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Comment: Family of Feds (Score 1) 256 256

I have many relatives and friends in law enforcement, from local to the federal level. This has been a topic of discussion for 30 years. Many, many minorities apply for law enforcement positions – the problem is passing the background test. The job requires a secret clearance level. Perfect credit, no arrests, college graduate - very few African American’s pass the background check. You can’t even bounce a check once you’re hired. Look at the low rates of graduation and high rates of incarceration for the African American community, it all skews against Federal law enforcement.
The reality is the Feds would love minorities in investigation positions. Street experience and the ability to interact with criminals and/or look the part is critical for sting operations.
There’s also a cultural problem with millennials. I was talking with a recruiter (as a friend, not perspective employment), he’s in his late 40’s and was describing how the millennial attitude makes it difficult for millennials to get hired. Generally speaking, there’s a lack of determination, mental toughness and focus needed for any level of law enforcement that many millennials just don’t have. Even those who get hired have 90% washout rate .

Comment: Cry the beloved country (Score 1) 818 818

Agree or disagree with the confederate flag – just remember – True freedom is the right to proclaim you’re beliefs in the face of those who would spend their lives fighting those beliefs.
Crazies will find an outlet, killing freedom won’t stop them. Vigilance and education is the best weapon against ignorance.
All that happened here is the further squashing of freedom.

Comment: Misdirected Trust (Score 3, Insightful) 27 27

When the Chinese have proven themselves time after time to be untrustworthy, and responsible for innumerable hacking, how does 'more contact' resolve that? Do some research on the Sandia National Labs hack... The Chinese had a spy AT the lab. Disclosure: I run a small ISP.. the VAST majority of hacking attempts against my organization originate from China. Just this week, I blocked 3 class C ranges that belong the the University of China.

Comment: Re:GPA (Score 1) 125 125

As a 52 year old in the tech world, I vouch for the accuracy of this statement. GPA means nothing after a few years of experience. I just changed jobs 2 year ago (only took 3 months to find a new position once deciding to change companies). So... in my case... a high GPA would prove I have mastery of what? a PDP 11? ya. right. GPA hasn't been a topic in 20+ years. Interviews have been discussions about processes, my levels of understanding of current technology specifically related to the job on topic. Projects, effectiveness, insights, organizations, personnel interactions.. .

Comment: Follow the money (Score 3, Insightful) 420 420

There will always be need for some local ‘hands on’ help. Networking is highly local, cabling, fiber , technicians, etc.
However, so long as scum bag companies (like Disney, firing 100’s of US programmers then claiming they can’t find help and pushing for an increase of H1B’s), the job problem will only get worse.
The fact is, the oligarchy that runs this country only cares about market cap, eps, and shareholder value. Screw American jobs, if they can reduce a cost by a penny, it’s done. If you’re at the top of the living scale country, you’re screwed – if you live in a 3rd world sh#t hole with no environmental, intellectual or labor laws, you’re king.
They only way to stop the trend is to take big money (IE: corporate dollars) out of politics. Use tariff’s like they are intended, recognize corporations are NOT people (neither are chimps) for the simple fact that no one is ever held accountable . So, unless you all want to start crapping in outhouses over rivers in which you bath and drink from (google river pollution in India – the nexus of where your job likely went) , get politically active and vote OUT anyone opposed to campaign finance reform.

Comment: be careful what you wish for.... (Score 1) 649 649

Kill off nascar, mechanics, after market upgrades, personalization this is the type of crap that will push everyone against the DCMA resulting in wide spread copy write law reform. I hope these greedy bastards get exactly what they want in the short term then get blind sided by the tidal wave of consumer revolt that ensues.

Comment: Robbin - to the bat cave! (Score 1) 365 365

Technological evolution, like biological evolution gradually move from simple to complex. Simple being the wood (trees) next to your village. Oil used to ooze out of the ground and coal could be easily collected lying on the ground in shallow dug pits. Trees may not have repopulated, and easily to gather fossil fuels are no longer plentiful and easy to get. Copper and tin are not easy to access either – thus no bronze age or early metals. There will be no raw materials to forge heavy goods. Nope, when mankind reboots, its tribal for good.

Comment: the answer is at the vet. (Score 1) 1081 1081

Last year after a horrible accident I put good friend. It was painless, peaceful and almost instant. It was in a vet’s office. My dog was hit and dying and in great pain. The vet described the process as ‘the same chemicals used for anesthesia before surgery, just more of it”. I was with him and held him as he simply layed his head on my arm and went to sleep within 3 seconds of receiving a single injection. If we can quickly and humanely put pets to sleep, we can darn well use the same process on people except for the lawyers.

Comment: missed the basics. (Score 1) 531 531

The statement displays a profound lack of religious principles. Most Christian faiths believe the soul enters the body at the moment of conception; thus making the zygote pure
. Since AI, no matter what level of autonomy is never conceived, it never has a soul, thus need not convert.

Disclaimer: former Lutheran, raised in Catholic schools, now a devout atheist.

"It's what you learn after you know it all that counts." -- John Wooden