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Comment Re:I guess I'm the only one who likes Thunderbird? (Score 1) 282

"I'm not even aware of any proper alternative"

Exactly. I hadn't thought about it much until now, but if Thunderbird goes away, what will I use? I can't think of a similar quality product that meets my needs. The only people who aren't seriously concerned about the future of Thunderbird either are Outlook users (*cough* *cough*) or people who don't know there is a way to do email without HTTP (or what HTTP, IMAP, and POP even are for that matter)

Comment Re:I guess I'm the only one who likes Thunderbird? (Score 1) 282

Thunderbird is great, and you can easily spot the people who have never used it. They think it is a Firefox add-on, or think I can't access gmail, etc.without a web browser. I have been using gmail for more than a decade. With the exception of times when I don't have access to my systems, and thus need to use the Web UI to access it, I simply never use my web browser to go to; I still don't understand why this is anything but a non-story. Firefox and Thunderbird are two separate applications. Period. I think the part most people doesn't understand is that a gmail account is not HTTP/Browser based only.

Comment Re:Probably for the best. (Score 1) 282

... and with Thunderbird, wait for it .... Firefox is just another browser. It is amazing how many people are assuming that Thunderbird is related to Firefox in some way other than the fact that they are both Mozilla projects. It will apparently surprise you to know that you can use Thunderbird as your email client, and any other browser as your browser. They are two separate applications. Seriously.

Comment Re:The cries of a dying business (Score 1) 282

" The ratio of useful mail to non-useful mail is far too low to warrant the increased inconvenience from not using webmail."

I have news for you, but gmail isn't webmail; One interface, and the most common to be sure, is via a web interface. I personally use Thunderbird for all my gmail account activities. The browser interface is necessary to set up your account, but once you do you need never access it via a web browser ever again if you don't want to.

Comment Oh, Com'on Robin (Score 4, Insightful) 123

The very best thing you could have done with that particular posting of Eric's would have been to ignore it, and run the story about that nice woman without mentioning it. She can stand on her own and nobody but Eric should be held to account for what he said.

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