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Comment Still drivers issues with the Surface pro. (Score 1) 104 104

The surface pro and Surface pro 2 BOTH have had non stop issues with wireless drivers for two reasons.

1 - microsoft chose the shittiest wireless chipset made on the planet, the Marvell Avastar 88W8797 Wireless
2 - The drivers were written by drunken morons.

you can easily bork the wireless that require you to delete the device, uninstall the drivers, reboot, re detect and then reinstall the drivers. I was hoping that microsoft had fixed this with windows 10, but nope. it's the exact same crap windows 8 driver that somehow self corrupts it's self on boot up.

It doesn't help that Marvell as a company makes only steaming piles of dog shit. All of their chipsets are complete garbage and any maker that uses them are ran by morons.

Comment Seems like a good OS, but requires you to give up (Score 3, Interesting) 482 482

your constitutional right to a trial. They make you agree to binding arbitration instead. (Section 10 of the EULA).

That one really burns me. It's pretty unAmerican to say "Give up a constitutional right or you can't use our product." (Was that there before?)

How can this be legal? There's got to be a way around that. I have no intentions of ever suing Microsoft, but this rubs me the wrong way. What's next, you have to give up your right to freedom of speech?

Comment Re:Programming is the tip of the ice berg (Score 1) 351 351

Startups BETTER think about it. Because sooner or later a real business may want to but the software or the startup. Then they need to learn real software development.

I know a guy who did do some iPhone apps. He said if you want to sell them you need to understand what people want, how to solve their problem, how to fix it when a bug is found, how to create documentation so users aren't badgering you with how-to questions, etc. If you want to do real software you will have to do all or most of what I listed.

Comment Programming is the tip of the ice berg (Score 2) 351 351

What about requirements gathering? Business modeling? Testing? Versioning? Maintenance? Hosting? Building the app? Distributing the app.? Administering the build machines? Documentation? Communication and control of a project?

I'm sure I missed something. But there are a huge number of components to a reasonably sized software project. Programming is often the smallest, in numbers, slice of the task.

Comment Re:Here's the list (Score 5, Insightful) 118 118

What depresses me bout software is how often we JUST DO NOT LEARN! Yes I am shouting. I am frustrated by the situation. Software development seems to be riddled with arrogant know nothings who think they can cut corners or reinvent the wheel because doing the right way isn't "7337".

Software Development is not an Engineering discipline by any means, at best it is a craft, because the hard lessons are not explicitly taught to newbies who are not evaluated on how well they follow those practices and tests them on them as part of a core knowledge base. Which is how real Engineering disciplines do it.

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