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Comment: Re:Is it open source yet? (Score 1) 62

If you want real control, it's ownCloud or no cloud I think...

I've been meaning to ask someone about this. Is OwnCloud something that someone who's kind of a moron could set up on their own server? Asking for a friend.

Maybe not a moron, I mean, I've set up Apache and a media server, and I can read instructions when I'm sober. I just worry that I'll do something wrong and end up syncing my data with some Estonian hackers by mistake.

Comment: Re:Dear Canada.... (Score 1) 424

by jedidiah (#48205481) Attached to: Shooting At Canadian Parliament

> The tenets of Islam are not more incompatible than the tenets or radical christs.

True. However evangelical Xians aren't nearly powerful enough or radicalized enough in the West to be of serious concern.

People like to claim that Islam is modern and peaceful but the entire Mediterranean basin seems to indicate otherwise.

Comment: Re:Good thing Canada's pretty much a "Gun Free" zo (Score 1) 424

by PopeRatzo (#48205161) Attached to: Shooting At Canadian Parliament

and if we don't count gangland violence

And if you don't count death, we all live forever.

Why the hell wouldn't you count "gangland" violence? We've got more people in prison than any other country in the world, so when I hear people talk about how there is really little violent crime (except for the violent crime) in the US, it's kind of a joke.

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by jedidiah (#48204727) Attached to: Ebola Does Not Require an "Ebola Czar," Nor Calling Up the National Guard

It's pretty simple and obvious really.

Someone with Ebola is an infection vector even if the train they rode on is not.

This is why there are 2 nurses infected. An Ebola patient is a very effective infection vector. Nurses are the single highest risk group in this thing. They have to deal with the blood and the vomit produced by patients in quarantine.

Comment: Re:Politics (Score 1) 367

by jedidiah (#48204663) Attached to: Ebola Does Not Require an "Ebola Czar," Nor Calling Up the National Guard

> It should be said that most of the mistakes here were by the hospital in Texas, not the CDC.

It was the CDC that told the nurse that she could fly.

As a trained professional, she should have been able to make her own evaluation and not depend on some government beaurocrat. She should have figured out on her own that it was a bad idea to fly.

However, she did in fact get the OK from the CDC.

It was Texas that implemented more proactive travel bans.

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by jedidiah (#48204585) Attached to: Ebola Does Not Require an "Ebola Czar," Nor Calling Up the National Guard

What do you expect when you constantly tell people they shouldn't have to pay for medical care? Most people don't have a very high regard for "free stuff" or even "cheap stuff".

If you treat medical professionals better, the masses might have to give up some of their Starbucks lattes and you just can't have that.

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by jedidiah (#48204477) Attached to: Ebola Does Not Require an "Ebola Czar," Nor Calling Up the National Guard

Not to mention, that license is pretty worthless in terms of filtering out idiots. This is despite the fact that a Car license actually includes a proficiency test. There are plenty of self-centered morons that have Car licenses.

It's not an effective filtering process because there would be too much backlash if it were. Too many people would be inconvenienced.

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by mcgrew (#48204139) Attached to: The Kevlar Kandidate Gets Some Help

And all the unions can do is stab him

Of course they are. What else can you do when someone is trying to murder you?

As far as Illinois' fiscal problems, they started under Thompson (R), who wanted to both cut taxes and increase spending (sound familiar?). Edgar (R) followed his footsteps, as did Ryan (R). The screaming didn't start until Blago (D) and it's still a terrible problem, but is slowly improving.

Ryan and Blago both went to prison for bribery. Thompson (R) unsuccessfully defended Blago in his bribery trial (note that even Johnny Cochran and F. Lee Baily together wouldn't have been able to keep him out of the slammer).

The current Republican candidate, who "earns" a thousand times the median income, wants to tax my pensions, my social security, haircuts, food, medicine, while slashing both his own taxes and school funding.

No way in hell could I vote for that guy.

Comment: Re:Can we stop trying to come up with a reason? (Score 1) 711

by geminidomino (#48202679) Attached to: NPR: '80s Ads Are Responsible For the Lack of Women Coders

Then just make sure she actually applies herself to whatever career that is.

The last thing anyone in development needs to deal with these days is someone who "converts" 12-hour to 24-hour time using 13 chained if-then statements, and wails about being "picked on for being a woman" when told to redo it in a fashion that's not mind-meltingly incompetent (and, sadly, no, that anecdote's not hyperbole).

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