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Comment: Re:Not just Reno (Score 0) 444

by oodaloop (#47887973) Attached to: If Tesla Can Run Its Gigafactory On 100% Renewables, Why Can't Others?

So some simple maths means that if every domestic house installed a 3kw system, and govt funded a scheme to distribute that energy where it's needed, then we can all live on free energy

I see you're using a strange definition of the word "free". I would have said prohibitively expensive.

Comment: Re:Water Retention? (Score 2) 291

by oodaloop (#47881189) Attached to: Link Between Salt and High Blood Pressure 'Overstated'
Yeah, I thought this was well documented. Societies with very low salt intake have low blood pressure, like tribes in the Amazon. Societies with high salt intake have high blood pressure (an area of Japan comes to mind). Lowering an individual's salt intake lowers blood pressure. Now, the salt you put on your food constitutes something like 10% of total salt intake. You need to avoid foods with high salt levels, and these days that's almost everything.

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