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Comment: Re:This sentence from TFA says it all (Score 1) 80

by jedidiah (#47980405) Attached to: Now That It's Private, Dell Targets High-End PCs, Tablets

> Desktops are overvalued @200 dollars compared to cheap tablets with 2-4 cores and 1-2GB of ram for ~50 dollars...

Those desktops will still run circles around the tablets once you stray off the reservation. They are good at some very narrow tasks only. The moment you do something interesting that wasn't accounted for in the SoC, you are screwed.

Cheap tablets have to "outsource" any voice recognition to some server across the network.

The overvalued desktop can do that stuff on it's own.

A lot of ARM devices are pretty useless without some sort of mothership running a real CPU.

Comment: Re:Customer as Quality Control (Score 1) 80

by jedidiah (#47980361) Attached to: Now That It's Private, Dell Targets High-End PCs, Tablets

My all time least favorite name brand PC is actually Apple.

Of all of the brands I have dealt with, it is by far the most crapulent. My brand name PCs that are supposed to be so sh*tty just chug along and do their job until they become too obsolete to tweak anymore.

Plus, Macs are relatively untweakable relegating them to doorstop status quicker than some clone sh*tbox.

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by jedidiah (#47980195) Attached to: Now That It's Private, Dell Targets High-End PCs, Tablets

HELL, there was an article about this last week talking about how vulture capitalists love to take over sensibly run companies and then trash them for short tern gain. By sensible, I mean that they own their own facilities. This means something like a restaurant chain owning their own buildings.

The vultures will come in, swoop down, sell off the real estate and set up lease back scams saddling the once well engineered company with ugly ongoing operating costs. The proceeds from the real estate sales will be sucked out by the vultures.

THAT is Wall Street.

Comment: Re:Ebola could reach a billion victims in one mont (Score 1) 191

by mjwx (#47979965) Attached to: CDC: Ebola Cases Could Reach 1.4 Million In 4 Months

If we started air-dropping Ebola victims over Chinese cities.

Air dropping seems a pretty ineffective way of spreading Ebola seeing as it's not airborne. No one in their right mind is going to start buggeringising around with a corpse that appears from nowhere. They'll call the authorities and let them deal with it. So worst case scenario is you have a few infected med techs who handled the corpse improperly and will be quarantined immediately after tests are run on the corpse.

Secondly, as soon as the first blood test comes back on the first corpse, Chinese authorities will notify people, they've got almost complete control of all media and communications, getting the message out not to touch any strange corpses that fall from the sky will be easy for them.

Beyond this, you need to keep the virus alive long enough to fly it to the destination and drop it, this means the aircrew loading the corpses are going to be most at risk and most likely to be infected (and take it home to their families if they aren't quarantined after the flight). Ebola doesn't die with the victim, but it does die, the virus is not self perpetuating without a living host.

Given that Ebola is blood borne, not air, food or water borne it makes a pretty crappy biological weapon. You'd do more damage dropping the common cold in.

Comment: Re:How many of you are still using Gnome? (Score 1) 138

by TheRaven64 (#47979879) Attached to: Debian Switching Back To GNOME As the Default Desktop
Listening to users isn't necessarily a good thing. Henry Ford said that if he'd asked his customers what they wanted, they'd have asked for a faster horse. This is especially true of UI design, because most people (even power users) really don't measure what they're spending time doing and get into unproductive patterns. The problem with GNOME was that they also didn't listen to usability experts. Or even vaguely competent people who had read an HCI book. They went down a path of doing things that an uninformed user and a usability expert could both agree were stupid. Apparently they've improved recently, but it cost them a lot of users.

Comment: Re: So, systemd integration is suddenly a good thi (Score 1) 138

by jd (#47979851) Attached to: Debian Switching Back To GNOME As the Default Desktop

Doesn't matter. It's not tested or validated for every possibility. Hell, given how easily I can break Debian, I wonder if it's tested at all these days. There is no point in using unvalidated setups with a distro, if you're at that point then you should roll your own.

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by mjwx (#47979835) Attached to: CDC: Ebola Cases Could Reach 1.4 Million In 4 Months

Instead of quarantines, we need to treat it at a regular hospital and treat the people with respect.

There's a great idea, let's put a highly infectious virus with a 50% kill rate into a hospital and not quarantine those known to be infected.

That's simply insane.

Yes, the whole situation on the ground is fucked up, but not recognizing that the ONLY way to contain Ebola is by quarantine is going to make things worse not better.

