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Comment Re:We might as well break the new management in. (Score 0) 153

1) belief in a man made god not required, any friendly social group with a common purpose provides that. 2) friends and family provide that. 3) yeah right, the catholic church collected money for themselves by fining sinners and belief in a man made god not required 4) belief in a man made god not required 5) provide moral guidance when needed - you have to be fucking joking !!.

Comment Re:Stupid users (Score 3, Informative) 130

what point? he/she totally missed my point that its about anti virus maker trying to makes sales with crap information. i couldn't care if its a trojan or virus, if you can't say how it gets onto a machine, then your case for it being a problem seems very bogus. Virtually all antivirus suppliers have come up with crap scare stories to get linux users to buy their product.

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