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Comment India... (Score 5, Interesting) 438

Where less than 20% of the MBAs are employable. They'll do anything to get that skin, and then do nothing with it but weedle. I had to interview over 5k of them just to come up with 150 that were anywhere near hiring, and 10% of those didn't make the first six months. That figure fell to 50% after two years, as they were constantly looking for lateral moves inside the country. The country? China.

Comment Get it right, pls. (Score 1) 299

Jez is part of gawker. gawker loves to gin up controversy. This is how the outfit sells ad space, in which case some ads pose as stories, etc. The more feathers get ruffled, the more eyeballs gather to watch. It's about a busine$$ model, not about bad actors in public or self-restraint or hiding anything. gawker painted themselves into this corner and now they have to live with the monsters they've created.

They're loving how these conversations are helping their bottom line, so be sure you get your cut for helping to promote the train wrecks over there.

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