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Comment Re:Governments = Evil. (Score 2) 109

For those who are still very thick in the head and cannot comprehend the simplest thing since for the first time in history of this planet a rock was used to bash somebody on the head, I would like to repeat this axiom: markets = evil.

Markets is an evil structure by its very definition, as it is set up to provide the collective with violent means of dominating an individual. Whatever system that is fundamentally based on violence can not and will not avoid using violence to increase its own power, and a markets is seen as legitimate by its very definition, doesn't it? It's the *markets* after all, it is there to serve and protect...

Here is your problem: you are not the ones it will be serving and protecting once it manages to grow its power enough with its legitimate use of violence. It will dominate and subjugate you and it will imprison you.

I will also repeat something I said for nearly two decades now: abolish markets protected copyrights and patents.

Markets exists to use power and it ends up using its power against you, understand it and work against it. Copyrights and patents are a manner used to create monopoly power for specific individuals. Many of you believe that monopolies are the property of free market capitalism, however in a free market capitalism monopolies are temporary and their existence depends on them providing a good enough product / service in the most cost effective way possible.

With markets there is no such requirement, markets simply sets up monopolies and uses its violent power to maintain them. Utility companies, copyright holders, patent holders, military, education, name whatever markets does and there is violence there, used to protect somebody's monopoly.

My position is that TPP is inevitable once markets with violent powers exists.

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