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Comment Re:Scale and Flotsam (Score 2) 174

While I agree that Tauriel was a Romantic Plot Tumor, I can live with that; she adds a few minutes to the movie at worst.

No, the worst offenders were those long, drawn-out set pieces, like the chase scenes such as the one through the Goblin Kingdom in the first movie, or that muddled mess at the end of the third movie. That's just Jackson being self-indulgent, cutting that crap would have brought the movies down to two, and some judicious editing might have brought the whole down to only one movie.

Comment Re:Not very ethical (Score 1, Informative) 367

Actually, I don't ever buy AAA titles on release, and I never pay attention to early reviews. This problem has been known in the game industry for years, and has cost one reviewer his job, but 'gamers' are, curiously, relatively silent about it; some minor grumbling as on this thread is it. And yet for imagined faux-pas by women they bring out the torches and pitchforks.

In short, I was being sarcastic about GamerGate's professed motivation.

Comment Re:Humanity has fought for millions of years (Score 1) 135

So you would prefer a humanity where it is the norm to hack each other with swords to the point of serious injury and even death. Well I have news for you sunshine: there's a lot of people out there who are of a slightly less Hobbesian bent.

And modded +5 Insightful no less. By the same sort of Internet Tough Guys probably.

Comment Re:What I really want to know: (Score 1) 735

I really enjoy Heavy Metal at concert levels. Yet I don't think there's a single Slashdotter who would disagree with my neighbours if they called in the police were I to play it that loud at home.

So in short, yes, you're selfish, you're harming your neighbours, and the world would be a better place were you wrap that truck around a tree.

Submission + - ESR claims Ada Initiative is honeytrapping FOSS luminaries

mvdwege writes: ESR is claiming that women in tech, specifically naming the now defunct Ada Initiative, are attempting to get FOSS luminaries alone in order to falsely claim sexual assaults have taken place.

Given that his only claim to evidence is an anonymous IRC conversation and a negative claim (paraphrasing: "Linus doesn't want to talk about it, that's proof it happened"), is this ESR finally going off the deep end?

Comment Re:Who is to say that this "list" is legit at all? (Score 1) 546

Just as much? Just as much?! And this gets modded to +5 Insightful?

Obviously some seriously racist shitbag has modpoints today. I'm just going to point out that in terms of actual victims, even if the Panthers were the violent group they were portrayed as being, they can't stand in the shadow of decades of lynchings.

I've got a bad feeling about this.