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Comment Re: Legality? (Score 1) 327

Ethics? I'm no fan of ads, but I'd say that in this case the people who want to continue using the service that Yahoo! has been providing them while going out of their way to prevent the sole mechanism through which the provider is compensated for providing that service are the ones with the ethical problem here. They were offered a deal (email in exchange for ad views) and are now reneging on their side of the deal, not even offering to move to a paid account to remove the ads.

Comment Re:Work for free!! (Score 2) 124

Even better, have a cash price in there and then have terms in which on an ongoing basis exposure may be used to offset the fees. That way if the company you're working with decides not to provide the exposure they promised (for any reason), the contract simply falls back to its default state rather than changing from a default of exposure to a new cash basis. That may have been the intent - you said "revert", but the structure can make a huge difference when it comes time to collect.

Comment Re: Work for free!! (Score 1) 124

The difficulty is that errors in computer software are notorious for being hard to test for, hard to document, hard to validate, and hard to assess the impact of. In many ways its like trying to assess the delivery of a bridge without having had inspectors check the rebar or a structural engineer seal the design.

Comment Re:political correctness alert (Score 1) 469

There were some small male Marines who had some issues with the 1911, but they made do and everyone had everyone else's respect.

When you're spending upwards of a million dollars to train and deploy a Marine, not to mention risking their life, I'd rather make sure the they had the equipment they needed to be successful rather than forcing them into a "one size fits all" approach when there's no reason to.

I guess with your method at least they died with respect, instead of living with effectiveness. So there's that...

Comment Re:20 centers per minute? Shock and Horror. (Score 1) 173

That's $12/hour for a f'n landline, not a no-credit-check mobile. Our commercial POTS lines with unlimited long distance and all the other features run about $35/mo for comparison.

Its also extorting money from our most vulnerable, making it harder for them to stay in touch with the outside world which in turn makes it more likely that they will reoffend (and cost the state far more money later, if that's the only way to measure these things).

Its almost as if people making these policies have some kind of incentive to keep people coming back to jail. Weird...

Comment Re:NIMBY (Score 1) 151

Remember those things called "malls". Well, the stores in them seem to be disappearing at an incredible rate (with good reason) and it's left as a hollow shell that was once a prosperous part of town. Seems like the stores in old malls would be perfect for a datacenter, no?

Rackspace bought one in San Antonio a few years ago and turned it into their headquarters and a major datacenter.

Comment 11 cents a minute? (Score 5, Insightful) 173

For a landline call? Still sounds pretty egregious to me. The prisoners already have to qualify for their calls, and from what I understand aren't allowed very many of them in the best cases. Why add another punishment on top of what they're already serving? There's no real reason to break out the phone calls and make them orders of magnitude more expensive to prisoners than they actually are.

Comment Re:Chip is good security theatre (Score 1) 145

I should be able to say "this is my card, do not ever accept it". Other vendors are more than happy to oblige to that request.

Really? Who?

That's a serious question, by the way. I don't know of any company who's set up to allow random non-customers to call in and request that their credit card be placed on a do-not-accept list - or indeed any commercial software set up to accept those kind of restrictions.

Comment Re:Chip is good security theatre (Score 1) 145

When I call a merchant directly and tell them my card has been used fraudulently they should be willing to take my information and - at the very least - blacklist my card number upon my request so that it is never used again.

Even though you're not their customer? Yeah, there's no way that that could ever be abused.

There are well-established procedures for handling these kind of situations, if you follow them then most everything "just works".

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