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Comment Re:Yeah, nah. (Score 1) 367

Oh well then, just drop in to your nearest police station or FBI department every morning during your stay to say howdy. Nothing wrong with that.

The equivalent took place in former communist countries. I remember visiting the DDR (East Germany) and having to turn in my passport every night. Get a little perspective here, please.

I know 3 people from the former DDR and I've never heard any of them refer to it as "the land of the free".

A little perspective indeed sir.

Comment Accept the limitations of reality (Score 1) 98

Forget about backpacking with all the equipment you will need. It cannot be done yet. The technology is not that advanced.

Invest in a smaller 4WD or AWD vehicle with high ground clearance (critical!) and a 12 volt system. And a good power inverter-- although more and more now you can find electronics that will run directly off 12 V DC. You want a car that is small enough that you've got a good range without draining the bank account to keep the gas tank full-- plus something small can get you past tight spots where behemoth monster trucks cannot go.

While this approach will limit the places you can go, car camping can still get you as far from the madding crowd as you can get, and stay within reasonable Internet connectivity. You can day hike from base camp for delving deeper into the wilderness. You can carry more with you, such as coolers, stoves with more burners, decent dutch ovens. And you can be more mobile-- such as planning much longer trips with occasional stops at towns with grocery stores, showers, and the like.

Believe me, I have thought this through. However I ended up retiring before I figured out all the business angles. I wish you the best of luck.

Comment Re:Massive and stupid (Score 0) 161

All I can say is talk to some retiring air traffic controllers. It's not like only a few of them saw it. The intercept was visible to air traffic controllers all over the country. It was the right thing to do based on the information the military and potus had at the time. But the heroic passenger bringing down the plane story was what we needed to hear then.

Based on how many controllers saw it, I expect it'll become common knowledge within the next few years as they all retire and don't need to maintain their security clearance any more.

Look back over my posts-- I don't post a lot of wild eyed shit.

Comment Re:They shouldn't have shown the images (Score 1) 36

"A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds." Of course considering placing Jupiter in some kind of stellar classification is inconsistent and absurd. That was part of the point. But it is no more inconsistent and absurd than the current IAU definition of "planet". Which was the other side of the point.

The IAU has a number of hobgoblins it should really muzzle before their antics further erode the IAU's standing among international bodies of science.

Thank you for the opportunity to clarify this.

Comment RIP Oliver Sacks (Score 3, Insightful) 14

I mistook my sock for a wife once.

Seriously though, the dude wrote some great stuff on human perception of music and the brain's processing of musical information.

Plus, he was kind of a badass:


It's sad when one of these bright lights goes out.

Comment Re: Brought about by the internet? (Score 1) 597

The two-state solution is not anti-zionist. Since it maintains the jewishness of the main state it is acceptable to a broad range of the Israeli public as well as to a large part of the international players and international public. The interpretation about the makeup of the second state varies a lot though: the more left wing Israelis will accept a larger Palestinian state but rarely a real state that would be armed, contiguous and viable. The facts on the ground point towards a Bantustan of disconnected statelets that cannot survive without external help.

The one state solution is anti-zionist if it does away with the jewishness of the state and transforms the state in one of its citizens as the US or France have.
That idea is unacceptable for liberal zionism. That is, in principle, not because it would be unfeasible.
There is also a rightwing interpretation of a one-state-solution, although they aren't thinking of a Jeffersionian democracy.
Thers's also post-zionism, which can mean anything from liberal zionism to antizionism.

The idea that a Palestinian state would be committed to Jewish genocide is a racist caricature.

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