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Comment We already have a control group (Score 1) 1291

If you look at the Native American population, you can see the results of this 'experiment'. It disincentivizes work and plummets the community into further poverty. I've lived around reservation land and the monthly government check is a corrosive, corruptive, practice. Natives receive monthly allotments and in many cases even more from tribal casino money, free education (including college if they want it), yet few choose education and the regions with these 'benefits' are some of the poorest in the country. The problem is not one of minimum wage - the problem is that good jobs have been sent overseas and changing economic times. . We have people with degrees working at MickeyD's. Since the 1990's - the average age of a fast food worker has risen from 17 years old to 27 years old. People in their productive years are working for minimum wage because good working jobs are gone. Former high school workers now scramble and complete with college educated to scrub pots and pans. Look at the billions of dollars face book generates. All those advertising dollars used to support writers, editors, ect - and we - consumers of news and investigative journalism - received truth in the process. All those editors (who were very highly paid) are gone, their jobs gone, and the dollars once paid to them now support simple, instant gratification 'likes'. I don't even need to talk about good manufacturing jobs.

Comment timelines make this rather not useful. (Score 4, Insightful) 365

All this really says is that civilizations emitting IR were not found in Y regions of the galaxy at time X in history.
Since these regions are different 'light years' away in distance, what reaches us is not the current state of what's going on there.
An advanced planet 500 light years from Earth looking today for other advanced race would not find us since 500 years ago we were not creating IR signatures.
Likewise, if we found such a signature, the possibility exists that during the time the IR got here, that civilization ceased to exist.

Comment Re:Theory (Score 0) 591

Though I agree with your premise, I disagree with your suggested outcome. I would submit that humans are no longer evolving. Since the dawn of our species, those individuals with mutations adverse to survival died thus not furthering that specific mutation. The stupid would do dumb things and get killed or be considered undesirable. Today, every single individual is considered 'important' and extreme resources are expended to save and even the most life threatening mutations. There's no resource contention for superior mutations to adapt and proliferate. It's actually worse today - the insidiously stupid are not only rewarded (ie: given their own reality show) but encouraged to pass on a host of clearly useless qualities and/or genetics..

Comment community impact as well (Score 1) 474

There’s a reason companies have free lunchrooms stocked with food and snacks, workout with shower facilities and entertainment rooms – those companies expect you to live there! Even though it’s not written (nor could it be) institutional culture in those companies frowns upon not giving them your soul.

I’m in Seattle in the Tech industry. Everyone knows quite a few who have toiled in these chi siphoning golden palaces of despair – and the story is fairly universal. You either quickly burn out or borg out (99-1 ratio) – there is no happy middle ground.
One of the things that these companies are causing – that few are talking about - is the negative affect on social culture of the City. Seattle is traditionally quite liberal with very much an openness and acceptance of others (it’s one of the things that drew me here). However with the massive transplanting of so many young, single males – in addition to rampant gentrification, violence against some communities has increased in once kitschy areas. It’s quite sad to see hate crimes on the rise.

Comment A byte by any other name (Score 1) 217

Not everyone shares the same interests or skill sets. The blanket statement that everyone should learn to code is ludicrous. All these examples in this chain site people from the tech industry; within tech - coding is a useful skill that can, with the right idea, skill and luck make one fabulously wealthy . The notion shared by many people to sit at a desk for hours uninterrupted is inconceivable drudgery. I have friends in the medial industry worth 10s of millions who quite honestly do not possess the mental tendencies necessary to become a superstar programmer. There are other disciplines for which the ability to code is not only useless, but most likely counter productive. Give me 1 reason Russel Wilson should learn to code...Or why he would want to. An acquaintance of mine owns a chain of nursing homes.... coding- not even on the radar, and he lives in a palatial residence in the same neighborhood as Bill Gates. You can teach a horse to stomp his feet counting numbers to a point.... this isn't an example of calculus, and the horse really isn't any better for it outside of a circus. No, i'm not equating those who don't program to horses (I have to say that, there's some very literal tools on list).

Comment Family of Feds (Score 1) 256

I have many relatives and friends in law enforcement, from local to the federal level. This has been a topic of discussion for 30 years. Many, many minorities apply for law enforcement positions – the problem is passing the background test. The job requires a secret clearance level. Perfect credit, no arrests, college graduate - very few African American’s pass the background check. You can’t even bounce a check once you’re hired. Look at the low rates of graduation and high rates of incarceration for the African American community, it all skews against Federal law enforcement.
The reality is the Feds would love minorities in investigation positions. Street experience and the ability to interact with criminals and/or look the part is critical for sting operations.
There’s also a cultural problem with millennials. I was talking with a recruiter (as a friend, not perspective employment), he’s in his late 40’s and was describing how the millennial attitude makes it difficult for millennials to get hired. Generally speaking, there’s a lack of determination, mental toughness and focus needed for any level of law enforcement that many millennials just don’t have. Even those who get hired have 90% washout rate .

Comment Cry the beloved country (Score 1) 818

Agree or disagree with the confederate flag – just remember – True freedom is the right to proclaim you’re beliefs in the face of those who would spend their lives fighting those beliefs.
Crazies will find an outlet, killing freedom won’t stop them. Vigilance and education is the best weapon against ignorance.
All that happened here is the further squashing of freedom.

Comment Misdirected Trust (Score 3, Insightful) 27

When the Chinese have proven themselves time after time to be untrustworthy, and responsible for innumerable hacking, how does 'more contact' resolve that? Do some research on the Sandia National Labs hack... The Chinese had a spy AT the lab. Disclosure: I run a small ISP.. the VAST majority of hacking attempts against my organization originate from China. Just this week, I blocked 3 class C ranges that belong the the University of China.

Comment Re:GPA (Score 1) 125

As a 52 year old in the tech world, I vouch for the accuracy of this statement. GPA means nothing after a few years of experience. I just changed jobs 2 year ago (only took 3 months to find a new position once deciding to change companies). So... in my case... a high GPA would prove I have mastery of what? a PDP 11? ya. right. GPA hasn't been a topic in 20+ years. Interviews have been discussions about processes, my levels of understanding of current technology specifically related to the job on topic. Projects, effectiveness, insights, organizations, personnel interactions.. .

Comment Follow the money (Score 3, Insightful) 420

There will always be need for some local ‘hands on’ help. Networking is highly local, cabling, fiber , technicians, etc.
However, so long as scum bag companies (like Disney, firing 100’s of US programmers then claiming they can’t find help and pushing for an increase of H1B’s), the job problem will only get worse.
The fact is, the oligarchy that runs this country only cares about market cap, eps, and shareholder value. Screw American jobs, if they can reduce a cost by a penny, it’s done. If you’re at the top of the living scale country, you’re screwed – if you live in a 3rd world sh#t hole with no environmental, intellectual or labor laws, you’re king.
They only way to stop the trend is to take big money (IE: corporate dollars) out of politics. Use tariff’s like they are intended, recognize corporations are NOT people (neither are chimps) for the simple fact that no one is ever held accountable . So, unless you all want to start crapping in outhouses over rivers in which you bath and drink from (google river pollution in India – the nexus of where your job likely went) , get politically active and vote OUT anyone opposed to campaign finance reform.

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