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Comment Re: This is the future... (Score 1) 317

My son, he's a smart bastard. He has a trust that doesn't really pay that much. He'd be able to survive and live in the US but he'd not be able to have all the toys a guy might want, he wouldn't live in luxury, and so he'd still be motivated to work and be productive. I thought it was a good idea but the kid's smart. He's been living in Peru for almost a year now. He supports himself, a girlfriend, and helps his girlfriend's family out - and he's still saving money.

It's a managed trust and I don't know exactly how much he gets from it. It's not a whole lot, I think it's about $2800 to $3200 per month. He can live fairly comfortably on 1/10 of that in Peru and could survive on it in the US but not have all the toys and goodies he might want. I've often wondered why more people, specifically in the IT sector, didn't take their salaries and sock away everything they could and just retire after putting in their 20 years. I love going south of the border and there are places in varied climates, across the globe, to pick from that aren't actually all that bad.

He went down to help collect samples of endangered species and do genome sequencing with a few of the other students who major(ed) in biology. He met a sexy native girl and I've seen him twice since. I will, however, be seeing him again soon. He's to buy a small bar/hotel and going to have a go at running a business. I do not want nonproductive children. He's not much of a drinker so a bar's not a terrible idea and he'd be contributing to the local economy. He's a pretty good kid.

Comment Re:This is not a partisan issue, never has been (Score 1) 317

Why align yourself with either party and vote for a party as opposed to the candidate that best suits your ideals? I'd think if more people did that then we'd see better candidates. I will add that I'm not so very good at that myself. I usually vote third party - which means I've voted for batshit crazy lunatics who should not hold office. I voted for them because I did not like the other candidates and because I figure if enough of us do it then we might get the number-crunchers to notice and actually consider making enough noise to field serious third party candidates. So, I'm not perfect at it either but I think it'd make a good ideal.

Comment Re:Power (Score 1) 62

I kind of figured that? I am not an expert, so I don't know either. It's just that I don't see how they're going to get meaningful data (with enough "at rest" devices perhaps?) and separate the signal from the noise. It is a bit interesting but, at the same time, I've oft repeated that it's kind of important that we look to continued uses for retired smart phones - I think that might actually be a more viable method. Slap it on a shelf, connected to the wireless, and then use the one in your pocket as the device that gets the notifications? I'd articulate further but I suspect you'd be more fluent in that than I would.

I just don't see it as feasible, at any meaningful level, with the devices in pockets, in cars, with movement, etc... There's a whole lot of signal and noise issues. It might, and this is why I'm not an expert, be enough noise that it's easy to filter out (high signal to noise ratio) but that just seems improbable - without this system having years and years of massive amounts of real-world data, correlation, and some VERY big compute power behind it. (Distributed computing on the retired smart phones might be feasible.)

Again, I'm going to speculate that you'd be far more adept at refining the above than I would be. If not, I'm not the most articulate, I'll try to elaborate just so long as you don't hold me to very high standards.

Comment Re:Stop Idolizing Swartz! (Score 1) 118

So yeah, AS did the right thing, because, yeah, "information should be free".

People keep saying that but they don't ever seem to want to give me their DOB, SSN, bank routing number, bank number, information to their security questions, usernames, passwords, or pictures of their mother's genitals. I keep asking but, no...

I'm beginning to think that the people using that phrase don't really believe it but use it as an excuse.

Comment Re:What should happen but won't (Score 2) 303

I'm sure (s)he's now totally changed their opinion on the nature of the political right after reading your well thought out and well argued post.

Anyway, can we stop with all of the anger for a minute and remember that a human being just died here? Show some respect. Regardless of whether or not we agree with his positions, there are people out there who loved and cared about this man. My condolences go out to the Koch brothers for their loss.

Comment Re: At least the summary is realistic about Swart (Score 1) 118

While there is some merit to that argument, the reality is that not all of the stuff released was paid for by the government. I do not really hold much of an opinion on the subject other than this: Accept the consequences of your actions. If you are unwilling to accept the consequences, do not perform the action.

