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by spiralx (#47718475) Attached to: News Aggregator Fark Adds Misogyny Ban

No, I think it's more that these people have always been here, but the last couple of years has seen a) the flourishing of the disgusting "Men's Rights" movement, b) more talk about sexism in the tech industry, which has lead to c) more articles about the subject here, and thus more arguments about it. In almost 15 years here I don't think the demographic has changed very much at all - there's a wider age range and it's more international, but fundamentally it's the same sort of audience. The site just has more articles on topics where this sort of thing comes up.

The rampant sexism seen in a lot of these articles is pretty depressing though.

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by spiralx (#47066709) Attached to: Wayland 1.5 Released

I don't run Linux, and I've never had to deal with X, so this isn't an emotive issue for me. But your post was clearly not a serious of facts, more of a backlash against perceived slights from Wayland developers and/or "fanboys", the latter being a useful way to smear people who disagree.

Your post might make more sense if the existence of Wayland meant that X no longer existed, but as that's clearly not true it's hard to take claims of "throwing out a perfectly good system in favour of an ideological rewrite" seriously. And ideology? There have been plenty of technical arguments since the beginning, here's one set that was posted on /. a while back, and it's just the first one I found.

As far as I'm aware X currently does act like VNC in most cases, except without any compression at all and a synchronous API - so nobody uses it directly because of the performance issues, instead using ssh as a tunnel. Even having it act like per-window VNC with H.264 compression would be an advantage. But anyway, that's all part of the compositor, which now has RDP as part of the core, and I've yet to see any explanation of why or how X forwarding is different or better than rootless RDP.

The assumption that forwarding is a critical feature is based on the idea that your personal requirements are the only important ones. If a piece of software doesn't do what you want, don't use it. As it turns out, they are supporting it (as I'd read from pretty much day one), it's just taken time to get to that point... as you'd expect from alpha software.

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You might be interested in this podcast if I'm reading your post right... they talk quite a bit about using js-git to mount GitHub repositories as file systems, so that you can mount a repository, copy files into it and then run a commit and have the stuff you've copied automagically pushed to GitHub.

It's certainly interesting stuff even if possibly overkill :)

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by spiralx (#47063109) Attached to: Wayland 1.5 Released

Actually, you were moderated down for your overly vitriolic rant full of factual errors, logical fallacies and heroic assumptions in the guise of fact. A perfect example of the "peanut gallery rant-fest" as a comment above yours mentions. And seriously, you got moderated down, then threw a strop, and then posted it again with a hissy fit preamble? How long have you been posting here?

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by spiralx (#47009183) Attached to: WebKit Unifies JavaScript Compilation With LLVM Optimizer

Not really, it's more that you can make a game moddable without making it scriptable - for instance, I remember many different "packs" for Civ II which consisted of customised maps, updated graphics for units and terrain features, and its own copy of master XML file that listed all the units, technologies, buildings and more with all their data - costs, attack values, prerequisites etc. It's amazing what can be produced just by changing some data, and most games don't really need to be any more moddable than this.

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by spiralx (#47007027) Attached to: WebKit Unifies JavaScript Compilation With LLVM Optimizer

Civ 4 does some of the AI in Python, IIRC mostly evaluating heuristics for moves, but most of it is C++. The SDK for customising the AI came out about six months after the main SDK, it wasn't originally designed to be exposed to Python.

But I agree that the hybrid approach is a good one, especially as I feel you're overstating the cost of using two different languages together - neither Python nor Lua are very hard to integrate with C/C++ at all, even without tools like SWIG that automate a lot of the boilerplate required. And if you're developing games in C++ you should probably be capable of picking up Python/Lua pretty quickly, my first coding job involved writing custom interfaces in Python for our CMS application, exactly the same thing as you're talking about, and I learnt Python as I did it - didn't take long to pick it up.

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