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Comment: Oh! A scatological joke! Hoooooow funny! (Score -1) 489

by DmitryProletariat (#12287023) Attached to: Biological Activity on Mars
You sick Amerikans with your fetish on money and gold, obscene gluttony, and your filthy focus on the anus. With you Amerians everything is about how much more you can get and how you squirt it out! Never do you give a care for the lovely trees, the sun setting on a languid ocean, the touch of a soft and lovely breast upon our lovely 90 Kilogram Soviet beauties. Ugh! I swear, I'm going to puke! The very thought of it revolts my delicate communist soul.

You... you... Amerikans UGH! you will go to mars, you will cut it up into little postage sized stamps and call it "property", you will destroy the natural wonder that is to be found on that special red, red, RED land! You sick, filthy, disgusting capitalist pigs! You shall all be shot. Now to the wall with you!


"It's ten o'clock... Do you know where your AI programs are?" -- Peter Oakley