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Comment Re:Why do you insist on misquoting me? (Score 1) 113

. . .I should abandon the high road and start trashing you regularly and writing snarky JEs about you. No thank you.

I'm not supposed to feel trashed every time you erroneously throw around possessives ("your party"), then?

No. You should not feel trashed when I say it, because you are a proud cheerleader of the GOP. You repeatedly tell us how great and infinitely awesome they are (even when their proposals are no different from what has been signed into law by the current POTUS who just happens to carry the letter of a different party). I'm not demonizing you by associating you with those who you choose to associate with.

Comment Re:Why do you insist on misquoting me? (Score 1) 113

Our federal largess is pretty much a return to a debtor's prison.

No, it is not. A federal debt does not land individuals in actual, physical prison. You can claim to be "imprisoned" by the federal debt all you want, but in the end you are free to leave the country and go live somewhere else without concern for it ever following you. It is not at all the same as actual debtor's prison.

Yet there are those of both ends of the Progressive Party clamoring for more spending.

You are not paying attention to the calls from non-conservatives for more spending. The overwhelming majority of these calls are accompanied by how they will be paid for as to be - at worst - budget neutral with regards to the federal debt. This is in dramatic contrast to the majority of proposals from your side of the aisle.

It is worth noting here that the ones conscripting armies are not the socialists, though.

And even if they explicitly claim to be

There are none. Can you show me even one? No, of course you cannot. The ones building - or aspiring to build - conscripted armies are all on the conservative side of the aisle. Every. Single. One.

Comment Re:Be sure they really are cheaper (Score 1) 255

I second using a site like pcpartspicker. It can help you avoid some petty technical mistakes, like buying an under capacity CPU cooler, or a power supply without enough of the correct connectors and voltages for your cards.

Sadly, it doesn't actually help you avoid the most annoying mistake — when things just don't fit into the case. They were basically completely wrong about fitment on my PC parts build. For example, the cooler they said would fit wouldn't fit, and the cooler they said wouldn't fit in fact would. They also in many cases have incorrect fan mounting information; they got the size of the front fan mounts on my case completely wrong. If I had gone with liquid cooling, I would have ordered the wrong cooler on their advice as a result. As it is, if I hadn't watched Youtube videos, I wouldn't have known that they got the air cooler wrong. In addition, they claimed to have lower prices for all of my hardware than what I could find myself, but literally all of their advertised prices were false. On some six pieces of hardware, none of them clicked through to the listed price.

This isn't to say not to use them, but you will want to check up on literally every piece of information they give you, because it may well be wrong.

Comment Re:If you can't afford two computers... (Score 1) 255

or example, I stay clear of nVidia because many of those cards are a nightmare on Linux. On my gaming machine I run a $300 nVidia card, etc etc.

What on earth are you talking about? Which nVidia cards are a nightmare on Linux? nVidia's Linux support is fantastic compared to anyone else. Even Intel has a couple of GPUs that don't work for shit and which aren't open source because they don't actually own them, they just licensed them. ATI is the Linux nightmare. I use nVidia exclusively in my Linux machines and don't suffer for it in the least; to the contrary, it makes life easy because it's well-supported.

Now, this isn't to say I've never had a problem with nVidia on Linux, support does lag behind Windows... but these days I don't buy the latest and greatest anyway, I buy stuff at least one generation older to save cash. The only nVidia card I ever had a problem with under Linux was my 240GT. I had to run an older driver with it for a little while because there was a problem with one version. But I've had this sort of problem with a variety of graphics cards on Windows, too.

Comment Re:Depends if you want to support it (Score 1) 255

How is any of this relevant to a gaming machine? Dell doesn't have corporate gaming machines.

There is nothing magically special about a gaming machine, it's just a corporate desktop with a fat graphics card assuming you're comparing to a corporation that buys decent hardware that has specs good enough to last a few years. So you buy a refurb dell and then slap some on-sale video cards in there and you've got your gaming PC.

If you're going to plug Alienware from experience, do that.

Nobody with experience plugs Alienware, because of the price differential.

Comment Re:Build one (Score 1) 255

Back when I worked for the County of Santa Cruz (at the age of 17, mind you) I once installed a 486 chip 90 degrees out. Because you could do that back then. Now, it's not even possible. The only thing you can do is destroy pins trying to incorrectly insert the processor. If you're gentle, that won't happen either. Oh, I just thought about BGA packages, presumably they still have this problem? Hooray PGA

Comment Re:Landfill-saving hero (Score 1) 68

Right because Google always has your best interests at heart

Google released Android as Open Source, so I could look out for my own best interests. And I do; I load an alternate ROM on every device I own. Even if this tool lets you do that with Windows on Lumia phones, you still won't have the sources to what you're running, so you'll still be worse off in the best case... which ought to be Microsoft's slogan by now. "Microsoft: Worse off in the Best Case". Of course, Truth won't sell their crap.

Comment Re:Not replaced: serial and parallel ports. (Score 1) 207

I wish I could find USB-RS232 adapters that actually output the proper voltages...

You piqued my curiosity, so I did that with google in three minutes. The device uses the FTDI FT231X USB to serial with the FTDI FT3243S serial level shifter and promises an output swing of maximum +/- 15V, with all I/O protected against ESD. You may paypal the beer money to my email address, above.

Comment Re:oh no! (Score 1) 29

I quit using IRC about 15 yrs ago because it was the same shit over and over again.

You might as well kill yourself, because life is more than a bit samey, too. Every day I get up, take a shower, make breakfast... I could go on but isn't the point made? Admittedly, I don't irc any more either, but that's because I get the same shit over and over again from social networking and no longer need irc.

Comment Re:This is a breakthrough? (Score 1) 26

Yeah... I really don't understand a lot of robotics research. They seem to be forever chasing these awkward "proof-of-concept" implementations of concepts that are completely uninteresting. This is a perfect example: obviously you could make some robots that could do this, but it's really unclear what you'd learn by doing so, and the result is useless.

You get to focus on the software operating in an ideal environment, so you get to explore strategies before having to deal with the complexities of making the actual sensors work. There's nothing wrong with the idea, the problem is when you stop there. A lot of this work is done at universities by students, though, and they're learning. They don't know what they're doing. Their primary goal is to learn how to make the software work, not how to get good data out of a specific sensor that might not even be on the market by the time they get out of school.

Comment HAIL SATAN (Score 1) 58

For a change, soccer moms with too much spare time and nothing to do but protecting their precious little snowflakes could become useful.

Swearing? Nobody cares. That shit is on the radio now, at least some of it. Interfering with religious indoctrination? THAT will get the religious wingnuts up in arms with their burning crosses.

You have a massage (from the Swedish prime minister).