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Comment: Re:Awesome (Score 1) 147

by slashdot_commentator (#48442601) Attached to: Linux On a Motorola 68000 Solder-less Breadboard

Its probably just as cheap as buying a Raspberry Pi or clone. Its probably more useful to start out on assembler with a fully functional computer unit like the RPi. I would see doing assembler on a 6502 more like "embedded" programming, and that's going to be a lost art at some point in the next decade. (The low end with the FPGAs/ASICs and the high end with Artificial Intelligence will eat up most of the market.)

+ - Groupon infringes GNOME trademark, project seeks donations for legal battle 1

Submitted by Drinking Bleach
Drinking Bleach (975757) writes "Groupon has released a tablet-based point of sale system called Gnome, despite the well-known desktop environment's existence and trademark status. This is also not without Groupon's internal ignorance of the GNOME project; they were contacted about the infringement and flatly refused to change the name of their own product, in addition to filing many new patent applications for theirs.

The GNOME project is seeking donations to help them in a legal battle against these trademark applications, and to get Groupon to stop using their name. They are seeking at least $80,000 to challenge a first set of ten trademark applications from Groupon, out of 28 applications that have been filed."

Comment: Re:Will it have the same garbage CPU? (Score 1) 141

by slashdot_commentator (#48351257) Attached to: Raspberry Pi A+ Details Leaked

The payoff of the A+ board is not the price. Its supposed to use significantly less power, which would make it more desirable if you needed to leave a remote device alone for a longer period of time, or place it on a drone, where the battery would need to be lighter, or needed to solar power the device on a small cell, and have it run overnight on the rechargeable battery. Still can't beat the power consumption of an arduino, but there's probably applications (drive a webcam) which the arduino can't meet with its CPU.

Comment: Re:Does it know if I've been bad or good? (Score 3, Informative) 185

by slashdot_commentator (#48332349) Attached to: Big Data Knows When You Are About To Quit Your Job

Why would you be opposed to big data finding out when you take a dump in the morning, as long as its voluntary?

If you do all your internet activity through tor, and don't subscribe to cable TV, and find non-identifiable ways to obtain your video entertainment, the only thing big data can work with is your bank account, credit card, library card, and social security number. (And cash payments can limit what your credit card can say about you.)

It won't keep you safe from the NSA, but big business isn't holding a gun to your head (yet).

Comment: You may also want to check out CD3WD (Score 5, Interesting) 272

by slashdot_commentator (#48248795) Attached to: A Library For Survival Knowledge

It's an effort headed by an aid worker in Africa (Alex Weir). Basically, he wanted to produce a compendium of useful information which could be applied by developing nations; topics like agriculture, engineering, construction, sanitation, medicine, etc. . Much of the source material comes from UN publications, so its more current and applicable than "turn of the century" techniques. Among the interesting items, it includes an html, hypertext expert system for medical diagnostics. You go to the start page, click relevant symptoms, and eventually it leads you to a guestimate of what's ailing you. Its not remotely as competent as an actual doctor, but its better than nothing when you're stuck "in the Bush".

Besides the information being indexed and organized, Weir had a vision of burning the collection on DVDs and distributing them to the third world. (At one point, it appeared he was reorganizing the material as pdf pages which could be viewed by a DVD player, using DVD menus. That would remove the need for a conventional computer or tablet to access the material. I don't know if it ever got finished.) About a year or two ago, he decided to reorganize the collection in a hybrid wiki form, which he calls "microdownloads". Its now updated more frequently, and the DVD collection will probably not be revised.

Unfortunately, it looks like the Facebook page hasn't been updated since 4/11/14, and Google has a link hinting that the site was "hacked". Finally, going to the website pops up a login window. I'm not sure if that's a new development in response to the hacking, or that the hacker still "controls" the site. Perhaps Mr. Weir is still in Africa and can't address the situation until he's returned to civilization. Its pretty unusable in its current state, but there's probably a way to find a previous working mirror of the site.

In any case, I'll leave links for people who wish to investigate the issue further, and more important, a magnet link to pickup the 2012 cd3wd 6 DVD collection by torrent.


cd3wd site


Comment: Re:Oh yeah, that guy (Score 0) 289

by slashdot_commentator (#48218615) Attached to: Assange: Google Is Not What It Seems

Avoiding extradition to the US has everything to do with Assange hiding in the Ecuador embassy.

Ok before you go any further, consider that both Swedish AND international law have both long established that in order for Sweden to extradite him to the US, the UK government at this point also has to approve of it.

Not once Assange is in Swedish custody.

Do you even read what you cite???

Lindskog then says he doesn’t know what crimes Assange could be charged with in the USA for leaking US secrets and hypothesises unlawful communication of secret material will be the basis of any charge. Sweden does have such an offence on its books, but “it can be debated” leaking American documents is not a crime under Swedish Law.

That doesn't mean Assange is safe from extradition; it means a single, politically connected Swedish judge can hand over Assange to the US. Good luck fighting the interpretation, or appealing after Assange is flying to Gitmo.

And furthermore, if this is all about freedom of the press, then why the fuck is he seeking assylum from a country that has a terrible track record of it?

Simple. Assange is no exemplar of free speech. He's a political anarchist with delusions of relevance who wanted to kick the US power establishment in the nads, and then get away with it.

Comment: Re:Oh yeah, that guy (Score 5, Insightful) 289

by slashdot_commentator (#48217001) Attached to: Assange: Google Is Not What It Seems

1) Your assurances are meaningless.

2) Look at what happened to Kevin Mitnick. Because the American public had such a poor understanding of hacking and the level of threat posed by hacking, people though Mitnick had to be placed behind bars to keep America (corporations) safe. Because the American legal system is much more complex and byzantine than the simplified mythology propagated to its citizens, Kevin had to spend many years in a medium security jail before even going to trial, to optimize his chances of either beating the conviction, or reducing the maximum penalty. What actually happened was that the technology moved so fast, and the public's miniscule understanding of hacking was modified ("Why worry about some jerk that went on a computer joyride, when hackers are stealing American intellectual property and money from the safety of Russia or China"), it eventually became cost effective for the US DOJ to deescalate the witchhunt they were making over Mitnick.

The point being that as long as organizations exist to reveal information the US government prefers to conceal, the security apparatus of the US will treat those organizations as national security threats. This even sort of includes legitimate news organizations like the NY Times, UK Guardian, etc. They are captive to the US government. As long as they operate within the laws defined by the judicial branch, and "play ball", they aren't going to get the Assange treatment. No one like Assange or Snowden can assume they are beyond the reach or interest of the US government.

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