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Comment: I didn't get some contractors fired soon enough (Score 1) 373 373

Two totally incompetent twits from a populous south Asia country. Cost about $32k in salary and 4 month schedule slippage. Another contractor, who is competent, said she suspected they gave 'ghost' interviews, a common practice n her country. I heard managers say the same thing, that the two who showed up for work were not the ones they phone interviewed. They did not know command line basics in either bash or Windows, how to use remote desktop, J ava, unit tests, and other things we required.

Oddly enough of the 4 foreign contractors we used recently the two women have been competent, the two men useless.

Comment: This is what Ops is really about (Score 1) 153 153

"The key was having a consistent approach to system management, which begins with a well-defined Standard Operating Environment (SOE). Additionally, Glantz has defined a lifecycle management plan that describes the lifecycle of how Linux will be used at Ikea for the next seven years."

And why I regard DevOps as a disaster in the making. While "DevOps" isn't bad for small companies, like ones I've worked for, where you 'wear many hats' or a rapidly moving R and D environment it is very dangerous in a real production environment. Of course clueless management will use "DevOps" as a cost cutting measure and then after the disaster fire everyone and outsource everything, often with even worse results, for what is essentially bad management.

But hey, they were Agile, Nimble, flexible, idiot sourced, and buzz word compliant.

Comment: Why can Greece destroy the global economy? (Score 3, Interesting) 359 359

I keep asking this question and no one seems to have a good answer. How can an economy as small as Greece's; or for that matter Italy's and Spain's; send global markets and economies as big as Germany and the US into a tailspin? There is somethings very wrong with our financial and economic policies. All this tight binding of economies and fifnacial systems seems to be a recipe for disaster.

Comment: Luckily no one died (Score 0) 268 268

A mid-air collision or some one on the ground who gets killed by the fire would have been manslaughter. Drone owners are idiots. News channels with helicopters ask permission and coordinate, and the Forest Service does so as they are mandated to respect freedom of the press. We need to license drones just like we do light aircraft and require training. Get rid of the idiots.

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