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Comment Re:Free speech hundreds of miles out in the desert (Score 1) 184

I do no think I know of a 4th of July celebration without law enforcement present. The larger the gathering the more cops and at a certain point the use of secret police and electronic intelligence. I haven't been to one but I bet that the 4th of July events in HY, LA, Boston, and other major cities are closely watched. ANd in some of the ones I have been to illegal drug use was tolerated if it was low level.

Comment Re:This pretty much sums up IoT ... (Score 1) 146

Imagine if you will IoT enabled devices interconnected and feeding data and resources to each other. Your smart phone can access your bank account and car so that when you stop for gas it is already paid. No need to swipe a card or look at a prce, it is just ready when you pull into the gas dealership.

Your bathroom scale can send your weight to your refrigerator and if it is outside a preset value the refrigerator could modify your shopping list at the supermarket so that the weekly delivery would not contain full fat cheese or ice cream.

Or the phn in your camera could take a picture of the couch and if there were signs of wear order you a new living room set. All without you having to waste your time shopping or balancing your bank account.

But it gets even better. Hand helds, laptops, etc. often sit idle for long periods. Excess machine cycles could be sold to hosting services much like excess cycles are used for SET or gene folding applications. Excess hard drive, CPU, or ram could be sold to an ISP. Apps could have ads could be targeted to you and your friends in your address book depending on your location. Health insurance companies could ensure you live a healthy life etc.

A wonderful world to live in! ;)

Comment Re:What I would do... (Score 1) 808

Here's what I would do if I had a bazillion dollars:
1) Endow scholarships. I've received some so why not.
2) Endow a chair in the academic department(s) of my of my choice.
3) Endow Bletchly Park.
4) Create my own research institute.
5) Endow open source projects.
6) Find a few good start ups and invest in them. Research them *carefully* first. Probably not any in the middle of the Silly Valley circus, there are too many phoney start ups these days.
7) Iceland!
8) Fight the dominant paradigm.
9) Buy a small country.
10) Buy some politicians to save the planet.
11) Create K-12 academic materials free of bias.
11) Build the city of tomorrow under the sea.

I would meet a huge number of people in the process, many of whom would share my interests. I surely would not be bored.

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