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Comment Re:Samzenpus got hit in the head this morning (Score 1) 482

You're viewing this much too short term. You are looking at the effects to date. YES the insurance companies love ObamaCare, but it is short sighted love. Healthcare under ObamaCare is making things much much worse, and much more expensive. WE are still at the front end of this thing, we haven't even begun to seen the long term problems that will come from it.

Comment Re:Samzenpus got hit in the head this morning (Score 1) 482

"Let's parse it for what you really mean--only those that had health insurance, not the millions that had jobs but no health insurance."

Lets give everyone a house, car, free food water .... MILLIONS of people can't afford these things too.


Comment Re:American Cities (Score 3, Interesting) 116

The robot will *always* have been vandalised. That is the only end condition. It is a social experiment, to see if the robot gets vandalised, which runs until it happens. The experiment can be viewed as:

while !robot.IsVandalised() {
  if robot.NeedsRepair() {
  } // do nothing

This only proves "at least one person will vandalise a (reports indicate already-broken) robot". We already knew that.

Comment Re:Samzenpus got hit in the head this morning (Score 2) 482

"legitimate insurance plan"

It was legitimate before ObamaCare. Simply writing a law didn't change that.

AND if you're asking me, ObamaCare isn't a "legitimate insurance plan" it is a tax. If it isn't a tax, then it is unconstitutional.

Comment Re:Fun question: (Score 0) 482

Yeah, that's going to work out well for the Government. The government makes a shit ton off Oil and Gas, more than Oil and Gas does. And they are replacing that revenue stream with subsidies for the very thing that will eliminate revenue. Brilliant!

I remember when they raised taxes on Cigarettes to pay for people who had lung cancer. To the point where cigarette use dropped very sharply over a few years. They funded programs from the taxes, tax revenue dropped, and now they have to back fill those programs (because we never cut them ... ever) with regular taxes.

But what difference does it make, at this point? Cecil the lion is dead.

Comment Re:Samzenpus got hit in the head this morning (Score 3, Informative) 482

The ACA was well intentioned

No it wasn't. IT was designed from the beginning to snooker the American people into a broken "insurance" scam designed to break the medical/insurance industry. It was designed to fail, so that Americans would jump into single payer, crap healthcare.

You can keep your plan (Lie)
It isn't a tax (Lie)
You can keep your doctor(Lie)
It will cost less(Lie)
You'll have better coverage (Lie)

And I am sure supporters will provide anecdotal evidence that some of these claims were true for them. Plenty of people lost their doctors, plans and spend more for less insurance. OH, and Obama lied about not increasing taxes on those making $250k or less. BUT who cares, Cecil the lion is dead!

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