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by spiralx (#45556035) Attached to: Bitcoin Tops $1,000 For the First Time

According to this document linked to from your page world production of gold has increased by a factor of almost 7 over the last century, which is a significant increase, especially since as you say, price has not changed really at all (ignoring the large increase in the last five years, the price/ton in 1900 was the same as in 2005). This seems to indicate price is set by the demand side; also it seems to show consumption has increased by a similar factor, so more gold mined means more gold used.

The last few years however show a huge increase in price without any increase in production or usage, which does indicate to me that speculation was driving the price - the recent crash supports this.

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by spiralx (#45309463) Attached to: Gunman Opens Fire At LAX

Chart one on the police report you linked to shows there were fewer crimes where firearms were used in 2011 than in 1997, the year the handgun ban went into effect. That's despite the fact that

The method used for counting the number of firearms offences in England and Wales was changed on 1 April 1998 and, as a result, the reported number of offences has been seen to increase across some categories of offence.

If you look at the second chart then you can even see that the "big increase" of firearm use in 2003 was nothing to do with handguns anyway, it was mostly from air guns.

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We're not, we're British Citizens as of 1983, and were formally Citizens of the United Kingdom and Colonies since 1948. The term British Subject applies to a very small minority of people who weren't from places that were members of the Commonwealth before 1948. See this article.

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by spiralx (#44817611) Attached to: Intel Rejects Supporting Ubuntu's XMir

Hardware acceleration of audio is pointless today given how little system resources it takes to mix multi-channel audio in realtime... but apart from that, both WDDM and UAA introduced in Vista moved large parts of the graphics and sound drivers out of the kernel, which is a huge stability gain.

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