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Comment urrggg - no (Score 0) 242

>by somebody with an obvious love for NASA

I was with you up to that point. Nerds that 'love' NASA today are not worthy of being called nerds. NASA hasn't deserved anyone's love for several decades. NASA today is all about theater & FUD that begs funding so they can keep looking under the bed for monsters that don't exist. Your nerd is nothing but a shill, then. We won't get into what that makes you, but if you come to your senses, you might save your brand.

Comment India... (Score 5, Interesting) 438

Where less than 20% of the MBAs are employable. They'll do anything to get that skin, and then do nothing with it but weedle. I had to interview over 5k of them just to come up with 150 that were anywhere near hiring, and 10% of those didn't make the first six months. That figure fell to 50% after two years, as they were constantly looking for lateral moves inside the country. The country? China.

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