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Comment: This is why (Score 0) 197 197

the death penalty is still needed. These acts aren't being done by some random, clueless junkie trying to sell copper to get their fix. The number and location shows someone, or someones, are deliberately cutting the fiber whether because they're t'rrists (unlikely), general vandals (possible) or some neo-luddite who thinks it's fun to screw around (possible).

As the article relates, the penalties aren't severe enough. Well guess what is. . .

Comment: Re:What were they thinking? (Score 2) 177 177

Someone's hunch finally paid off. According to this BBC article from last year, the number of pedestrians in the U.K. is half that of the U.S.

However, the reason to not jaywalk is simply because the vast majority of people take the longest possible route to cross the street (i.e. diagonal) rather than straight across which exposes you to more traffic and thus a greater chance of being hit.

Comment: Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 152 152

It's funny. Having an abortion is wrong, in your eyes, yet people such as yourself have no problem with women smoking, drinking, doing drugs or being obese while pregnant.

Apparently it's a crime, in your eyes, to "kill" the fetus in one fell swoop, but slowly strangling or poisoning the unborn is perfectly acceptable.

When you and your kind start protesting around pregnant women who do/are any of the above, or work toward laws to force pregnant women to lead healthy lives to, you know, protect the life of the unborn, then we can talk.

Comment: Re:Liberty (Score 1) 609 609

The difference is the shooting in Sydney was one, isolated incident. Compare that incident to the daily shootings in the U.S.

The rinky dink city I live just outside of (less than 50K people) has had shootings almost every day this week.

One could argue any law won't stop someone from doing something (murder in general, theft, rape) but that does not mean we should get rid of all laws and let people do what they want.

What should happen is more strict enforcement of current laws and more severe punishment. That includes the death penalty for murder and rape. Once you start getting rid of the criminals on a regular basis, people will start to think twice about committing the crime, not to mention if you get them early enough they won't have a chance to reproduce and pass along their defective genes.

Comment: Re:Or hey, maybe we need (Score 1) 599 599

Reminds me of the argument for why I'm supposed to pay for someone else's medical bills because of their stupid decisions.

The smokers, the obese, drug users and alcoholics all want to continue doing what they're doing without having to enable conditions which are more suitable to a healthy life.

Comment: Re:Money (Score 1) 389 389

Which is completely irrelevant to the discussion. What someone does with the money they earn is their business. If they choose to give it to someone, that's fine, but the government forcing them to hand over money whether they want to or not is wrong. On many levels.

Considering how often people on here rail against government intrusion in their personal lives, it's amazing how those same folks have no problem with the government poking into people's private lives in this situation.

Comment: Re:Insurance companies suffer? (Score 0) 389 389

Why should I have to pay because some dumbass was texting and crunched my ride?

Why should I have to pay because some dumbass has smoked most of their life, is obese or does drugs and now wants me to pay for their medical bills?

According to some on here, BECAUSE. To them, it's not your money so you have no right to not pay.

Comment: Re:Parents should be liable (Score 1) 254 254

No, I'm not punishing anyone. The parents are the ones doing the punishing.

Unless of course you're suggesting it's up to everyone to watch out for everyone else in which case I get to yank cigarettes out of people's mouths since I'm footing their medical bills, get to post their faces at bars and liquor stores so the alcoholics can't but more and tie drug users down until they detox since, again, I'm the one footing their insurance and medical bills.

Or are you saying people should be forced to pay for the stupidity of others rather than making the people more responsible for their own actions? In essence, completely abandoning personal responsibility in favor of socialism.

Comment: Re:Parents should be liable (Score 1) 254 254

No, don't touch the touch nor the child. By that I mean it was the choice of the parent(s) to not get their children vaccinated, it should not be up to the state (i.e. taxpayers) to foot the bill to take care of the kid.

Let nature take its course since that is what the parents wanted. If the kid survives they got lucky. If the kid survives but is disabled, the parents take care of everything. If they die that's one less we have to worry about and the parents will have to live with their decision for the rest of their life.

Comment: Just remember. . . (Score 1) 225 225

these are the programmers getting paid the big bucks because of their supposed skills.

People on here can whine all they want about companies not paying programmers more, but when you have situations like this it's clear why those companies aren't doing so.

Comment: Lack of technical expertise (Score 3, Interesting) 72 72

With Russia's invasion of Ukraine not going quite as planned, and Russia now building up another invasion force on its border with Ukraine, the trained specialists who would have caught this error have been rerouted to help produce more advanced rockets for the military.

The problem is the sanctions imposed on Russia for its invasion are hurting its ability to pay its people. Some have gone as long as four months without pay and even when they are paid, it's not the full amount. Since there is no money to be made working on their space program, these people go to the military side which Putin continues to pour money into while grocery shelves start to go bare around the country.

Expect to see more such accidents until Russian troops are out of Ukraine and there is cooperation with the West who can provide technical guidance in these matters.

Comment: Re:Showing once again how worthless insurance is (Score 0) 119 119

A) Insurance NEVER pays to replace a car, even if it is totaled. They give you 80% of the current value.

B) I have 40K to replace MY car which the other guy totaled but which HIS insurance won't pay anything near what it costs me. I could sue him in court for damages to recover the rest of the money but insurance companies have seen to it that you really can't sue in court any more because they would have to do what people are paying them to do.

C) Your donation of a kidney is your choice. That is completely different than someone plowing into me which has happened with every car I have every owned. Mainly as I'm the last guy in line.

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