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Comment Re:Worse than clickbait ! (Score 1) 385

If the so called 'professional security agencies' have been so successfully monitoring Islamic State's account why didn't they stop the people being recruited into the terrorist organization?

I would hazard a guess that its best for them to create a list of all people communicating so they can work out the networks in more detail, you don;t want to show your hand before you have to otherwise they change the way they communicate.

Comment Re:Athiest Symbol (Score 3, Interesting) 518

There is nothing rational about religion and this is just a parody of religion. Whats rational about wearing an instrument of torture/death (crucifix) around your neck or a turban on your head or a burka etc etc

More people should have their photo taken with a colander on their head to highlight the absurdity of religious symbols.

I've got a bad feeling about this.