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Comment Just another private company screwing up (Score 1) 106

So Amazon, or whomever, lets 1.5 million personal medical records get into the wild. Will there be Congressional investigations considering this is substantially more than what happened to the IRS?

Where were the investigations about Target and its breach of 40 MILLION credit and debit card numbers?

Or is this simply another example of private industry doing it better than government?

Comment Re:Seize your Privilege (Score 1) 1291

Why should I pay for your health insurance if I have no say in how you live? Don't you think I should be able to get the most bang for my buck?

If I am not that important than neither are you. My money should not be forcibly taken from me to provide for people who A) do not have change their lifestyles and so can continue sucking at the teet of others while they eat all the wrong foods, never exercise, do drugs, regularly get drunk and/or are obese. Those are the choices they made so I should not be penalized for their choices.

B) Your conception of choice is fatally flawed. Just because one did not have health insurance does not mean they couldn't have received medical care. In fact, paying for health insurance, on the whole, costs more than paying for basic medical treatment out of one's own pocket.

I have an upcoming doctor's visit for which I will pay $15. However, during the entire year I will have spent over 12 times that amount for insurance which doesn't include what my employer has paid. That extra money I will never see, will never get to use and is instead, lost. Imagine what benefit that extra money could have been put to use for.

But thank you for confirming your hypocrisy that choice only matters so much when it comes to everything but ones own money. In that regard, my money isn't mine but should be forcibly taken because I'm not allowed to decide how I should live my life.

Comment Re:Seize your Privilege (Score 1, Redundant) 1291

Tell me about it. Those thousands of dollars I and my employer pour down the drain every year because someone, somewhere, told me I MUST have health insurance despite it costing more for the insurance than it would for me to pay out of my own pocket.

Nope, I have no choice. I MUST hand over my money to a private company whether I want to or not.

For all the talk about choice that goes on around here (choice of OS, choice of ISP, choice of browser, etc), it's amazing how suddenly I have no choice how I'm supposed to spend my money.

Comment Re: Unavoidable (Score 1) 956

And yet people have no problem with Timothy McVeigh blowing up the Murrah Federal Building, white guys shooting up Jewish centers, the daily reports of shootings in every major city and even podunk cities like the one I live near, not to mention those driving pickup truck drivers randomly shooting people on the road or photographers being robbed at gunpoint.

It's only Muslims that people should be worried about.

Comment Also at sporting events (Score 1) 165

A drone crashed into the seats at the U.S. Open and at a University of Kentucky football game.

So far, no one has had bodily harm from someone doing stupid things like this but, like everything else, it will happen and then the shit will hit the fan (or blood will hit the drone blades as the case may be).

Comment What a bunch of BS (Score 1) 70

that their treatments are effective, thus reducing health costs."

Never has something which is shown to be effective reduced costs. It's like being a safe driver yet your car insurance goes up every year.

The only ones who will see the savings are the companies themselves. It will not "trickle down" to us peons.

Remember how forcing people to hand over their money to private companies via Obamneycare was supposed to make health insurance less expensive? How's that working out?

Comment Reasons not to fly, courtesy of the TSA (Score 1) 220

1) Can't make a snap decision to go somewhere and plunk down cash to pay for your flight

2) Lines

3) Having to arrive two or more hours in advance of your flight

4) Lines

5) Removing articles of clothing to prove your innocence

6) Lines

7) Being groped by the TSA agent who has hands like ham hocks and treats every body part like a punching bag

8) Lines

9) TSA and/or airport personnel rifling through your luggage to see what goodies they can find

10) Lines

11) TSA and/or airport personnel cutting locks off your luggage which you put there to prevent them from rifling through your luggage looking for goodies

12) Lines

13) In general, being treated like a criminal by your own government even though you've done nothing wrong

14) Lines

Comment That's easy (Score 1) 842

Piss people off by spending it, or not spending it, the way I want. Since I'll be dead and have no heirs there's no reason to spend it on others, especially when no one bothered to spend their money on me during my lifetime.

Screw people. We're supposed to be the smart ones. If you want to spend a fortune, make your own. Don't expect someone else to spend their money the way you want.

Comment Re:Everyone has right to self defense (Score 1) 180

and able to quickly join a well-trained militia

And thus, "a well regulated militia. . ." yet I don't see the NRA agreeing every person who owns a gun being regulated in any sense of the word nor claiming the same group is part of a militia and should be called up for training by the government.

After all, if you're going to call up a group of people you need to have them registered and that is the last thing the NRA wants despite what the 2nd Amendment says and implies.

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