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Comment: Re:Linux Mint gets it right. (Score 1) 98

by Lumpy (#49821793) Attached to: Cinnamon 2.6: a Massive Update Loaded With Performance Improvements

You are 100% correct. Although I went a step further. Relatives I have moved away from Linux to Chromebooks and ChomeBoxes. That way I have ZERO maintenance for the devices. I dont even have to do any updates at all. It's wonderful and my family members are all so happy they dont have to do any stupid windows tricks.

Comment: I should've listened to mom (Score 1) 525

She said I should become a Forester. She was right, the stints I did which required field work always made me the happiest. Maybe not Forestry but perhaps, Geology, Conservation, etc.
Listen to mom. If you are just starting out, bail before you get too frustrated and unhappy. There are too many BOFHs out there.

Comment: Open Research vs. Closed Research (Score 1) 221

I posted this before but I want to top post it and elaborate.

Universities are Open Research institution. Researchers get raises and build reputation by both doing good publicly acknowledged research and by training the next generation of researchers[1]. Both of these factors are now longer present from the robotic researchers Uber hired away. The loss of open research and the loss of experienced trainers of research Scientists is a huge blow to competition, improving the state of the art in robotics, and in training the next generation of researchers. Even if they do a large amount of research the information is likely to be locked up for decades by Uber. In addition there will now be fewer researchers in the pipeline to feed continued innovation.

In my opinion, Uber just set research back by decades.

Comment: Never Ever Trust managers or the company. (Score 2) 525

All companies are out to screw you. So you are a fool. A complete fool, if you give the company any loyalty.

Do not be afraid or feel bad to jump ship to another company that is offering something better. Also don't ever be afraid to ask for more money, because I guarantee you are underpaid.

Comment: Re:Pay them market value (Score 3, Informative) 221

I'm not sure if it is market value. It could be at a premium. In addition there was no indication they would actually be doing research. It could be a strategy, also used by MS, of poaching talent just to keep it from falling into the hands of the competition. Another factor to consider is that now it is private the information gathered is less likely to be openly shared. Proprietary and closed researched as opposed to open research. The situation could become very dysfunctional very quickly.

Comment: Re:Will anyone exploit it? (Score 1, Informative) 79

by Lumpy (#49813783) Attached to: Macs Vulnerable To Userland Injected EFI Rootkits

I see your education on macs and OSX is so horribly outdated that your comment is essentially useless. Many do worry about it this is why several virus scanner companies are making products for OSX. Hell you can even get a free Avast for OSX. They would not even bothered if people were not asking for it.

Comment: Re:Still needs another vulnerability (Score 2) 79

by Lumpy (#49813759) Attached to: Macs Vulnerable To Userland Injected EFI Rootkits

"Just this space where you can hide and survive an OS wipe and reinstall." IF the user only put the unit to sleep and then woke it. Simply turning off the unit for a short time before OS wipe and reinstall defeats this potential hole.

I am betting that Windows, BSD, and Linux have a similar vulnerability lurking.

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