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Comment Re: What should happen but won't (Score 1) 453

Because if I listen to the likes of Rush Limbaugh, I'm just getting soooo much love.

The worst part about partisanship is how a partisan will inevitably accuse a partisan of opposing allegiance of the very character defects the partisan himself possesses... often in the same sentence.

All partisans are fundamentally irrational ethically challenged goons. Full stop.

Comment Re:Can we stop the Einstein worship now (Score 1) 125

He's just another net kook, or more likely some crank follower of some previous net kook from the grand old days of Usenet. There was this small cabal of anti-Einstein nutters who used to crank out pseudo-scientific babble, including math salads, to proclaim Einstein was totally wrong. I imagine there are still a few around, though the most famous ones like Archimedes Plutonium are dead now.

I first got on Usenet in the last days of that ancient epoch, when Plutonium was popping up and making his grand declarations, and Ed Conrad was declaring he'd dug up a fossilized human penis in his backyard that disproved the geological column. Ah, sometimes I miss those heady days!

Comment Re:Can we stop the Einstein worship now (Score 2) 125

That doesn't even make sense.

I don't get why Einstein gets some people upset. Was it because he was Jewish? Because he didn't declare God Is Real? Did he run over their grandfather's dog?

Einstein built on other peoples work, just as all scientists do, but the idea that Galileo had the vaguest idea, for instance, what an intertial frame of reference was is ludicrous.

Comment Re:A case of being legally right, but morally wron (Score 1) 37

Yes, there's the thing. In theory, if EVERYone who downloads would have otherwise bought a copy (doubtful) and taking their making available theory into account, if I get caught torrenting a movie, I should be liable for a little less than 2x the wholesale price of a digital download. That assumes a typical torrent ratio of 2.

I say a little less since they didn't incur any accounting overhead. Wholesale because that's the price they get from everyone who buys from them (for example, what Apple would pay them had I gone to iTunes).

Comment Re:Early versus late (Score 2) 138

Not really. For example, if someone takes a shot in 10 seconds, the shot clock and it's accuracy has no impact on anything. If the clock started a half second late at the beginning of the game, it means nothing at all to the outcome.

If you see from the clock that you have 10 seconds to shoot, that's fine even if you should have had 10.2 seconds. If you see that you have 4 seconds, and it takes 2 to take the shot, perhaps you take 2 quick strides and shoot. It matters very much if someone retroactively decides you only had 3 seconds left when you looked and saw 4.

Comment Re:Stacking errors (Score 1) 138

To be fair, the decision of when to make the final throw in a game is based on reading the clock before the throw while for most of the game there's nothing particularly interesting happening when the clock runs out. The exact instant the clock is started generally has no bearing on win/loss or even goal/no goal.

That's why the one questionable accuracy instance weighs so much more than the others.

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