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Comment: Bah, Harris produces everything (Score 2) 153

by mr_mischief (#49166279) Attached to: Feds Admit Stingray Can Disrupt Bystanders' Communications

Harris won't care about restrictions on Stingray devices. They'll still sell them. They also sell actual cellular radio equipment, TV broadcasting stuff, and AM and FM radio broadcasting stuff. If it's a big tower with antennae on it and a shed next to it, Harris probably produced some part of the equipment involved.

Comment: Well, that would help (Score 2) 243

by mr_mischief (#49132253) Attached to: The Peculiar Economics of Developing New Antibiotics

Competitions like that can help. However, funding of basic research that can then lead to big breakthroughs later is also a good idea.

Here's a proposal: stop granting hugely profitable exclusive patents on university research funded by the federal government. Give the government a right to license broadly patents it helped fund and share the proceeds with the discovering professors and students. That way the cost to the pharma companies would be smaller.

Use the government's proceeds from licensing said patent to fund the FDA's evaluation of any drugs based on the research. This further cuts down on the costs to the drug company.

Make it a term in the research's patents that final drug patents based on it must be similarly licensed. Use those proceeds to subsidize Medicare and Medicaid.

Then, the drug research is more widely spread, the benefits and risks of the research are more widely spread, the risks are lower per company, the costs of the drugs are lower to bring to market. The market prices may even follow suit.

Then, tie the research funding to a certain amount of the funds across the country being used for classes of drugs the public really needs but are being underrepresented, like antibiotics.

Comment: There's no money for the prison vendors. (Score 1) 176

There's no money for the prison vendors when an inmate uses Facebook. Those calls aren't cheap, and neither are letters. Count on these folks being able to use social media when there's an app to give the state and some contractor a cut of a fee for each post collected from the family of the incarcerated.

Comment: Fuck Cameron (Score 2) 77

Scotland should have seceded with the UK willing to have such a daft demagogue in charge. Now he's trying to turn the UK and the rest of the world into even more of a surveillance nightmare than the street cameras London already has.

He can piss up a rope and then hang himself from it.

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