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Comment Re:Manufacturing costs also fall (Score 1) 270

There's a name for that: The cost of doing business.

If Apple doesn't want the risks, they can dissolve the company and pay out a megadividend to the stockholders. As long as you are active in international business, valuta risks are part of the game.

It's the typical whining of the modern Wall Street Wellfare Queen: they want all the profit, and society to bear the risk.

Comment Re:Mdsolar strikes again with unrealistic FUD (Score 3, Funny) 346

And MSR's finally also provide everyone with a pony.

We've all heard this before. 60 years ago people said the exact same thing about LWRs and PWRs. Frankly, the nuclear industry has promised the moon so many times before, and failed us so many times on an organisational level, that they have not a lot of credibility left.

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