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Comment Front Page News (Score 1) 92

Dupers are annoying, sure, but at least its understandable when something gets reposted a few days later. Maybe there are other source articles with fresh perspectives, for example. This one, however, is still on the front page (admittedly it is below the fold, so there's still room for "improvement"). I mean, really?

Comment Re:Prior art? (Score 1) 129

And yet, there are literally millions of assholes like me who use Uber constantly, and would take a ride managed by Uber over a taxi any day.

Yup. And so long as investors are willing to pump billions of dollars into those services, they'll be good value too. Of course once the money dries up they'll either get very terrible or very expensive (or both), but for now it shouldn't surprise anyone that they're nicer than the alternatives that have to pay for themselves (while actually being externally measured to make sure that they're not overcharging you).

Comment Not a taxi (Score 1) 129

GM will also work with Lyft to set up a series of short-term car rental hubs across the United States, places where people who do not own cars can pick up a vehicle and drive for Lyft to earn money

But that's totally different from a taxi company, because ... er ... freedom!

Comment Re:I gave up on Linux Desktop Environment a long a (Score 1) 413

I used to favor a Linux Desktop Environment. But a good Desktop Environment has good printer drivers, webcam drivers, scanners, something better than X11, and all sorts of extra stuff that programmers will not care about.

Don't we already have OS X though? Because that's basically what you just described...

Comment Re:Steve Ballmer's ideas are quite valuable. (Score 1) 121

Yup. Just as happened with OS/2, once people realize that they can support both platforms by writing the "common" software, but only your platform by writing "your" software, they'll never write another line of "your" software again.

The only way to prevent that is to have some APIs that are only accessible through "your" software. Of course, convincing everyone to write "common" software and then making it suck just means that you've become a terrible Android device.

Not seeing a good path to victory here.

Comment Re: Legality? (Score 1) 328

Ethics? I'm no fan of ads, but I'd say that in this case the people who want to continue using the service that Yahoo! has been providing them while going out of their way to prevent the sole mechanism through which the provider is compensated for providing that service are the ones with the ethical problem here. They were offered a deal (email in exchange for ad views) and are now reneging on their side of the deal, not even offering to move to a paid account to remove the ads.

Comment Re:Work for free!! (Score 2) 124

Even better, have a cash price in there and then have terms in which on an ongoing basis exposure may be used to offset the fees. That way if the company you're working with decides not to provide the exposure they promised (for any reason), the contract simply falls back to its default state rather than changing from a default of exposure to a new cash basis. That may have been the intent - you said "revert", but the structure can make a huge difference when it comes time to collect.

Comment Re: Work for free!! (Score 1) 124

The difficulty is that errors in computer software are notorious for being hard to test for, hard to document, hard to validate, and hard to assess the impact of. In many ways its like trying to assess the delivery of a bridge without having had inspectors check the rebar or a structural engineer seal the design.

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