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+ - Take Your Home Internet With You

Submitted by Nighttime
Nighttime (231023) writes "How do you use the Internet when you're in an area with no 3G or wi-fi signal. Well, a start-up on Indiegogo appears to have the answer, the WiFiEx. It's a USB device you plug into your home computer and charge it up with Internet. When you're out and about you can then use the Internet charge stored on the device; the more you've charged it, the longer you get. So far they've raised over US$2000 and the project has 9 days left to part fools from their money."

Comment: Re:WoW Subscriptions (Score 1) 218

by Nighttime (#34478230) Attached to: Blizzard Launches Third <em>WoW</em> Expansion, <em>Cataclysm</em>

How much would you be willing to pay per game hour?

Good question. According to this blog, "30 yuan will buy you 4000 minutes of gametime and 15 yuan will buy you 2000 minutes of gametime. That's $0.06 per hour played."

That works out at US$4 for 4000 minutes, which would be about £3. Obviously, Chinese pricing reflects the local economy. 4000 minutes is 66h 40m, so say that's 2 hours a night for a month. Lowest UK monthly subscription is £7.69, so if I could get 4000 minutes for £7-£8 that expired after 90 days, I'd probably go for it.

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