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Comment Corporations are corrupt (Score 2, Insightful) 353

That is the real problem. The entire basis for the corporate system is avoidance of responsibility. Maximize profits at any cost, even human life. And bad emission controls do threaten human life, see the killer smogs in London in the 50's or in China today. Look at the BP oil spill, the Piper Alpha, or Bhopal India and not a single C level manager or member of the BOD was held responsible, despite the fact that when things go right they get bonuses.

Until we hold executive officers, whose title comes from the word "to execute" as in to make happen, or members of the BOD are personally held civilly and/or criminally responsible then nothing will really change.

Comment No p values? And more questions (Score 1) 281

How did they randomize the subjects? They also first picked the subjects before selecting the hypothesis which I find odd. Did they skew the hypothesis to meet the population?

What is the definition of DevOps? How cvan you discriminate between DevOps and no DevOps environments? I assume it is a spectrum, how is that controlled? What was the control in the study?

Comment Re:The F-35 is having problems? (Score 1) 179

If you look at it it is essentially 3 aircraft. Different airframes, avionics, wing geometries etc. VTOL, regular runway, and carrier capability. The last it was tried was with the F-4 and it failed in it's original goals of interchangeable parts and sate of the art tech as well ( the expensive Sparrow missile dod not work correctly for about 10 years).

A total fuck up if there was one.

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