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Comment Re:Fully isolated? (Score 1) 744

"When using the shell command without arguments (thus invoking the executed shell or command on the local host) it is similar in many ways to a su(1) session, but unlike su completely isolates the new session from the originating session, so that it shares no process or session properties, and is in a clean and well-defined state. It will be tracked in a new utmp, login, audit, security and keyring session, and will not inherit any environment variables or resource limits, among other properties." - from the documentation...

Comment Re:Spontaneous combustion (Score 1) 130

Thats what i've never understood. the need for an electric van for the huge delivery market must be huge, as they are vans they could put larger batteries to get longer ranges in them as they are not so constrained on prettiness of the vehicle to hide the battery. Fast luxurious cars are made because of the "glamour status" gained, no-one will get glamorous coverage or kudos for developing a practical vehicle.

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