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Comment Re:A few years ago (Score 1) 51 51

Ubuntu hacked a Motorola Atrix so it ran Android when you used it like a phone, but plug it into a dock and suddenly it became a full blown Linux desktop. That's a concept ripe with potential. Doesn't have to be Android of course, but just the idea that it's a phone when you carry it around but you can use it as a computer too with a dock with some ports on it.

Why? We're rapidly reaching the point where for the cost of the dock/monitor/keyboard/etc the additional uncharge for the processor and network card is basically zero. Combine that with cloud-storage (or even phone-storage if you have to) and you have a much simpler, more flexible solution that's usable independently.

Comment Re:Useless article, faulty summary (Score 2) 51 51

The OS itself is a confusion of UI elements and interactions that require one to spend more time navigating the OS than using it.

That's the classic problem. I don't want an OS to be noticeable - if I see your transition as anything other than "expected", you're doing it wrong. The job of the OS should be to get the fuck out of the way and let me use my device. So far - for me at least - that leaves me at OSX/iOS by default (although they still manage to intrude, they're getting even better with age).

I feel the same way about *NIX window managers - if you have to "use" them on a regular basis, they're doing it wrong.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 346 346

If you hire contractors to staff a phone bank, the contractors don't get to bring in their own phones to use, you can make them use your own phone system.

And if you hire a 3rd party corporation to do that, you're in the clear. Of course those people are often W2 employees of that corporation.

If you bring in a bunch of individuals and tell them what to do, how to do it, and even when to do it (Uber, for example, doesn't compensate you the same way if you won't work during their required hours) then that starts to look a whole lot like you have employees and are trying to dodge the tax consequences thereof.

As a tech contractor myself, I won't sub out to anyone who doesn't have an LLC and always represented myself behind one for the good of my clients.

Comment Re:And so the cycle of "reform" continues (Score 2) 851 851

This stuff goes in cycles.... Butter is bad, use trans fats.... To Trans fats are bad, use butter....

Not necessarily. If Trans-Fats come back into style at some point, that's a cycle. If not then it was a mistake due to an inadequate understanding of the foodstuff, possibly caused by an inadequate sample size and time, which has now been recognized and adjusted for. So far it doesn't seem as if there'll be a big pro-trans-fat movement in the foreseeable future.

Comment Re:Excellent. Now how about High Fructose Corn Syr (Score 1) 851 851

However, given the rate of obesity and type 2 diabetes in this country with strong evidence they are caused by our increased consumption of various kinds of sugar ("real" sugar and HFCS), I would be very much in favor of a relatively high tax on them.

So... not a subsidy then? 'Cos that'd be a start.

Comment Re: Huh? (Score 2) 260 260

If you won't acknowledge that the language can guide users to make the correct choices then I think you're missing the point. By your definition ASM is safe and clear. Personally I prefer to have projects coded in a language that encourages expressiveness and convention, but that's mainly because most of my time is spent on systems that are designed to live for 15-20 years. Reducing or eliminating maintenance time is more valuable to me than pure wire-level performance. Others may have different trade-offs. You should know your project's goals and choose accordingly.

Comment Re:Volvo != Safety (Score 1) 392 392

If you've got a safety feature you can include at trivial incremental cost, ethically, you have to include it.

If, on the other hand, you have a safety feature that costs the manufacturer 10% of the cost of building the car and is far from standard in the marketplace, you are under no such obligation.

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