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Comment Re:So Let Me Get This Straight (Score 1) 128

Gosh, what did we ever do before Windows 2000? Authentication by clay tablet?

It's the egocentric nature of MS's claims, that somehow computing couldn't be done without its products, that pisses me off the most. It denies an absolute vast amount of work done in these areas for decades before derivative technologies like AD even existed

Just like how Redmondites are doubtless cheering the innovation of giving Windows admins what everyone else has had for decades. This isn't a moment for pride at Redmond, but the moment when if fully recognizds just how shabbily it treated people stuck trying to do automation on its amazingly incoherent platform.

Comment Re:Sick (Score 1) 29

I have friends who get nauseous simply from the head bobbing in minecraft.

There are a lot of people who get nauseous from VR.
There are a lot of people who get headaches from VR.

It's still a very real thing

Unless you are a person that gets sick from VR or have formally studied it, I don't think you can speak to that with even as a good a basis in reality as the parent poster.

Comment Re: Turd (Score 3, Interesting) 128

What do you mean no rhyme or reason? The basic toolset; cat, sh, mv, rm, and so forth are mnemonics. The point being to make the commands as short as possible while retaining some semblance of meaning. For me Powershell's absurdly verbose naming scheme is as good a sign as any that Microsoft has never really understood CLI work.

Comment Re:So Let Me Get This Straight (Score 1) 128

So essentially it took until 2009 for Microsoft to even begin to admit that RPC, a few rather crappy scripting host options and RDP were inadequate, but it took them over six more years to finally implement what is pretty much the gold standard of encrypted TTY interfaces.

Maybe this is part of the turning over a new leaf, but I can't help but imagine that the next version of Microsoft's coursework will announce how innovative all of this, much as it went around declaring how innovative Powershell was, when all it really is is an overly complicated descendant of Bash, inelegant, overly verbose and unnecessarily convoluted. But yes, it is the best solution MS has ever come up with to remotely administer servers in a programmatic way.

What a bloody pity they just didn't admit their long battle against *nix was idiotic, and just implement Bash and the standard toolset. But then, I guess the obfuscation which has been so much a part of NT and its descendants' success would disappear as well.

I just hope all the Redmondites see the irony of MS sitting around for two decades declaring NT's superiority because, you know, Windows and all, and now essentially reinventing, badly in many cases, what the Unix ecosystem has had for decades.

Comment Re:With the ever-looming cyberpunk future (Score 1) 135

Assuming you're not just kidding, I... I... I don't know if that means I need to get out more or if that means I should do no such thing! :/ Do they mean like regular dairy consumption is bad for you or consumption of absurd amounts is bad for you? Do I really want to know? I'm not even gonna Google that.

Comment Re:Missed the Boat? (Score 1) 135

Heh, I saw the writing on the wall and stopped playing with them fairly early on. However, I'd mined a stack of 'em. 48, I think? I didn't want to pay the taxes on the income and I didn't want to be associated with them in a manner that I might have to account for later, so simply avoided the taxes and donated them all to EFF over the period of a month and a half. Yeah, they were stupidly high value when I donated them too. I figured they might as well be worth it for EFF. At this point, social stigma prevents my association really.

For now, they're associated with crime - perhaps improperly but that doesn't change the fact that they are. That and I'd rather just avoid the taxes. Who knows what kind of impact it would have had to cash 'em out. Taxes are already a complicated thing and it's not entirely clear (or wasn't - I don't think it is yet) exactly how they'd be taxed. So, off they went to EFF. I'm sure they had more use for them than I and I like EFF. I might have split them with the ACLU but the ACLU did not take BTC at the time. I'm not sure if they accept it now.

Comment Re:The way to fight this (Score 1) 418

LOL Except Windows 10 doesn't actually use the hosts file for this. They're hard-coded IP addresses and you can't block them with the hosts file. You can add 'em all you want, it won't help. Folks have shown video of this. They've added the domains to the hosts file and then used Wireshark (that's what the interface looked like, as I recall) and there's still outbound communication with the very same IP addresses at the very same level. Nope, hosts isn't gonna cut it.

Comment Re:One other idea (Score 2) 418

I don't think I've ever once said this -- or anything like it. But, it's seemingly reached that point. I guess, if I'm going to say it, I should make it a point to say it differently, perhaps better, than others. So...

If you have to go through all of that just to have your OS behave the way you tell it to behave, if you have to use hardware to stop your computer from doing what you tell it to do, if you have to work to keep things from the OS vendor, then do you *really* trust the OS at all? Do you really feel so compelled to use it?

That said, I don't use Windows. If I were using Windows, I'd leave the telemetry data enabled. Yes, I'd let them collect that data - knowingly and willfully. I'd rather they have my data (it's seemingly anonymous and they've a decent history at keeping that data in their own hands and a vested interest in keeping that data for themselves) about my computer usage so that they could understand how I used my computer and what hardware I was using. It'd mean a greater potential for a better computing experience.

So, I'd leave it enabled. However, I can understand that some folks don't want it enabled and I think the OS should obey that choice. Off means off - not partially off. I use Linux but not because I want to keep my computer usage metrics from Microsoft nor because I have a dislike for proprietary software. I use Linux because I like to break stuff and learn new things. Breaking and fixing is how I learn.

But, if you've gotta go through all those hoops then should you trust it at all? At that point, you might as well go with a whitelist approach. Or, really, you might as well find an alternative even if it means some sacrifice. I wasn't learning anything new with Microsoft products so I simply stopped using them. I doubt you'd have the same motives as I. I do know that if I wanted to disable telemetry and had to go through all of that, I'd use a whole other OS instead.

Comment Re:Request (Score 1) 29

I want to take a photo of a room in my house and have it converted to VR, and then be able to style it and move furniture around.

I want to take a photo of a room in my house and have it converted to VR, and then have a virtual Bella Thorne come and take her clothes off. And then be able to move furniture around.

Comment Re:Is this really new? (Score 1) 45

You made me curious so I went looking. The prices aren't that bad though I don't see any options for open source. I wonder (I looked and didn't find any) if there are any projects doing this with open source? It seems like you could patch something like that together for less money and the software would then be the only real hard part. (Unless I'm missing something.) An above poster, seemingly in a university and working with this sort of thing, indicates that you can do that with a standard web cam.

I've no need for such a device but I'd be interested in supporting such a project - depending on a few things. It seems a noble quest and I'm not purely altruistic - I want to, someday, be totally "jacked in" to the 'net and simply use my brain instead of an external computing device. I think that would be awesome. I'd even let 'em stuff an ethernet port in my neck and a wireless antenna on the top of my skull. I imagine the results look better in my imagination than they'd really be but I think it'd be awesome to have near instant access to Google. I'd not need software so much, I'd just need logic (as I'm envisioning it) though filtered at the external hardware level might keep the noise to a dull roar. No display, pure internal "vision." It'd be great...

So, the more we move in this direction of alternative inputs and control. The closer we get to my brain-as-a-computer-with-internet point. The closer we get to that point, the closer I get to being able to rule the world! Or, more likely than that, post stupid shit to the internet. But, it'd enable communication, education, and creation levels hitherto unknown. Well, it would if it turned out to be as awesome as it is in my imagination. And yes, yes I really would let 'em mount a wireless antenna on my head. If they had a decent plan, I'd even volunteer to be a test subject. I'd *pay* to be a test subject.

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