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Journal slashdot_commentator's Journal: Looking for a new laptop. Suggestions? 1

Man, laptop shopping is a bitch...

It will run Windoze (for the games). (& dual-boot linux, of course)

Main applications: portable DVD player, websurfing, games.

(Since I want exposure to 64-bit environments for development purposes)
Core2Duo or Turion-64/X2

Portability: Having previously owned a purported 7lb portable (that felt more like a 10lb portable), the target weight will be ~5.5lbs or less.

Indirectly, this means I'm aiming for a 14" (or less) widescreen

Good battery performance: 3+ hrs

Pricing: Not over USD $1050.

The Sony VAIO VGN-C150P/B probably comes closest to my ideal machine, but it is list price $500 over what I am willing to spend.

Right now, the Lenovo 3000 N100 will probably be what I pickup, but boy, I hate that Intel graphics chip.

Suggestions, anyone?

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Looking for a new laptop. Suggestions?

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  • See my earlier journal entries to find out why. Long story short: they mailed a work laptop back to the wrong person, and dealing with them just to send it in was a royal pain in the ass to start with (we sent it to them for repairs, and somehow they managed to finally fix it and then send it to someone in a totally different state.) Other Toshiba laptops have crashed and burned on a regular basis. They used to be an awesome laptop company, but now they bite.

    We have a pile of IBM Thinkpads at work which see

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