost certainly design a new species that looked and acted human but with a genome that was a hundred times smaller.

No doubt we were intelligently designed to appear to have been the result of thousands and thousands of years of trial and error for some mysterious reason that is beyond the comprehension abilities of us mere mortals.

Or maybe we were intelligently designed with all that extra "code" so as to be able to evolve should it become necessary.

I have an unshakeable, almost religious faith in the ID proponents ability to come up with some sort of explanation of how evolution never happened because pocketwatches.

Comment: Re:Warmth and Vinyl compression and more (Score 1) 433

by unitron (#48604303) Attached to: Vinyl Record Pressing Plants Struggle To Keep Up With Demand

phono is is a preamp setting because of the low current/voltage output of the needle. Nothing more or less, you should get out more.

Not true. In addition to amplification, a phono pre-amp also has to apply the R.I.A.A. equalization curve which is the reverse of the one used on the feed to the cutter head when the master disc is recorded.


A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that works.