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Comment: Re:Take the long view (Score 1) 488

by mvdwege (#47929741) Attached to: Scotland's Independence Vote Could Shake Up Industry

Rather raises the question of why we went from devomax from full-independence-or-nothing in the space of twenty-four months.

No it does not. For fucks sake, I'm a Dutchman, I don't follow the UK news daily, and even I know that it was the Unionists who insisted on a two-alternative referendum. Salmond as negotiator offered Devo-Max as a possibility and was shot down.

What is it with you guys? Is reading and checking facts for yourself really that sodding hard?

Comment: Re:Not going to be as rosy as the YES! campaign sa (Score 1) 488

by mvdwege (#47929653) Attached to: Scotland's Independence Vote Could Shake Up Industry

I don't who taught you to read, but even across the North Sea it's obvious that it is Better Together, not the Yes campaign, who are threatening a nasty vicious divorce.

And second, it's an entire Yes campaign. It's not just the SNP. If even I can get that from here in the Netherlands, what's your excuse?

Comment: Re:Great idea! Let's alienate Science even more! (Score 1) 903

by mvdwege (#47901257) Attached to: Why Atheists Need Captain Kirk

Well, yes, they do. Just look at the popularity of various autocratic authoritarian political parties, from the US Republicans down to the Golden Dawn in Greece.

Certainly, in well-functioning democracies they do not form enough of a majority to actually overthrow the rule of law on its own, but the fact that they can poll up to 40% of the populace easily demonstrates that there is a streak of authoritarian followers in every population.

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by mvdwege (#47879003) Attached to: When Scientists Give Up

As I already pointed out, Bruno was not burned for his scientific views, but his religious ones. And as it turns out, so was d'Ascoli.

The church, both the Catholic and the various Protestant ones, has done enough damage without needing to invent more. So far I haven't seen proof of scientists being burned for their scientific views. You'll have to do better than this.

Comment: Re:Doesn't surprise me (Score 1) 348

by mvdwege (#47878667) Attached to: When Scientists Give Up

You realize of course that there was a time about 500 years back, when scientists were actually burned at the stake for having the wrong theory?

Got any examples? The closest thing I can think of is Galileo, and he got in hot water more for playing politics the wrong way, not for his scientific insights per se. And all he got was house arrest in a luxurious villa.

And no, don't mention Giordano Bruno. He was not burned for adhering to Copernicanism, but for his religious views.

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I mostly agree, but I must say that the writing is uneven enough that the show does not get a complete pass from me. There are too many episodes that just go for the lazy stereotype joke for that.

On the other hand, the episodes that take the characters seriously often have some fine comedy moments.

So, flawed? Yes. Nerd blackface? Not quite, even though it treads dangerously close to that line too often.

Comment: Re:Just tell them (Score 0) 1262

Yes, because me advising to do something, which leaves the agency to act upon it with you, is totally the same as threatening to kill you, which leaves you with no agency at all.

Really, the mouthbreathing stupidity on display is shocking. With friends like these, Sarkeesian's critics may as well give up.

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