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Comment: Re:Tesla wasn't the target, it was China (Score 1) 235

by rjstanford (#48213851) Attached to: Michigan Latest State To Ban Direct Tesla Sales

Do you often fill your gas tank up every two days?

The electric is completely full every morning; your wife's a 40 mile round-trip plus a 30 mile jaunt downtown (seems like an excessive estimate, it assumes that she works 20 miles away from downtown and you also live 30 miles outside of downtown in the same direction) is still only 100 miles.

Comment: Re:Just moves a choke point (Score 1) 395

Right now everyone who wants to drive - even those not driving for 4+ hours at a stretch - fuels up at a gas station. With electric, many (certainly not all, but many) people will be able to slow-charge overnight. Having electric fast charge stations be less common will be just fine, and there'll rarely if ever be a need for one in a traditional residential neighborhood.

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Oddly enough we've become comfortable with large underground storage tanks that, when not maintained, will start to leak gasoline into the groundwater. Those are coupled with very large trucks delivering fuel often in mostly residential neighborhoods.

Replace the fuel storage with a moderate power buffer (flywheel, battery, whatever), and add a moderate charging line and we'll be fine.

Just because something is different doesn't make it worse - or better.

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You don't have to. Build a website. Do marketing. Sell your product however you want to, and when someone's ready to buy you can provide them with a link that opens the App Store and gives them a "Purchase" button - no need for you to mess with handling payments or fulfillment.

The App Store replaces your shopping cart and shipping desk, not your sales and marketing department.

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by rjstanford (#48105295) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: An Accurate Broadband Speed Test?


Either just say, "... my ISP, Comcast..." or don't name them at all. Trying to be cute just muddles the conversation and gains absolutely nothing.

Why do you care about other people's results, too? Just upload a large file to somewhere with known good bandwidth (amazon S3 might be a good choice, or FTP it to Dreamhost, or whatever), time it, then pull it back down again (and time that). You'll get a pretty accurate "actual bandwidth" there.

If you're paranoid - and it appears that you are - make the file something unique and check the checksums in both places (or just record a brand new 60 second video, timed upload it from one machine, then timed download it to another and play it). No way that anyone can optimize that transfer - if they could, they wouldn't be wasting the technology on you (and, quite frankly, if they could move 7 megabits/second over a "5 megabit/second pipe" then they'd be entitled to say that they had a 7mpbs pipe.

Not everything needs a dedicated app.

We don't know one millionth of one percent about anything.