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Comment Pirated in the name of the Oligarchy (Score 0, Troll) 164

The US is an Oligarchy who's 'elected' representatives only serve their corporate masters. Any code, law or treaty contrary to a large corporations desires will be dispatched and buried with litigation in the name of profit.

As far as other celestial body travel, the only way got a chance is to make it commercially viable. Take the moon for example; OK we went there 40 years ago, so what? there it sits - no further exportation or examination. On the other hand if there were valuable minerals for harvest, a corporation would be there as soon as ROI provided.

Comment I doubt that.... (Score 1) 378

Once long space journey technology is practical, Mars will become a vacation stop on a trip to other far away places.

I believe Clark's first law of prediction is relevant:
"When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong."

Comment Re:Work-life balance thrives where it is prioritiz (Score 1) 195

I have just the opposite experience. I moved from the Midwest to the cost (Seattle). The famous 'work ethic' of the midwest means that to get ahead I regularly worked 70+ hours per week. Sure, I got ahead, was paid REALLY well - but it cost me my first marriage and most of the friends of my youth. The good old boys club and women glass ceiling are very much alive and well in the Midwest. I have had several IT jobs from public, private, manufacturing, consulting, and even took public company private.... At the end of the day the truth is that if your name isn't over the door, you are a disposable commodity. You're a tool to be used for ownership profit. At one company literally, the CEO would say, 'well, that's nice, but what have you done for me today?'.

Comment Flush XEN (Score 1) 61

I dumped XEN for VMware last year and haven't looked back. The deciding factor (not to mention sliding market share, lack of compatible backup products, and weak tech support) was a VM simply 'disappeared' due to a faulty clean up process. The faulty process deleted the VM and support told me to call data restoration.. When I asked for the number, he said, "no, I mean your inhouse data restoration, your backup administrator"... VMware has so much of the market every single virtual product or offering just works.

Comment Your privacy for Socialism (Score 1) 170

Congratulations! All of your personal, private data, intimate thoughts, shopping lists, and friends - even those without accounts - is being harvested, categorized, mined and cross referenced for sale to marketeers who will spam you, inundate you with click bait, and harass you will illegal robocalls so 1 man can live like a king while he builds a socialist institution.

An I didn't even get flowers.

Comment Re:'Huge' is a matter of perspective (Score 1) 312

No, you get to be a big, profitable company by exporting your 900,000 jobs to China (number of FoxConn workers - the place that has nets to stop suicide jumpers and also makes all the i-devices), pay them an unlivable wage in a place with no labor, intellectual property or environmental laws then brag how 'innovative' and helpful to the human race your products are.

Comment Re:Remove casing from a Wallmart clock - get invit (Score 1) 621

If it was clearly a clock, then why was a 14 year old child hand cuffed by police and 'escorted' out of school? The real story here is the insane stupidity that is swallowing the United States - teachers are no longer able to teach or discuss controversial topics (even at the University level) for fear of being reported, history is being re-written minimizing science and promoting 'faith', global warming facts are marginalized, fracking environmental hazards are undermined, companies continue to profiteer off citizens so a few can be fabulously wealthy while the majority has seen income stagnation .... The facts are the US ranks 14th in Education, 2nd in ignorance of social topics.... Lacking the ability to intellectually, openly and critically discuss problems, removes the ability to solve them.

Comment 'Huge' is a matter of perspective (Score 1) 312

'Huge' damages against Apple of sub-1 billion is not all that noteworthy when revenue Q1 alone was $78+ billion. I reminds me of when Attorney General Janet Reno was going to hold Microsoft in Contempt threatening to fine $1 per day and Gate's response was something to the affect of "1 make a million an hour, f*ck them".

Comment We already have a control group (Score 1) 1291

If you look at the Native American population, you can see the results of this 'experiment'. It disincentivizes work and plummets the community into further poverty. I've lived around reservation land and the monthly government check is a corrosive, corruptive, practice. Natives receive monthly allotments and in many cases even more from tribal casino money, free education (including college if they want it), yet few choose education and the regions with these 'benefits' are some of the poorest in the country. The problem is not one of minimum wage - the problem is that good jobs have been sent overseas and changing economic times. . We have people with degrees working at MickeyD's. Since the 1990's - the average age of a fast food worker has risen from 17 years old to 27 years old. People in their productive years are working for minimum wage because good working jobs are gone. Former high school workers now scramble and complete with college educated to scrub pots and pans. Look at the billions of dollars face book generates. All those advertising dollars used to support writers, editors, ect - and we - consumers of news and investigative journalism - received truth in the process. All those editors (who were very highly paid) are gone, their jobs gone, and the dollars once paid to them now support simple, instant gratification 'likes'. I don't even need to talk about good manufacturing jobs.

Comment timelines make this rather not useful. (Score 4, Insightful) 365

All this really says is that civilizations emitting IR were not found in Y regions of the galaxy at time X in history.
Since these regions are different 'light years' away in distance, what reaches us is not the current state of what's going on there.
An advanced planet 500 light years from Earth looking today for other advanced race would not find us since 500 years ago we were not creating IR signatures.
Likewise, if we found such a signature, the possibility exists that during the time the IR got here, that civilization ceased to exist.

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