What other way do you propose?

The problem is, quarantine is the only effective way we know to limit the spread of the disease. Even Genocide does not work as you cant kill everyone at once. A few will get away and infect a new population centre. Knowing they're going to be shot instead of treated is going to be a huge incentive for them to hide rather than seek help and they will hide in a well populated area.

Another poster foolishly linked to an fear mongering article how infections in hospitals killed 75,000 people but neglected to mention how many people die from infections that aren't from a hospital. Hospitals are always going to be hotbeds of illnesses because that's where people go when they have them but without a place to revive proper treatment, you have much higher rates of infection, deaths from infection and re-infection. Ultimately, most people contract infections from their own actions (how many people leave a bathroom without washing their hands, do you want gastro, because that is how you get gastro).

And this is the problem Africa has with Ebola and other diseases that prevents them from becoming pandemics in the west. They simply dont have the medical facilities or public services to treat a mass infection. There was a suspected case of Ebola in Australia a few weeks back, the patient was immediately quarantined and police and medical services began tracking down everyone he came in contact with. In the end the patient was cleared of Ebola but the point is, emergency services immediately sprung into action on a single suspected case. In Africa, cases go ignored or undiagnosed until there are dozens of confirmed cases.


Quarantine is about keeping infected patients away from an uninfected population. It's very difficult to do this in places without the infrastructure already in place.

Comment: Re: Funny, I Left GNOME 3 Mainly Because of System (Score 1) 138

by jd (#47979833) Attached to: Debian Switching Back To GNOME As the Default Desktop

Software that is designed correctly separates out what it does, how it does it, and how it interacts with the outside world.

Ergo, software that is correctly designed is user-agnostic. If the user thinks in a particular way, whatever that way happens to be, it is the job of the software to accommodate that. If it does not, it is not software for users, it is software that has users. Possession is everything.

Software that is correctly designed is configuration-agnostic. If the configuration file states something is enabled, then that is enabled. It is not the job of the software to say the file really means something else. If the configuration is broken, state how and why. Clearly. If the configuration is old, import and update. But don't tell me, or anyone else, what Joe Bloggs thinks would look better. I don't care. And the more other people's preferences get shoved in my face, the less I will care.

Theo clearly has the right idea - the only way to get past the morons is with an attitude of utter contempt. Bugger all else matters, apparently.

Comment: I'm switching off Debian. (Score 0) 138

by jd (#47979755) Attached to: Debian Switching Back To GNOME As the Default Desktop

Linux-From-Scratch is easier to use, less user-hostile and less determined to tell me how to think.

ANY software that pretends to know better than me how I want things done is software that deserves to burn. And then sink into the swamp. It is that precise attitude that got me to kick the Windows habit and led me away from the early ix86 BSDs.

I not only think better than a mere machine, I think better than your average distro compiler. I can spec better, I can build better, I can test better. Debian had, up till now, been acceptable, the packages are convenient and it's no great pain to tune. Now, Debian ranks lower than Fedora. I'd recommend the MCC distribution before either and that was last updated during the Ice Age.

Comment: Debian GNOME needs some attention (Score 1) 139

by Bruce Perens (#47979731) Attached to: Debian Switching Back To GNOME As the Default Desktop

After something like 20 years I finally found a system that won't run Debian unstable right now. My Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1 magnesium tablet + iKey Jumpseat magnesium keyboard. Systemd and GDM break. Bought (for less than full price) because I am a frequent traveler and speaker and really do need something you can drop from 6 feet and pour coffee over have it keep working.

But because of this bug I have ubuntu at the moment, and am not having fun and am eager to return to Debian.

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Ingsoc is atheist. Try reading.

Ingsoc is atheist in the way that they dont believe in a God. Ingsoc is essentially trying to replace God in becoming the driving force and only concern in peoples lives.

Yes I did read the book.

You'll notice that Ingsoc is following many of the same paths as religion, particularly when it comes to vilifying sex. As sex is a very powerful motivator, it provides an imperative against Ingsoc's control. Any kind of religious experience would do the same, as they cant reliably associate orgasms with Ingsoc their idea is to try to eliminate the orgasm.

Trying associate Ingsoc with atheism is disingenuous in many ways, not the least of which is that atheism describes anyone that does not believe in a god, this is everyone from non-religious to LeVeyan Satanists to Buddhists and everyone in between.

"What man has done, man can aspire to do." -- Jerry Pournelle, about space flight