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Comment Re: Like the nazi used to say (Score 3, Informative) 431

With regard to: "You can have an open jar of elemental mercury on your desk beside you, the same kind used in switches and it will do nothing to you."
It depends... Mercury does have a vapor pressure. Go ahead and google it using the terms Mercury and Vapor Pressure. One of the articles I found was on the MIT web site: It is possible to ingest mercury by being exposed to metallic mercury for a long period of time. I don't think a one time exposure due to broken CFL is going to harm you. On the other hand, deliberately exposing yourself to mercury just to show it is harmless makes no sense.

Comment Re:not circumnavigation, and not all straight line (Score 1) 496

After you have traveled one mile south you would travel west on a rhumb line course. From Wikipedia, "In navigation, a rhumb line (or loxodrome) is an arc crossing all meridians of longitude at the same angle, i.e. a path with constant bearing as measured relative to true or magnetic north." In this case, you would want to measure relative to true north since the north magnetic isn't close and magnetic compasses don't work well at all at that high of a latitude. Wikipedia reference:

Comment Re:file transfer (Score 1) 466

If I had Mod points, I would give you bonus points for an extraordinary memory. I've done a lot of upgrading and haven't done anything with RLL or MFM drives for 25 to 30 years. The only reason I remember, was that I was upgrading a friend's computer, had selected a hard drive and controller that was either MFM or RLL and a pushy salesperson tried to get me to select the other type (for a considerably higher cost.) This was back when you looked at print ads in computer magazines and called toll free numbers.

Based on the time-frame I would think that the drive is IDE and a IDE/SATA to USB bridge would be the way to go.

Comment Just ask for a T-Shirt (Score 1) 131

CMU isn't going to do anything about this to those affected by this mistake. Their accrediting agency, Middle States Commission on Higher Education, will make you jump through numerous hoops before doing nothing. If you can get them to pony up a t-shirt, you'll be doing well. Take the t-shirt and move on to Plan B.

Comment Re:Use TaxAct instead (Score 1) 450

I switched years ago and it is just as easy and convenient as Turbo-Tax. It costs a lot less too. Companies occasionally attempt a massive price increase, not understanding that there are alternatives. A massive loss of sales and market share will be the slap in the face that Intuit needs to be reminded that this is a competitive market.

Comment Re:"This is windows support calling... (Score 1) 129

I talked with one of them on Saturday. After spending about 25 minutes acting like a total doofus - I asked him if it made any difference which enter key I used because they are shaped differently. It was really fun thinking up stupid things to ask him. After about 25 minutes, we were at the point where he wanted to open an internet connection, I called him out and hung up. (I had also drank a lot of coffee and really needed use the bathroom) He called back 5 times to cuss me out. Name an insult and he used it (I have one, but I'm not one!) After the third call, my wife wanted to talk to them and he asked her for oral sex, she accused him of stalking and said she would notify law enforcement. Perhaps we could start a contest to see how badly the scammers have been annoyed.

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