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Submission + - FreeBSD moving to systemd-like architecture

mvdwege writes: For months now the most heard parting shot heard in systemd discussion from the detractors was: "I'll just move to FreeBSD". However, in his keynote (YouTube video, slides with transcript at Slideshare) at MeetBSD 2014, key developer Jordan Hubbard essentially told that systemd was the right way to go, and that FreeBSD would work towards a similar architecture.

Submission + - Recommendations for classic superhero comic collections?

mvdwege writes: Due to being in a relationship with a comics geek, I have gotten interested in the history of superhero comics. I would like to get a better grounding in the Golden Age (pre-Comics Code) comics, so here's my question to the Slashdot audience: what are your recommedations for essential reading? What collections/omnibus editions of Golden Age comics would you recommend?

Submission + - Most Underaprreciated SF Writer

mvdwege writes: "In the thread on Most Depressing SF there were hundreds of posts and but four mentions of John Brunner, dystopian writer par excellence. Now, given the normally US Libertarian bent of the Slashdot audience, it is understandable that outright British Socialist writer Brunner would get short shrift, but it got me thinking: what SF writers do you know that are, in your opinion, vastly underappreciated?"

Submission + - Nokia's long suicide continues->

mvdwege writes: "After first telling the world in his infamous 'burning platform' memo how important the entire ecosystem was for a smartphone vendor, Stephen Elop has now turned a 180 and sold off Nokia's media advertising business. Is there anyone still able to make any sense out of the strategy of the current Nokia CEO?"
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Submission + - Fukushima finally reaches cold shutdown

mvdwege writes: "The BBC reports that the reactors at Fukushima have reached cold shutdown, meaning that they no longer need active cooling to stay at safe temperatures. Plans can now be made to start the cleanup of the site. Unfortunately, TEPCO has also admitted that not all problems were out in the open until now; an estimated 45 cubic metres of contaminated water have leaked out of cracks in the foundation of a treatment plant."

Submission + - How not to handle a security bug

mvdwege writes: "Calibre is a cross platform application to manage collections of ebooks. It provides you with a set of helpers that, among other things, allow you to easily upload content from your PC to your ebook reader. Unfortunately, instead of relying on system tools, the author has written his own mount helper to manage removable devices, and as usual with people inventing the wheel themselves made a series of critical security mistakes, such as overlooking race conditions. In a setuid application no less. The ensuing discussion is a prime example on how not to handle a security bug report."

Submission + - Prominent female dev harassed out of tech->

mvdwege writes: "Alex Bayley, until recently known as Kirrily Robert, and in tech circles better known as 'Skud', has decided to quit all her Open Source work and move into a different career because of persistent gender-based harassment.
Matthew Garret wonders if a persistent unwillingness to speak out against sexist trolling and outright harassment isn't a worse problem than the trolling itself."

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Submission + - Journalist dumps date for playing 'Magic'-> 2

mvdwege writes: "So, you're a hard-working up and coming young journalist, too busy to have a social life, so you make an OKCupid profile.

After getting hit by creeps and weirdos, a charming fellow turns up and asks you out. You go on a date and enjoy yourself, until you find out this guy plays Magic; in fact, he's world champion.

So what do you do? You publicly dump him in a Gizmodo article, making fun of his nerdy hobby."

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Submission + - Nokia to sell Symbian to Accenture->

mvdwege writes: "Nokia announced today that it is to sell its Symbian software activities to Accenture (following the sale of the Symbian services division to Accenture earlier). This decision leaves one to wonder: who is Accenture going to sell Symbian to, now that the largest manufacturer of Symbian devices is leaving this market?"
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Submission + - TV Tropes Self-Censoring under Google Pressure-> 1

mvdwege writes: "The popular wiki TV Tropes, a site dedicated to the discussion of various tropes, clichés and other common devices in fiction has suddenly decided to put various of its pages behind a 'possibly family-unsafe' content warning, apparently due to pressure by Google withdrawing its ads.

What puzzles me most is the content that is put behind this warning. TV Tropes features no explicit sexual content, and no explicit violence. It does of course discuss these things, as is its remit, but without actual explicit depictions. In fact, something as relatively innocuous as children being raised by two females, whatever the reason are put behind the content warning, even if the page itself doesn't take a stand on the issue, merely satisfying itself by describing the occurence of this in fiction."

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Submission + - CRU exonerated by second inquiry

mvdwege writes: "After being cleared of charges of misconduct by a parliamentary comittee, now the CRU has the results (warning: PDF) of the inquiry into their scientific methods by a panel of scientists. (CRU press release here.

Criticisms: The statistical methods used, though arriving at correct results, are not optimal, and it is recommeded futures studies involve professional statisticians if possible; and the CRU scientists are lacking somewhat in organisation.

A far cry from the widespread allegations of fraud. It seems 'Climategate' is ending with a whimper."

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