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Comment: Re: 9 whole billion? OUTRAGEOUS! (Score 1) 86

by gl4ss (#49351909) Attached to: GAO Denied Access To Webb Telescope Workers By Northrop Grumman

that could make sense if the addition was 3 million / 30 guys - not 1 billion. 1 billion extra needs some manufacturing contracting price to rise.

for the amount of people involved, it's an outrageous addition to the budget, especially for adding costs to planning. they techies certainly do not cost 30 million per head per year or anything near that.

the latest one billion addition can be summed up by "because we can ask for it". never mind they got the project because of their low bid.

but you're seriously kind of a right wing nutjob if you think multiple billions additions can be justified by such personnel movings. the personnel costs should be a percentage of the quote OR they would have no problem retaining the people(because apparently, they would be paying them millions already for engineering and techie jobs).

Comment: Re: Linux? OS X? Chrome OS? Nope. OpenBSD! (Score 1) 166

by FreeUser (#49349361) Attached to: NJ School District Hit With Ransomware-For-Bitcoins Scheme

Until systemd is removed from a major Linux distro, I would consider that distro to be less secure than even a Windows system.

Some Poettering apologist will probably mark you as a troll, but for completeness there are a number of distros that default to non-systemd init architectures, including but not limited to

Calculate, Gentoo, Funtoo, Source Mage, Dyson, indeed all kinds of distros either default or support running a systemd-free system.

Comment: Re:New boss - same as the old boss (Score 3, Interesting) 79

Not a troll. They are ALREADY trying to figure out how to stifle free speech. Net Neutrality the concept is great. Net Neutrality as defined by Politicians and the current laws is so screwed up as to be dangerous.

And with the President's penchant for "executive orders", just imagine how the next one will screw it up even more.


Sierra Nevada's Dream Chaser Could Land At Ellington Space Port Near Houston 23

Posted by samzenpus
from the coming-soon dept.
MarkWhittington writes Despite having been rejected in NASA's commercial crew program, Sierra Nevada has been very busy trying to develop its lift body spacecraft, the Dream Chaser. Having rolled out a smaller, cargo version of the spacecraft for the second round for contracts for commercial cargo to the International Space Station, the company has amended the unfunded Space Act Agreement with NASA to add a closeout review milestone that would help transition the Dream Chaser from the preliminary design review to the critical design review step. Finally, Sierra Nevada announced a new agreement on Tuesday with the Houston Airport System to use Ellington Spaceport as a landing site for the cargo version of the Dream Chaser.

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