Accountability and responsibility are important things to me. It's one of the reasons that I try to avoid posting as an AC. I said it. I own it. I may be wrong. I will learn. I am accountable for my actions. Actions have consequences. If you are unwilling to accept the repercussions for your beliefs then they are not beliefs, they're suggestions.

Comment Re: Can we stop the Einstein worship now (Score 1) 118

Wait, what? I was happily shaking my head until I got to this.

Let me see if I understand you well enough, gravity exists because I think it exists? is that what you're saying?

So, if I stop believing in gravity then gravity will no longer go away? And, if it doesn't go away, I suppose that's because I'm not believing hard enough? If I just will it, it will happen? The power of positive thought, something like that?

I don't even... Do you even science?

Comment Re:Bad moderation drove away the intelligence. (Score 1) 118

That's one of the reasons that I use to justify my not-moderating. I get points. I don't use them. I just delete the notice and continue on. I'd rather comment. I'm not always as objective as I could be and so it would be inappropriate for me to moderate - especially on subjects where I'm uninitiated. I'd rather comment than judge. I don't think my judgment should be used to promote or demote. I get plenty of points, I just don't use them.

Comment Re:BT (Score 1) 62

Mandatory? Hmm... I was just having this conversation yesterday and finished it up today. There's no technical reason why you have to have a phone with DSL. I have had this setup before. It was just DSL, there was no phone number. If I hooked up a phone, I could not make local calls nor could I even reach an operator. I do believe emergency calls would still work - I did not try calling 911 to test that. I did try to call a local number and I did try to contact the operator. No service, at all... It was just DSL, there was nothing more to it.

In my State, it might be a bit different legally. It's communications over the copper lines so there are some interesting rules associated with it. For example, I can use *any* ISP that's willing to service my area - that includes an ISP on the opposite side of the globe. The owners of the copper must lease the lines at near cost to the provider. I can have multiple lines (and do) and have different ISPs for each one (and have) and the service is pretty much done without interruption as if I switch between them. Because it's DSL there's a best effort repair process that the copper line owners must follow or the PUC gets snippy.

I have had a provider tell me that this was not possible. It took some wearing down but it is, in fact, possible and must be offered by law in my State. As I was already paying a goodly sum to have the lines upgraded and a CO put in, I went with DSL instead of cable quite specifically for the protections offered by going with copper. When considering the robustness of the network, it made even more sense for me to choose copper. We have some rather exciting storms and it's not uncommon to find the power lines down and that includes the telephone wires. More than once, the copper's been on the ground but I still had perfectly serviceable broadband.

In fact, it's such a regular occurrence that others, and myself, actually consider our mains electrical connection to be more of a backup than a primary. They will be running fiber, or so I'm told, in the middle of this year. It is unlikely that I'll be switching or will be giving up my copper connection simply because of how robust it is and the protections that are afforded by having it. I'm not even certain that they'd do well with burying the lines - we have frost heaves that make the ground move a whole bunch and fiber's really not that resilient. Not that it matters, they'll be rolling the fiber out on the poles as putting it in the ground would be prohibitively expensive.

Comment Re:BT (Score 1) 62

I thought the CID standard supported appending an extension to it so that one could route the call back into the appropriate phone - which, as I recall, also could be configured to allow internal roaming? Meaning, you sign into the phone and your extension follows you. When you make an outbound call then it lists the generic number and then appends the appropriate digits so that one can call back that particular extension without needing to go to a menu or human - all done via PBX?

Comment Re:BT (Score 1) 62

I've not poked at the phone system in a *very* long time so I may be in error here but doesn't this insert a potential for false positives and blocking of legitimate calls? It kind of defeats the point if you have to check a second voice mail inbox and filter out the messages. That and, well... There are a lot of people who, like myself, have a deep disliking of talking to a machine unless the call was specifically made in order to talk to a machine.

Add to this, countless phone numbers, spoofing, and the many, many ways you can (or could) route through phone systems - I kind of question the validity and value of this system. It seems unlikely that this will be done without having a bunch of false positives. Then, per the tracing, various countries have different laws and different providers will have different policies. It's not exactly like the movies where you keep 'em online long enough to get a trace. There may be lots of hops in the way in many of them may not be nearly as cooperative as one might hope.

Am I missing something?

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