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Comment: Re:Um, here's a glaring fact (Score 1) 96

by mvdwege (#47446937) Attached to: Elite Group of Researchers Rule Scientific Publishing

Option 6: Submitted papers really aren't that good.

Especially in subjects with a lot of politicisation in the popular press, it is a common tactic for third-rate or worse researchers to go crying about the establishment suppressing their papers; a closer look often turns out that these papers are in fact very shoddy work.

Comment: Re:Speaking as a guy in his 40s... (Score 2) 370

by mvdwege (#47292699) Attached to: Age Discrimination In the Tech Industry

younger people are (generally) better at thinking up new ideas/paradigms and novel ways to do things

As a guy with some experience, all I hear is "younger people blindly follow the newest fads". As it turns out, there have been very little new ideas in IT, and most of the New! Improved! ways promoted these days are merely restatements of old ideas, or old ideas that got discarded for being unpractical.

But in an industry with an institutional memory of barely a decade, that sounds like innovation. And it's self-reinforcing due to the fact that not a lot of employers appear to be interested in hiring experience, instead being dazzled by the Cult of Youth.

Comment: Re:Progenitors? (Score 2) 686

by mvdwege (#47220161) Attached to: Aliens and the Fermi Paradox

In other words, it's effectively practising a religion.

Not a popular thing to say around here, but that's what this speculation about alien life comes down to for those on the side of 'it exists': it's a religion, with SETI as its High Mosque, and the Drake Equation its shahada

. Those who come down on the side of 'it might be possible' are the equivalent of the Christmas-only Christians.

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by mvdwege (#47206061) Attached to: Recommendations For Classic Superhero Comic Collections?

Oh, Asterix (bugger, stupid keyboard doesn't do accents, can't be bothered to fix right now) has always had absolutely brilliant translations. I grew up on the Dutch ones, and they're quite as good as the original French.

I just pointed out I have them in French these days to ensure no misunderstandings: I'm quite at home in European comics. I am thankful for the suggestion, but it's superfluous in my case. And bonus: I get to enjoy brilliant if occasionally silly wordplay in multiple languages.

Comment: Re:Recommend that you keep reading /. (Score 1) 165

by mvdwege (#47206015) Attached to: Recommendations For Classic Superhero Comic Collections?

I like the campy fun of the Silver Age, and the Bronze age has its highlights (isn't Spider-Man more or less the #1 Bronze Age Superhero?); it's the needless 'Darker and Edgier' hype of the later ages that put me off comics for a long time, they were nothing like I remembered from the few volumes I read as a child.

Now I'm getting into it a bit more, I just want to round out my experience with a genre that feels closer to my tastes, hence the question.

+ - Recommendations for classic superhero comic collections?

Submitted by mvdwege
mvdwege (243851) writes "Due to being in a relationship with a comics geek, I have gotten interested in the history of superhero comics. I would like to get a better grounding in the Golden Age (pre-Comics Code) comics, so here's my question to the Slashdot audience: what are your recommedations for essential reading? What collections/omnibus editions of Golden Age comics would you recommend?"

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Tariffs are passed straight through to the buyers of the products.

No. If importers could pass on the cost of the tariffs with impunity, then they could have sold at higher prices already and pocketed the difference as profit. Since they do not do so now, there is a strong indication that their competitive position means they can't.

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