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Comment Re:Bacteria spread via the air (Score 2) 116

The lazy people are almost certainly not personally affected in this case. Ultimately the responsible parties here are landlords who don't properly maintain their buildings, and very few of the landlords who own buildings in the South Bronx actually live in the South Bronx themselves.

Comment Re:Huh? Probability. (Score 3, Informative) 299

Finish your draft late? Publisher won't pay you.

That's more common than you think. Especially if you're not already an established name, contracts usually have terms stating that if you don't meet the deadline, the publisher has the right to cancel the contract, and demand return of the advance (if any). Whether they actually exercise this right or not varies.

Comment Re:EVEN WHEN??!!!! (Score 1) 57

It's not a terrible idea, but it takes effort and some time to get a solid and reliable implementation. The part where you do that first, before deploying them in production, seems to have been skipped with Linux. I'd trust Solaris or Illumos Zones, because they've been around for years and have had a lot of testing. IBM WPARs are probably also fine, if you can afford AIX (not that I can). But the bundle of duct tape and bailing wire that Docker has used to cobble together containers on Linux, which changes significantly with every release, leaves me less confident.

Comment Re:PP slogans won't cut it (Score 3, Insightful) 233

I can see that in a tech company, but in most companies AWS tends to be handled by the IT departments, too, because most of the company is non-technical. And in that case, it's pretty anecdotal, but I haven't seen AWS result in any kind of a hit to IT staffing. It does shuffle it around, but it also creates a big pile of new stuff that has to be done. You have fewer people managing physical infrastructure, and instead have a veritable army of DevOps people shepherding all your instances around, building and updating Docker containers, writing and maintaining Ansible scripts, rewriting all your systems so they can handle AZ outages and failover properly, etc., etc.

Comment Re:How patriotic! Criminalizing decent (Score 1) 737

Yeah, the right instead is pushing for "parental advisory" warnings, obscenity bans, book bans, mandatory internet filters, and that kind of thing.

Classical liberals, at least in the USA, have no significant political power. The two parties are: 1) Republicans, a coalition of social conservatives and businessmen, and 2) Democrats, a coalition of labor and social liberals.

Comment Re:Makes Sense (Score 1) 283

I wonder if just the mismatch between teaching and testing methods accounts for some of the difference. If the test is paper-and-pencil, you might expect students who were taught using pen-and-pencil methods to do better than those taught mainly using computer-based methods, even if the two worked just as well, because the first group of students are more used to doing the work in the same setting as the test will use.

Comment Re:DOM's got to go (Score 4, Insightful) 137

Some of that is interaction with the graphics stack, which varies by OS and can be exacerbated by how the browser handles the DOM. Updates to the DOM that don't cause repaints or other visible changes are much less problematic for performance than those that do.

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