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Comment Re:If AdBlocking is freedom-hating... (Score 1) 539

Why the internet was created no longer matters. Today it exists to support and nurture marketing and retail. Only commerce can support the investment required to maintain and grow the infrastructure now consumed by the all encompassing web. Long gone are the days of free ideas or information sharing. Law enforcement and corporate greed have made many online activities bear harsher consequences than their real world counterparts. This trend is accelerating. We no longer own anything, including our pictures and ideas - we merely rent access to them for some limited amount of time form a giant multinational who's elemental focus quarterly revenue.

Comment And therein exposes the flaw (Score 1) 748

We are nowhere near “A.I” yet. The “I” is intelligence. Intelligence is learning, changes in behavior, adaptability, altering conclusions based in previous
experiences. We know the brain reprograms itself as neurons develop new pathways and old ones wither over time as our skills and life experiences change. This adaptable dynamics is the essence of intelligence and implies that any truly artificial intelligence may – more likely will - outgrow or rewire itself out of any law, rule or human moray – including Asimov’s laws of robotics.
Till dynamic adaptable learning is possible, stop calling systems that follow logic branches ‘intelligent’.

Comment Pirated in the name of the Oligarchy (Score 0, Troll) 218

The US is an Oligarchy who's 'elected' representatives only serve their corporate masters. Any code, law or treaty contrary to a large corporations desires will be dispatched and buried with litigation in the name of profit.

As far as other celestial body travel, the only way got a chance is to make it commercially viable. Take the moon for example; OK we went there 40 years ago, so what? there it sits - no further exportation or examination. On the other hand if there were valuable minerals for harvest, a corporation would be there as soon as ROI provided.

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