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Comment: Re:Hypocrites, liars and communists. (Score 3, Funny) 441

by hamburger lady (#48825841) Attached to: Why We Have To Kiss Off Big Carbon Now


i work from home. i haven't 'commuted' for years and years. i don't drive. my kid gets jogged into school. i garden and buy food from the farmers' market which is about 200 feet from my house, and the rest comes from a store at the end of the block. i don't go on vacation places.

so i guess in spite of not considering myself to be a "greenie", i have earned the right to call you a fucking retard.

congratulations! you're a fucking retard.

Comment: Re:This makes sense nomatter your politik (Score 1) 202

skimming the article, they seem to talk of very long terms. like thousands of years, not 100.

there doesn't appear to be anything in the article about the GWP of CH4 over a 100-year window. perhaps you can show it to me, given that you accused the fact of being "BS".

Comment: Re:This makes sense nomatter your politik (Score 1) 202

Methane degrades into CO2, in fact, so in simulations I did (Archer and Buffett, 2005) the radiative forcing from the elevated methane concentration throughout a long release was about matched by the radiative forcing from the extra CO2 accumulating

what's a 'long release'?

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