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Journal nizo's Journal: So, my neighbor has a front yard shrine 12

First I want to say that as shrines go it is reasonably tasteful, for which I am thankful. A nearby neighbor has a large shrine to, uhh, St. Francis of Assisi perhaps? Basically a huge Disney explosion of random animals....

Anyway, they just finished putting together this shrine (complete with water fountain in the base), and for the first time someone (Mary?) was in it when I got home. However while taking the trash out tonight, I noticed that she(?) was gone; I assume they took her in for the night? It seems like you could leave it up to the will of God and just leave her out, but then again, having someone steal and pawn your shrine statue would be kind of a drag. Vandalism is of course also a distinct possibility.

Speaking of vandalism, while I would never dream of damaging the statue, since these are the obnoxious neighbors who used to drive everyone crazy with blasting music*, I must admit that if the noise did start up again it would be incredibly tempting to put headphones on the statue and leave a convenient, "Mary says...use headphones when you listen to music" on the statue.

*The primary culprit, the son, seems to not be around as much, so either he has moved out and/or now has a girlfriend to keep him occupied elsewhere. Hallelujah.

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So, my neighbor has a front yard shrine

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  • ... if it really was a shrine to Mary ... put up a Star of David, or a Red Crescent.

    ... or just hang a big sheet off the front of the house and project "Rocky Horror Picture Show" on it every night.

    • by nizo (81281) *

      I have to admit the idea of a mustache tempts me too, but I won't do it. :-)

      Hopefully they won't irritate the hell out of the rest of the neighborhood anymore, because their neighbor right next to them has nearly gone nuts on them a few times already.

  • And hang a sign around the neck that says "My Ears Are Bleeding!"

  • Your homeowner's association (if you have one) might have in its bylaws some limit to how early they can be put out. Or maybe the city. Before Thanksgiving is ridiculous.

    If you really wanted to escalate things, you could go with the headphones and the "blasting music makes my ears bleed" signage ideas, but first soak the headphones cushions in red food coloring til they're dripping. Then your street will be jam-packed with people coming from all over to catch a glimpse of the stigmata! ;-)

    • by nizo (81281) *

      Homeowners association...bwahaha! :-) Ahem...

      No it is a permanent shrine, affixed to the side of the house. Yeah people do that here.

      • by tomhudson (43916)

        I remember one guy who constructed a shrine to the pagan gods; his neighbors were fundies. Drove them nuts.

        What *I* find offensive is churches ringing bells when honest hard-working people are trying to sleep in.

  • You mention they take Mary (Francis?) in at night, I've had two copies of The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre (AKA The Passion of the Christ) stolen from my bookshelf.

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