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Comment: Re:So what is it made of? (Score 5, Funny) 99

by hamburger lady (#46707815) Attached to: LHCb Confirms Existence of Exotic Hadrons

Fuck it, we're doing five quarks.

Would someone tell me how this happened? We were the fucking vanguard of particles in this universe. The meson was the hadron to own. Then the other guy came out with a three-quark nucleon. Were we scared? Hell, no. Because we hit back with a little thing called the proton. That's three quarks and a positive charge. For positivity. But you know what happened next? Shut up, I'm telling you what happened—the bastards went to four quarks. Now we're standing around with our cocks in our hands, selling three quarks and a charge. Charge or no, suddenly we're the chumps. Well, fuck it. We're going to five quarks.

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'The widespread franchise rules giving car dealers virtual monopolies in their territories epitomize the government-controlled marketplace Republicans purportedly despise,' writes Wohlsen

yes, but they also epitomize the lobbyist-controlled cash funnel republicans love. money is by far more important than having actual values.

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by hamburger lady (#46371919) Attached to: Whole Foods: America's Temple of Pseudoscience

right. the bit from the article "It’s not just the Ezekiel 4:9 bread (its recipe drawn from the eponymous Bible verse), or Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps" is a bit elitist if you ask me. dr. bronner's soaps are fucking awesome. and the bread, it's just multigrain bread. so the label has a bible reference on it, who cares? the bread is pretty good. it's not like they say eating the bread will give you magic powers or anything.

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by hamburger lady (#46371877) Attached to: Whole Foods: America's Temple of Pseudoscience

every pharmacy i've ever shopped at has had at least one homeopathic bullshit product. same with most decent-sized grocery stores. i guess none of them have any real grasp of science.

of course, i don't base my grocery-shopping decisions on the scientific grasp of the store's ownership. that would be fucking stupid.

Comment: Re:Global Warming != Human Caused Global Warming (Score 1) 401

massive geological cycles

indeed. "massive", meaning long and slow. what we see today is not long and slow.

by all natural cycles we should be slowly, inexorably cooling, headed towards a glacial period. during those cooldowns there are often small, slow bumps upwards, like a stock on it's way down. but those bumps are again small and slow ones.

the temperature is rising at about .15C/decade. that isn't supposed to be happening according to the 'natural cycle'. this isn't a bump on the slow road down, this is a massive spike upwards. there is literally no natural phenomenon we can point to that could describe this sort of quick change.

one thing we do know is how greenhouse gases work. we've understood their basic operation for over a hundred years. we know that if it weren't for GHGs the earth's surface would be too cold for complex life.

put two and two together sometime. you'll be surprised at how easy it is.

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