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Comment Re: Who buys them? (Score 4, Informative) 668

Some of it works. A medipot lets you dump water up one nostril and out the other.

And this brings us back to the problem addressed in the summary: "Further, there is a huge gap in the public understanding of what homeopathy is; it therefore seems plausible that the popularity of homeopathy can take a huge hit just by telling the public what it actually is." The Neti Pot may be popular among alternative medicine types, but it's not homeopathy.

Comment Re:reverse Amazon shopping (Score 1) 116

(shipping takes time, returns are a hassle)

Funny, shipping time and convenient returns are the two main reasons why I use Amazon as much as I do. Getting something delivered the next day, or two days later if I'm feeling cheap, is often faster than finding time in my schedule to go to whatever specialized store would sell what I'm buying. And returns? What could be easier than slapping a label on the box and setting it outside for the mail carrier?

Comment Re:Why do people want to run Windows? (Score 1) 281

Can't most X11 window managers in Linux distros be configured to look similar enough to Windows to feel like "home"?

Yes. On a related matter you can buy a car that looks very similar to a Lamborghini for a fraction of the price. As for handling and performance I assume its just as good. I mean, it looks the same, so why shouldn't it be?

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